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9 year old wearing make-up!

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Yummygran Mon 04-Mar-13 09:49:39

I'm sure there will have been many previous discussions on this subject but this morning I am so incensed!!....I have just seen photos of my nine year old GD posted on facebook taken over the weekend on a day out with her mother, wearing eye-liner; mascara; eye shadow; blusher and lipstick!!! I can't tell you how angry, sad and worried I am for her. I remember hearing her mother sayting that she wanted to be best friends with her daugther as she grew up, and as far as I can see she is encouraging her to grow up far too early. Am I being old fashioned to think that a nine year old is still a child?!

My son and his partner are no longer together, both have gone on to have new partners and a son each. I spoke to my DS about it, saying how 'unimpressed' I was. He said the same but says he feels powerless to do anything. He has a difficult relationship with his ex, and often has to tread on egg-shells to keep the peace otherwise she stops him seeing his daugther.

My ex DIL seems oblivioius to the dangers for young girls, encouraging her in this way one minute, then saying how she feels she's growing up too fast the next! My GD knows that Grandma 'doesn't like make-up' and doesn't wear it when she is with her father. But there are more and more photos of her posing provocatively and it scares me!

Faye Tue 09-Apr-13 01:48:56

"Stench around some women," "attempt to kiss other women or girls." Sounds like a fun relationship you have with your other half grumpy. confused