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Parent child car parking - so angry!

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Lam1507 Sun 01-Jun-14 18:38:42

I was due to meet my daughter-in-law at Asda today to collect my 3 year old granddaughter so I parked in a parent/child space as I would be battling with a trolley and wilful child when I came out! Got a text when shopping to change arrangements so being taken to my house instead. Did shopping and loaded up car and then got a complete mouthful of abuse from a mum and baby as I did not have a child with me! I tried to explain (no idea why) but she went on and on! Don't know what she thought the bright pink car seat and window shades were doing in my car.................!

Silverfish Sun 01-Jun-14 18:50:11

I think that perhaps you should have moved your car to a 'normal' place then the lady would not have been so angry. I must admit that my DD and I do get annoyed with people who park in mother and child places and have no child with them, although we have never shouted at anyone.

It is really frustrating when you have a little one and cannot get a place and means you must either carry little one to the trolley park or go and seek a trolley and bring it to the car.

Would have been fun to hear the mouthful that the baby gave you, ga ga goo goo ? lol

Ana Sun 01-Jun-14 18:50:17

She was probably just frustrated by what she saw as an abuse of the alloted parking spaces system. Yes, she should have listened to your explanation, but the fact remains that you didn't have a child with you and so yes, I do think you're being unreasonable. Sorry!

ginny Sun 01-Jun-14 19:00:14

Ditto above. I can see the point of Parent and child spaces (room to get in and out etc ) but I don't understand why they need to be right near the entrance doors.

tanith Sun 01-Jun-14 19:00:15

I might of condemned you too without knowing the reason why. It really is annoying when people use these and disabled bays when they don't have a child or aren't displaying a blue badge so I can see why she got mad , she should of listened but maybe she was in too much of a hurry. Having a child seat etc really means nothing if you don't actually have a child with you.

Marmight Sun 01-Jun-14 19:03:29

It annoys me when I see a lumbering great 12 or 14 year old exiting a car parked in a mother and child space. I think that is taking the mickey. I rarely get a space when I have the small gc's with me and it is sooo difficult extricating them from their seats while trying not to bang the door into the next car.
Lam I think It might have been expedient to park in an ordinary space until meeting up with your DD. I can understand the other mum's frustration.

dogsdinner Sun 01-Jun-14 19:12:29

Mother and baby spaces are constantly misused in our supermarket and if you ask where their baby is all you get back is furious abuse. I too feel you may have moved your car.

Penstemmon Sun 01-Jun-14 19:16:16

Ginny they are closer to the entrance so a small child has less distance to walk through a car park where dotty drivers reverse out crazily and drive the wrong way round one way car parks...well they do at my local supermarket!shock

Also reduces the dilemma of whether to strap the kids in the car then return the trolley or take the kids to the trolley place and then walk them back to the car!wink

Grannyknot Sun 01-Jun-14 19:29:17

This is another "first world problem", we expect everything to be made easy. Toddlers can walk. Babies can be carried. I don't think I've seen parent and child parking spaces anywhere else, other than here. Or am I wrong? If I was designing supermarket car spaces, I'd make sure they were all nice and wide.

Ana Sun 01-Jun-14 19:36:09

You wouldn't last long in that job then, Grannyknot! The more car parking spaces, the more customers...

durhamjen Sun 01-Jun-14 19:40:31

Lots of carparks say mother and child and some have an age up to 12, so it's okay to park in one if you have a lumbering 12 year old. I could park in one with my grandson because he has ASD, he would not run across the car park in front of cars. If I had to go from the back of the carpark with him it would take for ever as he will not cross if a car can be seen to be moving. Have to reassure him all the way to the door.

annodomini Sun 01-Jun-14 19:45:31

They never had P&C spaces in car parks when mine were small and we just had to manage, though I would have been very grateful for that facility.

Penstemmon Sun 01-Jun-14 19:47:42

I didn't have a car until my DDs were teens!!!

bikergran Sun 01-Jun-14 19:51:41

personaly I would have gone back out and moved my car.

granjura Sun 01-Jun-14 20:10:01

Must say I have been known for giving a piece of my mind to young fit people who think it is ok to park in disabled spaces- having been disabled in the past after a severe car crash, it makes my blood boil.

Agree that mums with older childre are taking the mick!

On this occasion, a shame she shouted at you, and didn't take your explanation on face value. Shrug it off.

Grannyknot Sun 01-Jun-14 20:11:07

Ana, it also has to do with available space I guess. When we were in the US on holiday, that was one of the first things we noticed - how wide the parking bays were, lots of room.

How about I would keep my job because all the customers are happy? smile

durhamjen Sun 01-Jun-14 20:14:53

If the parking says you can go there with children up to 12, then why shouldn't you?
Have you noticed that the disabled and child spaces are also the ones with footpaths. Why can't they have footpaths beteew every pair of rows? Then I would not have to worry about my 12 year old grandson getting run over or standing stock still.

grandma60 Sun 01-Jun-14 20:31:49

Of course things have moved on since my own children were small and it is always good when things are made easier and safer. However my daughter was amazed when I told her that I used to get on a bus which had three steps with a toddler, a baby, several bags of shopping and a folding buggy.

Ana Sun 01-Jun-14 20:32:19

Grannyknot, just thinking of the economics, which would be the priority of the employer, not the personal happiness of the shopper! smile

(In an ideal world...sigh)

durhamjen Sun 01-Jun-14 20:39:12

I've often wondered why ours are so narrow, grannyknot. I am sure they were designed for small cars. My husband used to say rubbish they were the standards for the average car. In which case cars have definitely got wider.

granjura Sun 01-Jun-14 20:40:01

I used to go and visit my parents in Switzerland- travelling by train to London with a toddler and a baby- changing station by tube- go to Dover by train- off the train and walk to ferry and up, off ferry and to station in Calais- on to Paris and change station with 2 tube changes, and on to train to Switzerland- with a toddler and a baby in a carrier and a suitcase (no wheels in those days, and lots of terry nappies, etc)- my daughters think I was barmy- but just could not afford very expensive flights in those days !!! Always found lovely people who helped me al along the way- the best for a wild looking punk boy with a huge mohican and studs- who was just amazing. Happy days (sort of).

rosesarered Sun 01-Jun-14 20:43:17

Agree with GrannyKnot and grandma60, we used to manage ok with our young children before these spaces didn't we? I don't think the spaces were any bigger then either. I think that just having a few of these parent/child places makes the parents angry when they can't get a place.Then they are ready to let fly at strangers.Disabled spaces are another matter entirely.

durhamjen Sun 01-Jun-14 20:52:29

Granjura, your daughters aren't the only ones who think you were barmy.
Just checked the widths. My car is 2100mm and the parking spaces are 2400mm. Not much space, 6" each side, to mix measurements.

granjura Sun 01-Jun-14 20:59:00

LOL- that was the only way to go and visit them- so I did what I had to do. Fortunatly OH was able to come too for next couple of visits. Flights in those days were just too expensive. I was young, strong and fit- and as said, people helped me all along the way with so much care and kindness.

Ana Sun 01-Jun-14 21:03:02

Mine's only 1682 wide. Lucky me!