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To be cross with the bank? Actually, you don't need to read this but the rant did me good!!!!

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kittylester Mon 03-Mar-14 17:55:50

Sorry, I must be in a ranty mood today. grin

DH wrote a (reasonably sized) cheque a week or so ago for an investment that, to qualify, had to be 'there' by the end of February. He got a letter saying that the brokers had received the cheque.

Today, while he was up a ladder trying to install a new security light, his mobile rang. When he eventually got down the ladder, into the kitchen and answered the call there was a message from the bank asking him to call them back on a specific number.

We haven't done telephone banking for years - we have a modern invention called the internet, but they kept asking him for his telephone banking password etc. When he eventually got to talk to someone they said they had no idea why he had been called.

As we have a few accounts with them, he asked if it might be one of those. The reply was that, if they are business accounts, he would have to start the whole process again and get through to the business department.

When he got through to the correct department (on the third try!)he was asked all sorts of questions about how much went in on a particular date, from whom etc etc. Then he was asked if he had written out the large(ish) cheque because they were returning it, unpaid, as the signature didn't match the one on the mandate which was signed 21 years ago!!

I was going to say that I am speechless but I am clearly not!!! angry

Tegan Mon 03-Mar-14 18:29:45

Going off at a tangent I had a phone call today from someone with a foreign accent saying that they believed that I was requesting a refund on the cardguard I'd taken out through HSBC years ago. Given that a lot of people are claiming their money back they're obviously hoping that people will give out their bank details so the money can be paid into their account. I keep having grrrr moments; they're mounting up to Incredible Hulk proportions at the moment angry.

mollie Mon 03-Mar-14 18:39:11

Kittylester, I hope that your OH managed to stop them sending the cheque back? If not, a complaint might be justified if it affects your investment and you lose out...

kittylester Mon 03-Mar-14 18:42:12

No Mollie, it took him so long to get to the right department that they had already done it - more angry Why didn't they ring earlier in the day? angry

Anne58 Mon 03-Mar-14 18:52:09

Time to apply the boot to the derriere, perhaps kitty !

Do you want me to call them and say I'm acting on Mr Kitty's behalf? I could do with a right good confrontational doo dah at the moment!

Charleygirl Mon 03-Mar-14 20:21:10

Is Mr.P hiding behind the sofa?

Anne58 Mon 03-Mar-14 23:57:32

No Charleygirl , he's taken himself off to the bedroom, he's been there for most of the day, apart for a few brief sojourns. I think it's his equivalent to going into a cave.

kittylester Fri 07-Mar-14 07:59:22

Just an update on this,

The 'bounced cheque' which was debited on Monday still hasn't been credited back to DH's account, meanwhile, a second cheque is winging its way towards the account as I write!

DH has so much steam coming out of his ears he could power the whole of our village!

ninathenana Fri 07-Mar-14 08:16:42

I had a vaguely similar experience recently.
I wrote a largish cheque which was returned. I knew I had sufficient funds so went to the bank. Would you believe the signature they still had on record was my maiden name. I have been signing my married name for 39yrs !! and the name on the cheque was Mr. &Mrs. S......... I was told they only compared because it was a large amount.

Ridiculous !!!

kittylester Fri 07-Mar-14 08:42:45

That's what DH was told too nina.

I'm sure I've mentioned before the money laundering cross examination DH went through when he paid in his pension lump sum. He has had a business account with the same bank for thirty years, having an NHS payment going in monthly and the pension cheque was from the NHS! You couldn't make it up!

kittylester Fri 07-Mar-14 10:36:24

He's just rung the bank and they paid the original cheque having said that it was too late to stop the return!! angry

Anne58 Fri 07-Mar-14 11:12:44

Eejits! I assume they are NOT going to charge him for stopping the second cheque and compensate him for the stress, inconvenience and possible loss of standing with the company concerned?

(Key phrase to use when complaining - "This has caused me to lose confidence in your company/organisation" also try throwing in - "I have in the past recommended you to friends/family/work colleagues/the milkman and his dog, but I would now be extremely unlikely to do so again")