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No I'm not! neighbours again

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AlieOxon Sun 27-Oct-13 10:57:19

Some of you already know about my reclusive and stressful neighbours.
Yesterday I met him unexpectedly on the doorstep - and he said 'See you in court.' I just looked at him, and he repeated it, and quickly shut the door.

What the hell???
Yes, I've continued to badger the council about their jungle of a garden and overgrown house.
Yes I have taken photos of the mess.
Yes they may recently have had letters from the council about actually dealing with the problem.

Was he just trying to scare me? He has certainly worried me.

Nelliemoser Sun 27-Oct-13 11:15:45

Oh! Allie you really don't need more of this behaviour do you! [Flowers]

glammanana Sun 27-Oct-13 11:22:07

I remember your first postings about this man and the trouble you had,did the Council decide to take him to task and order him to do the work or is it still ongoing,I would not worry as you have back up evidence and photographs to prove your point, for him to quickly close the door on you shows what kind of "man" he is, please don't worry if you can help it and get in touch with your Council to see if they can give you an update as to what is going on with the problem.[flower]

Lona Sun 27-Oct-13 11:24:31

Alie You have nothing to be scared about, you haven't done anything wrong!
Don't worry about things that haven't happened flowers

AlieOxon Sun 27-Oct-13 11:49:48

Thanks folks.
Council have been dragging their feet all year.
Both my daughter and my other side neighbour think he's just trying to be scary.

I have shot off an email yesterday to the council woman who is dealing with it asking is there anything I should know about, like a letter I haven't had.
And copied it to the sympathetic councillor.
Why does it have to be a weekend?

On top of this my colitis is doing its reacting to stress bit and I really feel unwell.

Lona Sun 27-Oct-13 12:49:36

Alie, This is just the reaction he would have wanted, don't let him get to you. He is in the wrong not you xx

Nonu Sun 27-Oct-13 13:09:07

This could constitute harassment , have you spoken with the police ?

AlieOxon Sun 27-Oct-13 13:31:39

I logged it in my file on next door. I still don't know if it means anything or not, that's the worst thing.

(My file has all the correspondence in it, since October last year. I updated it yesterday and it is 11 pages long. Sometimes it seems a bit obsessive doing this, but I somehow felt that this would run and run and it would be needed!)

Wondering if this is the time to take up the idea of doing a local petition?
Everyone hates the mess next door. Has anyone done this?

Nonu Sun 27-Oct-13 13:46:09

Keeping file is good, my DD & SIL have similar problem with next door so were advised to keep file .

A petion around neighbourhood may be helpful . perhaps they as fed up as you are ?

AlieOxon Sun 27-Oct-13 13:54:27

They are. Even the postman commiserates with me!
People passing say 'Does anyone live there?'

Wish I could post a picture on this thread !

FlicketyB Sun 27-Oct-13 14:30:02

Personally, I would not start a petition. If you are seen as being behind it, it could be seen as an aggressive act or an attempt to subvent the proper channels.

What you are doing, keeping a file is absolutely essential and not obsessive. Any lawyer would tell you to do that. Also a diary of all contacts like this.

What a horrible situation you are in!

AlieOxon Sun 27-Oct-13 14:33:23

Wonder if I could get someone else to start a petition....

AlieOxon Sun 27-Oct-13 14:41:43

Try this for a general idea:

If you imagine a pair of semis, and mine is the left one - which does NOT look like this - the theirs is the right hand one............

annodomini Sun 27-Oct-13 15:08:36

I can vouch for the state of your neighbour's house and it is truly disgraceful. What is more, it could be dragging down the value of yours in the unlikely event of your wanting to move. Who would want to move in next door to that?

petra Sun 27-Oct-13 15:30:01

I don't know if this will help. I don't know what dept. you are talking to at the council but some years ago I had problems with a neighbours rubbish and nothing was done.
I contacted the environmental health dept. and they were on it straight away.

AlieOxon Sun 27-Oct-13 15:45:59

The boss Paul Holland is in charge of:

Regulation and inspection
of private sector housing,
contaminated land,
air quality and noise
nuisance complaints.

Dunno where the 'regulation' bit got to.

annodomini Sun 27-Oct-13 16:56:24

I'd say this situation has gone far enough to be classed as a nuisance, Alie.

AlieOxon Sun 27-Oct-13 17:24:22

A bloody nuisance to me - but I read this as 'noise nuisance' only?

Just had a reply from the councillor - on a Sunday! - says
'I had been wondering. That is not good news. Please let me know what response you get.'

But why was she wondering???? Have replied and asked!

Mishap Sun 27-Oct-13 17:51:37

I do feel for you in this situation. It is awful to be at loggerheads with your neighbours as it means you can never relax in your own home. But I do agree that a petition might escalate the situation and make your life even more difficult.

The maximum of turning a blind eye and not rising to his bait, whilst keeping your records, would seem the safest way forward - but how very hard to do.

Eloethan Sun 27-Oct-13 17:53:40

This must be terribly upsetting. But you are in the right and there is no need for you to be worried - your neighbours are the ones at fault and they're pretty stupid if they think otherwise.

Eloethan Sun 27-Oct-13 17:57:34

Since this is adversely affecting your health, would it be worth going to the doctors and mentioning that the anxiety is worsening your condition? This would presumably be taken seriously by the council.

annodomini Sun 27-Oct-13 18:12:35

Accocrding to Wiki:
"For there to be a claim in private nuisance, the claimant must show that the defendant's actions caused damage. This can be physical damage, as in St Helen's Smelting Co v Tipping,[31] or discomfort and inconvenience. The test for remoteness of damage in nuisance is reasonable foreseeability, as established in Cambridge Water Co Ltd v Eastern Counties Leather plc;[32] if the defendant was using their land unreasonably and causing a nuisance, the defendant is liable even if they used reasonable care to avoid creating a nuisance. The test is whether or not the nuisance was reasonably foreseeable; if it was, the defendant is expected to avoid it."

AlieOxon Sun 27-Oct-13 18:22:46

Interesting and possibly useful anno. Thanks.

Eloe*I am in any case going to try and see the doctor tomorrow - good idea.

AlieOxon Mon 28-Oct-13 12:08:52

Speaking to my doctor later today.

The woman from the council doesn't know anything about this, hasn't been in contact lately...this is also not good!!

Will try and contact the councillor.

annodomini Mon 28-Oct-13 12:31:00

If you fail to get satisfaction from your local councillor and officers, threaten them with the Local Government Ombudsman. And contact your MP.