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Winefride Sat 16-Mar-13 10:32:40

I know my teeth are not good but can't understand why had to pay again for crown re fitting . Only fitted Christmas and this last time only lasted 2 days. Due back in 2 weeks to try again. There doesn't seem to be any guarantee with their work. Feel it's a bit difficult to complain as backwards and forwards so regularly with problems . Any thoughts?

celebgran Sun 17-Mar-13 15:34:32

I,wonder if there is enough original tooth to build crown on? Winifred's.
He should have warned you of this I have about 4 or 5 crowns had one over 20 years! So most definitely should last!

See my thread i have nhs dentist a new one sadly my previous one moved way.
He is south African not chatty but very skilful I feel due to inlay fitted yesterday. It is still sore today that side mouth but was 3injections! That was only yesterday.

He does have lot state art equipment so not typical nhs

Was amazed at all measurements for inlay done on computer and photos! Inlay fits superbly!

Have tried private he charged me £300 for filling then said I needed crown! I went mad s he grudgingly offered me half money back I took it and ran!

Hope you get it sorted.