Diamond Jubilee chicken swirlies recipe

Diamond Jubilee chicken swirlies recipe from Hayleysm1

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Prep time25 mins
Cook time25 mins

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2 chicken breasts
1 red pepper
Some basil leaves
1 tbsp runny honey mixed with 1 tbsp coarse grain mustard
Jersey royals
Salad to garnish

Handy Hint

I don't brush the chicken at the beginning because the honey will burn so brush it later on and keep your eye on it, turning and brushing a couple of times.


1. Flatten chicken breasts in between cling film with a rolling pin. Brush each one with some honey.
2. Skin the red pepper under the grill and place each half of the pepper over each breast.
3. On top of this put some basil leaves. Season.
4. Roll up the breast and secure with cocktail sticks. Place under the grill for 10 minutes then turn over and cook for another 10 minutes.
5. Near the end of cooking brush the chicken with the mixed up honey and mustard mixture. This creates a lovely sticky sweet glaze. Serve with Jersey Royals or salad.
This dish is so lovely and fit for the Queen!

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