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AIBU to expect wages as well as a job!!

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Smoluski Wed 09-Jan-13 17:04:47

OH has just come back from an interview for a position with a new to our area company that fits tyres,exhausts,primarily and does other repairs also,it is a largish company,family owned so our research tells us,and has been established for 40 problem you would think with that,the interviews being conducted in a McDonald's as the unit being built is not completed..ok fair enough,by a Phil Mitchell look alike,the joke started when PMLA asked OH what wage he was expecting ,now not being greedy admitted he would be happy with X amount oh no you don't says PMLA (Phil Mitchell look alike) we don'pay wages every thing you earn is bonus only,you have to "discover faults such as brakes,pads discs ,cv joints exhausts" that need to be replaced now,every replacement has a payment value,if you don't make a good bonus you are out the door,we may if you are good enough offer you a wage if your bonus is good enough but you then have to increase your sales to merit it and so on,ladies this company is called formula 1 and if you have one in your area and you are unfortunate to need their services be aware you are likely to be fleeced and ripped off by being told by wage hungry staff that you need replacement parts when you do not...if OH is offered a position he will be turning it down....angry nellie

Nelliemoser Wed 09-Jan-13 23:46:25

I wonder if it's a franchise rather than a national company and local operators might be more or less pulling what scams they think they can get away with.

vampirequeen Thu 10-Jan-13 06:52:05

Contact BBC Rogue Traders

Smoluski Thu 10-Jan-13 15:52:14

Shaw trust are dealing with the employment side of things,will be speaking to office of fair trading with regard to consumer side of things...
nellie I wondered that but didn't appear to be,could understand if you rented a bay off of them the way hairdressers rent chairs etc
riverwalk I believe the spelling is different number1 and written one,
Shaw trust are looking into things vampire will act when I have found out what they have discovered....

gramps Thu 10-Jan-13 16:24:12

We Encountered another scam yesterday.
We had an email saying that a parcel was waiting collection from FedEx.
We would have to phone FedEx and they would give us a number to phone.
I was suspicious of this as I have heard about this practice before.
We googled "snoop" and it came up with the information that this is indeed a scam!
So ladies take this as a warning, check before answering any thing like this.
What made me suspicious is that I am expecting a parcel and that they had used my wife's email address and there are no orders on this!
I'm not sure how the scam works but somehow they get your details and are able to use them fraudulently.