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I have just bawled my DH....

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j08 Mon 30-Sep-13 09:24:58

...out into the garden where he has retreated into his shed. (good idea!)

Any grown man in this day and age should be able to use a mobile phone to send a text message himself - right? He has just made the mistake of asking me, as always, to send a message on his behalf BEFORE I'VE HAD MY BREAKFAST! He even went so far as to place the mobile phone between me and my computer (while I was on Gransnet!!!) and something just snapped! shock

Is it just him? He is quite clever in most other ways. I have tried, several times, and very patiently, to show him how to do it. And it's really not difficult.

Is it a man thing? confused

thatbags Mon 30-Sep-13 09:26:45

YANBU. Go girl. smile

Charleygirl Mon 30-Sep-13 09:28:19

Nope, I cannot send a text message either but there again, I have not really tried. I only have a mobile in case my car breaks down and I need professional help.

sunseeker Mon 30-Sep-13 09:28:47

My DH quickly learned not to try to speak to me or ask me to do anything before I had my first cup of coffee in the morning! He was also a techniphobe but bearing in mind he could build anything from a garden bench to a complete house, I didn't mind dealing with the techie stuff!

thatbags Mon 30-Sep-13 09:34:11

Scout leader hangs a Garfield tea towel up at camp kitchens which says: "Do not speak to me until I've had my second cup of coffee." wink

Gagagran Mon 30-Sep-13 09:43:13

jingle mine is just the same and he is a clever chap too. I think it's a man thing. I've tried to teach him to text several times but he still can't do it and always asks me to do it for him. Not worth exile to the shed though! grin

glassortwo Mon 30-Sep-13 09:45:09

Its a man thing jingle if they can find someone to do these things for them they refuse to learn. But before your breakfast is just a step too far. smile

My DH has a very technical job he can program the most technical heating/air conditioning/ventilation and gas systems so different parts work alongside alarm systems and computer run systems for whole huge office blocks and baulks at setting the sky plus and before that the video sent him in a mild panic, sure it was a case of well I dont need to know because you do it.

Lona Mon 30-Sep-13 09:47:43

Fgs jings You are not his mother! Of course any grown man with even a very small brain should be able to text!
Lock the shed door until later grin

glassortwo Mon 30-Sep-13 09:48:59

And dont take him a cup of tea until he has sent his text grin

tanith Mon 30-Sep-13 10:19:05

If he has his phone with him send him a text asking if he'd like a nice cup of tea and wait (even if its all day) till he replies by text of coursegrin

henetha Mon 30-Sep-13 10:23:43

It's not just men.... I've only just mastered the art of predictive text after years of having a mobile phone. blush. I feel very humble....

glammanana Mon 30-Sep-13 10:26:59

Ah !! poor man he must be sharing the shed with mr glamma he is of the same mind when it comes to techi stuff grin but ask him anything concerning the science bit of soap making and detergents and he's your man.

kittylester Mon 30-Sep-13 10:33:28

I regularly get a blank text from one of my brothers in reply to a text from me. I think he presses 'reply' and it does! He also has a computer which he uses to store photos.

For year, I was the only one who could use the video recorder but I am ashamed to say that we have an internet enabled confused tv and a sound bar, neither of which I can fathom at all blush

annodomini Mon 30-Sep-13 10:46:50

DS2, aged only 40, has just learnt to send texts. It's a new experience receiving messages from him. Other DS has always been in touch with his feminine side but don't tell him I said so. grin

thatbags Mon 30-Sep-13 13:19:54

Like it, tanith smile

Greatnan Mon 30-Sep-13 13:47:59

Oh, dear - I am another duffer. I keep my mobile in my backpack when walking and in the car when driving. I have never been able to send anything but the first of the three letters on each key. It is a very old phone - a castoff from one of the grandchildren.

Elegran Mon 30-Sep-13 14:02:52

On my previous mobile I was useless - tiny keys and screen, and you had to the three-presses-for-a-different-letter thing, so I never sent texts. Now that I have a new phone, bigger keys with only one letter on each and a big enough screen to see what you have typed before sending it off, I am much better.

Also I get 500 free texts a month, that is a big incentive.

janeainsworth Mon 30-Sep-13 14:05:09

Greatnan grin
Try doing two little presses in quick succession. That will give you the second letter.
Three little presses gives you the third letter.
Four little presses....numbers
Five little presses - don't go there unless you want circumflexes, greek letters, japanese characters etc

Jendurham Mon 30-Sep-13 14:52:08

3 weeks in hospital made me learn how to text, but I haven't managed punctuation yet. I can do capitals, so a few spaces before a capital means it's a new sentence.
And I'm sure I could learn if I could be bothered, but I do not see the point except for emergencies. I also refuse to do text-speak.

Greatnan Mon 30-Sep-13 15:03:32

I know how to do it, I just can't get it to work!

kittylester Mon 30-Sep-13 15:14:25

Predictive is the way to go!

Jendurham Mon 30-Sep-13 15:17:41

But doesn't that mean buying an up-to-date phone? I like the one I bought for £10 from Sainsburys.

ninathenana Mon 30-Sep-13 15:44:28

DD and I do most of our communicating by text. Other people would struggle to understand them though as we have developed our own shorthand and can convey two or three sentences with just a couple of words. It works best for us as I don't like to ring in case she's nappy changing or putting youngest for nap etc.

DH can't text or even put credit on his phone !! I do loose patience with him sometimes and will ask DS to do it for him as I just can't be bothered.

thatbags Mon 30-Sep-13 15:50:37

Mine only cost £15 but it does predictive text. I only replaced the previous one because I dropped it once too often and dislodged something vital.

kittylester Mon 30-Sep-13 15:51:12

I've been using predictive for years - the kids laugh at me but I find it much easier. I hate textspeak!