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ninathenana Fri 15-Mar-13 17:32:02

Firstly I know the majority of them are polite and helpful.

However I came across one of the other kind today. She had left her 'cage' in the middle of a busy isle. Those of you that use A--a will know the isles are narrow. So nobody could move. Infact I had to smile at the lady who used her trolly as a battering ram to push the cage out of the way. She didn't like this and said to the lady that she'd only left it for a minute. Lady was obviously not one to stick up for herself so I said "You could have pushed it to one side" she replied "Well excuse me!" in a very sarky tone.
Few minutes later I over heard her and two others laughing about it all. Then I had cause to go back to the area. She was talking about it again with someone else. Clammed up when she saw me. Can't remember exactly the conversation that followed but I told her that if she continued being so rude I would report her. She told me I had been rude to her by saying she shouldn't have left it there.
Was I unreasonable?

glassortwo Mon 18-Mar-13 07:50:37

I have seen some customers behave disgracefully towards staff, is there any need for behaviour like that..... we wouldnt let our children behave like that it.

Deedaa Mon 18-Mar-13 15:15:55

I was once out in the kitchen in the cafe in Sainsbury's sorting out the lunch menu with one of the girls. A customer started yelling at us because she'd decided we were out there talking about her. When I went out to speak to her and tried to explain that we hadn't even known she was there she became so abusive that I really thought she was going to come round and attack me. Enter the store manager who gave me a lecture on customer service and said that he'd given the woman £50 worth of vouchers because she started crying. Well of course she cried - she knew it would work! I found out afterwards that she was well known in all the other departments because she was always doing it.

soop Mon 18-Mar-13 16:02:15

Deedaa It's a sad sign of the times that some folk will stoop so low for a freebie. hmm

positivepam Mon 18-Mar-13 16:06:02

I just think there is no excuse for rudeness whoever does it, I would never be rude to supermarket staff as they do a good job and I for one appreciate them. I was answering Deedaas comment that a staff member may be rude to me cos someone had been rude to them ten minutes earlier and I do not think that is a good enough reason to be rude to me. My DD works for the head office of one of the top supermarkets and has worked on the shop floor so I do have some knowledge of what they go through. If you are not happy with the way a staff member has treated you report them. I think ramming a cage with a trolley was rather silly personally, but that's just my view.

Eloethan Mon 18-Mar-13 17:55:05

merlotgran I'm very grateful when they lead the way to what I'm looking for, even though it's not always strictly necessary. I expect, provided people are suitably polite and appreciative, they enjoy it too. It's nice to receive a smile and a thank you and to feel that you've helped someone.

I don't think rudeness is exclusive to either customers or sales staff - some people are thoughtful and good-mannered and some people are not - though I expect we all have our moments!

Deedaa Mon 18-Mar-13 22:05:53

I find that some people are just not suited to this sort of situation. The problems start when people take things personally and then start flouncing off saying "I'm not paid to put up with this" Actually that is exactly what you are paid for and you have to learn to rise above it and keep a smile on your face. It's just that sometimes you'd like a bit of support from management (some companies are much better than others, I've mentioned my feelings about Sainsbury's before) If you are being pressured from above to meet unattainable targets it makes it more difficult to cope with everything else.