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Birthday let down

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Anne09 Tue 23-Jul-13 16:45:09

Hi gransnet friend feeling really down today. Hubby away back to America for four weeks. He took me out for a lovely bar lunch yesterday but darling daughter presumed we were all going . So as you can see we are bad parents. We had a family BBQ on Saturday bouncy castles all family so why are we made to feel guilty because hubby wanted to go on our own. I mean the kids have been at our house every day for the last three weeks eating both lunch and dinner . So the out come is I'm dreading tomorrow which should be my birthday as I think she is going to do her best to spoil it. So I feel like running away so I don't have to see them. What she forgets is she has two brothers who never seem to have my full attention. I thought life would be easier but it just seems to be one drama or another her way or no way. This happens every now and again so you would think I be used to it. I will wait and see what tomorrow brings joy or sadness but I'll wish myself a happy birthday . Anne09 wineflowers for me xx

Butty Wed 24-Jul-13 15:56:19

Hope you Birthday is going happily and well, Anne09 [cake]

Butty Wed 24-Jul-13 15:56:51

cupcake even

Anne09 Wed 24-Jul-13 22:42:25

Thank you all for my birthday. Darling daughter took me out for lunch with my grandsons. I forgot to mention my daughter suffers from bipolar but she still enjoys upsetting me. So I did have a lovely day but tomorrow my sons are taking me for some lunch. I could get used to this. So I thank you all for your messages you really cheered me up and I know I can rely on you and I would support you as well. Anne09 xx

jennycockerspaniel Wed 24-Jul-13 22:56:23

Have lovely a Birthday Everybody seems to have been catered for and had a great time together and its nice to go to lunch with your husband You dash here and there and your daughter should realise you must have a special meal together more so with him being away. Perhaps because she has you alone when her Dad's away she just does not think .Do little things for your self on your special special day cossett your self ie eat what you like and enjoy the garden

annodomini Wed 24-Jul-13 23:51:09

Enjoy being special, Anne. I love being taken out by either of my sons.

Ariadne Thu 25-Jul-13 04:02:36

Anne so glad you had a lovely day - and another one to come!