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To think that teachers should be able to punctuate

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Mishap Mon 23-Sep-13 22:24:33

A while ago I had sight of an application by a teacher for a responsible post of deputy head. His application consistently failed to distinguish where a comma or a full stop (followed by a capital) should be used. It was not just one occcasion - it happened about 10 times or more and clearly indicated his absence of knowledge of this rule. His CV demonstrated a history of highly responsible jobs in schools.

Am I being unreasonable (and very old-fashioned) to find this totally unacceptable?

thatbags Thu 26-Sep-13 09:47:39

pen, ditto re random facts... well, random useful facts anyway! At least (*least*) half of teaching and teaching related tasks is problem solving of one kind or another.

My feeling, back in the eighties, and as governor of a school where there was one good maths teacher and the entire school depended on him, was that if it is reasonable to expect all teachers to have an O level in English language, then it was also reasonable to expect them to have an O level, or the equivalent in tertiary education training, for teaching primary maths. Perhaps that is an unreasonable view to have held, but no-one has convinced me it is... yet.

thatbags Thu 26-Sep-13 09:52:32

aka, agreed about confusing arithmetic with maths. I'm not fast at mental arithmetic, nor even very accurate when rushed, and people sometimes comment "I thought you were a mathematician?!" My response is that arithmetic isn't maths. You can be a mathematical thinker without being a speedo at arithmetic.

Not that speed at mental arithmentic is to be scoffed at. It's a valuable skill.

Ariadne Thu 26-Sep-13 09:54:16

I don't think it unreasonable at all, bags, I am just glad that I
I got into teaching!

Anno you're right about languages and patterns, and also about teaching styles. In my (our?) day teaching styles were relentlessly didactic. I understand more about Maths now, after 48 years with Theseus, and after hearing him coach the DGC; he actually explains things to me. After taking the p***, of course!