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I think I worry too much about my family, but don't know how to stop.

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greenmossgiel Sat 12-Nov-11 20:16:48

It's a 'mother' thing, I suppose, but how do we learn to step back and let them get on with their lives without the constant worry about if they're ok? My eldest daughter is settled well, and deals with day-to-day stuff in an organised way. Her younger sister lives a chaotic lifestyle and cannot apply herself as her sister does - in fact she's the total opposite! There are times when her life falls into more chaos, and I go along to pick up the pieces again, usually financial. My son seems to be getting his life together again, after having dealt with his own issues. Dealing with these issues were very hard for us both, and he needed strong support from me. Now, I realise, I'm finding it so very hard to stop worrying and needing to always hear from him to make sure he's ok. I have recognised that this probably isn't a good thing, but find it hard to stop....I'm always thinking 'I haven't heard from him today - what if he's not ok?' or 'Why isn't she answering her phone - is she feeling low again?' I've always been a worrier, and I know I'm not doing them any good being this way, but I don't know how to stop!

greenmossgiel Thu 01-Dec-11 16:52:28

FlicketyB that's really good news for your son. It will have boosted his confidence no end, and settled your mind. Good luck to your son as well, Em. As Seventimesfive says, he'll be more in tune with what life's about than a lot of them, and will be appreciated for that. smile

Annobel Thu 01-Dec-11 17:25:57

Great news for your son, FlicketyB wine! Something to celebrate over Christmas. And, em , your son will be a better teacher for having had a taste of the 'real' world. As a school governor, I interviewed a great many applicants for subjects right across the curriculum and often found that late entrants to the profession had a great deal to offer. Having said that, some members of the existing teaching staff could be suspicious of them - I don't know why. Perhaps they felt threatened in some obscure way.
There may be a shortage of teachers in some subjects like Maths and technology, but my neighbour's daughter graduated in the summer with a good degree as a primary school teacher and is still having to rely on supply work.