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painful subject!

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celebgran Wed 30-Jan-13 10:18:58

The friends we had for dinner Sat, old ones of OH and I asked him to write to our daughter before Xmas, due to the length of time he knows OH Worth a try. He agreed and promised to let us see copy. Nothing happened, then i got so fed up with it that got Gra to ring him Sat as did not want to spoil evening discussing it.
Just got abrupt email from him saying him and Gra had agreed no need for us to say and he has told our daughter we not seen letter so does not want to break his word.
Really I don`t count then, very uspet as have been looking for this since before Xmas.
Feel very let down, trust my OH and also feel my feelings have not been considered.

celebgran Mon 11-Feb-13 12:17:22

Thanks Jane and jess! You are right I had amazing counsellor for first awful year at gp surgery then funding changed he left they will not let me have his details but I know his wife was ill may have retired. Thaks for tip on relate have emailed gist of sad story to counsellor To save time! Will report back after wed!

I also saw another chap hen Lund out about new baby he was useless so at least get to choose! He was worried about his back and kept looking at watch so felt uneasy!

I do feel that no i rang only for severely. Disturbed and will. Mention to gp who told me to ring them eventually! Sorry getting used the keypad on this iPad!

JessM Mon 11-Feb-13 13:09:26

Good luck with finding someone suitable. [hug]