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To expect that if a retired couple dont want to listen to children playing...

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glassortwo Tue 11-Sep-12 09:41:01

To expect that if a retired couple don't want to listen to children playing they should not have bought the last house (the show house) on a small new estate.
The layout of the estate is in a horseshoe and in the center is a very small park for young children, surrounded by grass.
My DD moved in around 7 years ago along with half of the other residents, the remainder of the estate slowly filled as the houses were completed and most of the residents were young couples with small children or who have since gone on to have families so the children range from 6 months to approx 8 yrs.
The last house sold was the show house around 4 yrs ago to a couple who the man has since retired and he is doing nothing but grumble about the children playing and its not that they are causing any problem just the excited chatter of children enjoying themselves..... if one of the little one falls over and is crying he is out grumbling about the noise...... am I being unreasonable to say that they should have expected to be disturbed by children playing before they bought the house on an estate already established with young familes!!!!!

grannyactivist Tue 22-Jan-13 12:02:13

Hi LullyDully welcome to GN. Do your grandchildren still live with you?

LullyDully Wed 30-Jan-13 16:18:48

Yes, parents in the forces!!!! Grandaughter just doing weekly bording at a very friendly school less trhan a mile away. That felt awful, but she is coping very well. Life therefore a bit less stressed.

Mum [ex D in L} fighting pirates in the middle East. Son about to go away. Seems boarding school is the only answer if we are ever to have any freedom again!!!! Victims of our our own success I suspect!

Mey Thu 31-Jan-13 00:41:23

You are right glass they should have ecpected the noise,

numberplease Thu 31-Jan-13 17:14:22

We had 5 children, not a lot of neighbour problems, most of THEM having youngsters as well, but next door but one there was a couple, in their 30s, no children, she hated them anywhere near her house. Once, my eldest son, aged 2, wandered into her garden whilst playing, she brought him to the gate, just holding gingerly onto a tiny bit of his t-shirt, and said "Does this belong to you?"! She didn`t even like birds landing in her tree, she`d throw stones at them, and as for cats and dogs.......!!!!!

Eloethan Mon 25-Feb-13 01:03:10

We've had two children of our own, and now have 3 grandchildren.

Of course, children can be a bit noisy when playing and that's OK. But when my neighbour's children were young, the girl seemed unable to play without running up and down the garden shrieking and screaming. I used to look forward to sunny weekends relaxing in the garden and this noise went on for ages and really got me down. I never said anything because I get on well with my neighbours, but I do think it's inconsiderate to allow children to scream and shout continuously without parents asking them to quieten down.