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To be furious at further royal privileges

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bluebell Sat 29-Jun-13 11:06:28

j08 Mon 15-Jul-13 19:56:40

It's called imagination Galen. hmm

Galen Mon 15-Jul-13 20:30:33

It's quite well researched. If you google it there are some interesting articles.

Bags Mon 15-Jul-13 20:45:40

Moggsy, I was one of the people who didn't object to the term "brood mare", and yet one of your posts from yesterday seems to be berating me for objecting to it.

In fact, all of your posts seem to be berating somebody, or several somebodies. How exhausting.

I think I'll bugger off to threads with less berating.

gracesmum Mon 15-Jul-13 21:48:07

I always thought it was called hangover galen!grin or under different circunstances, "manflu"

Galen Mon 15-Jul-13 21:56:28

No, there are several theories about it. It might be a form of jealousy, or a genuine hormone generated problem.
I went to a very interesting lecture last year on pain that did active cat scans on close partners when one was subjected to pain, the scan of the partners brain showed an identical response!
'There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of!'

gracesmum Mon 15-Jul-13 21:59:39

That reminds me - went to Hamlet at RSC the other week and I heard quote after quote after quote! Did Shakespeare really say everything first? It certainly seems so (As You LIke It provides most of the rest!)

Galen Mon 15-Jul-13 22:08:46

Lucky you! I'd love to see Hamlet! I'm looking at RSC for next year. Would combine it with an overnight hotel stay. Any suggestions? Would have to be a w/e though.