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Golden wedding anniversary gifts to suit all budgets

golden wedding anniversary gifts

We don't know about you, but we think a 50th wedding anniversary is something that needs to be celebrated (preferably with lots of champagne). It's often hard to find the ideal anniversary present because what do you buy for the couple that, given the 50 years together, really do have it all? Whether you're looking for a present for friends or your parents, we asked gransnetters for their thoughtful golden wedding anniversary gift ideas that are guaranteed to put a smile on the happy couple's face. 


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1. Personalised gifts

Is there really anything more thoughtful than a personalised gift? When it comes to 50th wedding anniversary gifts, a present that's truly unique to the couple is a great way to make their day feel extra special. There's a whole range of gifts available online that will allow you to personalise names and dates, which is ideal for commemorating a golden wedding anniversary.

For the gardeners

"You could buy them some golden roses. There may even be a variety called 'golden wedding'. I bought my dad some roses, which he loved, and they brought him a lot of pleasure for the last three years of his life."

Golden wedding anniversary gift 

A golden rose is a classic way to say 'happy 50th anniversary'. Not only will the rose look beautiful in bloom, but the personalised slate with the couple's name and date of their wedding is a sentimental touch that they will love. Alternatively, if the couple in question has a case of the greenfingers, this grow your own golden wedding anniversary gift, £23, including a customisable message, is a fun but thoughtful engraved gift.

Buy: Golden Wedding Anniversary Rose, £44, notonthehighstreet.com.


For the stargazers

"I know it is a bit of a con, but I had a star named for my parents. The Star Registry sent a certificate and a diagram of the constellation. They were thrilled, and enjoyed looking for their star."

name a star 50th anniversary gift 

'It's written in the stars' is a well known romantic cliché, but you can literally make that the case with a gift kit that names a star after them. If they're celebrating 50 years of marriage, the chances are that they've looked out at the stars together a fair few times, and with this they can search the skies together for their very own. 

Buy: Gift Republic Name a Star Gift Box, £12.99, Amazon.


For the nostalgic

"Our children made a DVD of photos of our journey through life together, set to a soundtrack of our favourite music. It starts with pictures of us as children, and ends with us with our grandchildren. It's a wonderful gift, and we will watch it over and over for years to come."

personalised 50th anniversary gifts  

Thoughtful and free, this charming gift is bound to bring back some good memories. This personal anniversary gift takes a lot of effort, but is worth it, if only to see their faces light up when they see their history on the screen. As far as anniversary gifts go, especially for parents, it doesn't get more meaningful than this and it might just be a lot of fun for you to put together too.


For the collectors

"How about a framed facsimile of the front page of a newspaper published on the day of their wedding? If they regularly read a particular paper, you might use that or, alternatively, a local paper from the place where they were married."

unique 50th anniversary presents

A great nod to the day they tied the knot - and their 50 years together - is a framed reprint of a newspaper front page from that very day. It's an inexpensive present that has a personal touch, and will take them straight back to when they said 'I do'. For sentimental 50th anniversary gifts, this is the way to go.

Buy: Front Page Reprint, £9.99, I Just Love it; Newspaper Front Page Framed Reprint, £19.99, Prezzybox.


2. Experience gifts 

When it comes to a golden wedding anniversary, a great gift is a day out for an experience they won't forget. Why give them yet another material gift, when you can give them priceless memories to truly celebrate their 50 year anniversary in style?


For the cinephiles

"You can get a pass to the cinema. If something like that is available it would be a nice golden anniversary present."

golden wedding anniversary gifts 

If the couple celebrating have a keen interest in film, then there really is no present better than a gift card which will enable them to visit the cinema whenever, or even as much as, they like together. Anniversary presents where couples have the freedom to choose what they do with it are the best option if you're not sure what to buy. Different cinemas in the UK have different options and packages, and with some you can even spend the credit on food and drink - after all, what's a trip to the cinema without some popcorn? 

Buy: Cineworld, Odeon and Everyman cinemas have gift ideas and options for any cinephiles celebrating 50 years of going to the flicks together.


For the fine diners

"I loved the delectable afternoon tea at a plush hotel with loads of champagne - most of which I drank!"

