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Mixed Gender Loos

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POGS Thu 21-Feb-13 20:40:00

It is being reported that Brighton and Hove District Council are going to eventually 'do away with' Male and Female only loos at Rottingdean.

I can't stand seeing women leave without washing their hands as it is. I think I would hate having to go inot a loo where men are doing their business. I don't think men would want to use loos where women are either. Is it safe in this day and age?? Is it right for children.??

Am I being fussy and old fashioned. confused

NfkDumpling Tue 19-Mar-13 21:59:49

I can see pros and cons - against is the smell of blokes' loos, urinals and if no urinals, men leaving the seats up or miss aimimg. The big For is the satisfaction of men having to queue.

newgran1 Tue 19-Mar-13 22:41:41

was in france in a cafe once and went to the loo
it had a cubicle and a urinal as you went in ... i will admit i was very glad no man came in

Grannyknot Wed 20-Mar-13 09:01:29

I went to a Craft Fair with daughter last weekend - it was packed and the Ladies loo situation with long queues was ridiculous! So as I was standing in this long queue - bursting - I noticed the Gents door to my left and tentatively pushed it open and it was completely deserted. (There were very few men there apart from a few 'tethered and dutiful' husbands and some delightful men manning the stalls doing needlepoint etc.)

Switftly in I went, with the woman in the queue behind me saying "I like your attitude" and "I'll let them know you're in there if need be." I mean for me it's a no brainer - long queue or relief, no contest. That particular loo was clean and not at all smelly and they had lovely handwash at the basins. I've shared my toilet at home with husband and son and a gazillion other males, some of them strangers, over the years. Same with disabled toilets, I'll use those too if there aren't any disabled people needing them at that very moment, and I know I'm going to be quick, and there's no other option!