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What happened to choice?

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helshea Sun 07-Aug-11 19:43:18

Am I being unreasonable in thinking we are losing our right to decide what we want? It's as though we are not able to make correct choices. I've noticed that quite a few restaurants now do not even have salt and pepper on the tables, you have to ask for it. What is all that about? I know salt is bad for me.... but hey, sometimes I want it sometimes I don't but I want the choice!

artygran Tue 16-Aug-11 22:54:46

Ripe avocado, crisp streaky bacon and ripe brie, on ciabbatta! Heaven! I am thinking of moving away from laundry liquids as, the more you use them at low temperatures, the more horrible residues they seem to leave in your machine. Don't want to go back to loose powder if I can help it though...