Afternoon tea 

Send the happy couple off for a lavish afternoon tea with fizz to mark the occasion. It's a wonderful 50th anniversary present not only because it's something a little different, but it's also a way for the couple to celebrate together. Oh, and it involves cake, so of course it gets a thumbs up from us. 

Buy: Luxurious Afternoon Tea for Two at The Rubens at The Palace Hotel in London, overlooking the Royal Mews of Buckingham Palace, £90, Experience Days.


For the adventurers

"Is there anything that they would really love to do but have never done or some past experience you can recreate?"

golden wedding anniversary gifts

For golden anniversary gifts with a difference, a trip down memory lane is a fantastic option. Whether it's a boat trip that they took on their honeymoon, or a day trip to a place they have always wanted to go but never got round to, this is one thoughtful gift that will make them look forward, and not just back, on their special day. 

Buy: Red Letter Days have some great experience days. Virgin Experience Days also have over 2000 options to choose from, including short breaks away. 


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3. Unique gifts 

For a golden wedding gift that is truly memorable, a unique present is the way to go. Gransnetters have shared their out-of-the-box ideas that say 'happy anniversary' unlike anything else. From food to flowers, here are a range of ways to mark their 50th anniversary...

For the sentimentalists 

"Some years ago, when it was the golden anniversary of my parents, my sister found a very nice fancy gold photo frame and put a photo of them at their wedding in it. They kept this on show for the rest of their lives."

golden wedding anniversary presents  

Give them something they can treasure forever, with a framed photo of their wedding day. A nod to the 50th anniversary tradition with a gold-coloured frame is a nice touch, but a silver crystal frame is also a classic and stylish option for any mantelpiece - particularly when filled with a special memory. 

Buy: Gold and Glass Standing Portrait Frame, £17, Oliver Bonas; Waterford Crystal Lismore Photo Frame, £80-£125, John Lewis.


For the nature lovers

"I arranged for flowers to be sent every month. The florist chose appropriate, seasonal flowers too."

unique golden wedding anniversary gifts

Nothing cheers up the home like a bunch of vibrant flowers in full bloom. The issue with buying flowers as a 50th wedding anniversary gift, however, is that the flowers tend to die not long after. By gifting them with flowers each month, they will have something to remember their anniversary by the whole year. It's pricey, but it's a great option if a group of you are all chipping in for a joint gift. And who doesn't love receiving a surprise bunch of flowers on their doorstep? 

Buy: Florists like Flowers by Flourish and Bloom and Wild offer subscription packages, including delivery. If you're after a more bespoke package, speak to a local florist about the services they can provide. 


For the foodies 

"My parents-in-law were adamant they didn't want 'stuff to keep' for their 50th wedding anniversary gift, so we put together a box of consumables with a gold theme. We had to expand it to include yellow and orange, but it worked well and they loved it."

golden wedding anniversary presents

Go for gold and put together a themed hamper or box of treats as a gift. Not only is it thoughtful, as it shows you've gone to a lot of effort, but a gold theme is a great way to give them traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year. If you're stuck thinking of gold food stuffs, why not use edible gold food paint so you can get creative with your selections? 

Buy: Rainbow Dust Metallic Paint in Gold, £5.14, Amazon.


More gift inspiration...

Ralph Lauren frame
Ralph Lauren Home Cove photo frame Framed First Dance Wedding Song

If you'd really like to splash out on a wedding photo frame, Ralph Lauren's gold-plated design is simple and stylish.

Do a bit of investigation work to find out their first dance song, and have it framed for a really special memory.

Buy: £195, House of Fraser

Buy: £79, notonthehighstreet.com


rose gold frame golden wedding anniversary gifts john lewis
Holdsworth Assorted Chocolate Box Taittinger Brut Champagne Gift Set

The perfect gift for a pair of chocolate-lovers, the box is almost as appealing as what's inside...

This set is a great wedding anniversary gift - we'll toast to that!

Buy: £35, John Lewis

Buy: £50, John Lewis


photobook balloon ride
A4 Classic Photobook Champagne Balloon Flight for Two

Gather up your favourite photos and memories of the couple over the years and arrange them, with your own messages, in a book.

Providing they don't mind heights, a balloon ride could be just the adrenaline-inducing experience to mark such a special occasion.

Buy: from £29.95, Photobox

Buy: £259, buyagift.co.uk


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