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Boomers tonite! Will U B Watching?

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papaoscar Fri 15-Aug-14 18:45:59

BBC1 9pm - 30 minutes. Great cast, hope its good!

NannaAnna Sat 23-Aug-14 02:01:56

Well, I watched episode 2 this evening and I haven't changed my opinion. The storyline was dire! I cringed at most of the dialogue because these were supposedly people of my generation. The characters were better suited to my parents' generation!
Tonight I was home, but this was my Friday night last week:
I went to a friend's 50th birthday party. The guests spanned 3 generations - us, our children, and the birthday girl's parents, aunts and uncles. The theme was Studio 54 decadence, and with several gay offspring amongst us, that was decadence and fun with a capital D and F. Us mums out-partied the lot and were still going strong at 5:30 in the morning. Along with a bunch of others I then crashed on a mattress on the floor at the home of one of the other mums, and drove home mid-afternoon still in my party dress and 6 inch heels grin
Ok, I don't do that every week, but it's light years away from the portrayal of 'boomers' in this abysmal series!

PRINTMISS Sat 23-Aug-14 07:34:17

It is a bit dire, isn't it, and a waste of some really good actors, but at least it is not a REPEAT!

ginny Sat 23-Aug-14 07:56:39

Very disappointed. The cast list promised something good but it certainly hasn't delivered.

suebailey1 Sat 23-Aug-14 09:41:51

I thought last nights episode was fabulous - I had a lovely sleep right through it!

henetha Sat 23-Aug-14 10:09:03

I thought last evening's episode was slightly better than the first, but still not brilliant. It's so cliched and predictable. What were they thinking of, and with all those talented actors too. What a shame.

henetha Sat 23-Aug-14 10:11:48

P.S. But I am hugely enjoying the drama series 'In the Club' on BBC1 Tuesday evenings.

ginny Sat 23-Aug-14 11:20:31

Yes, henetha I'm enjoying that too.

durhamjen Sat 23-Aug-14 12:53:06

Boomers are those born between 1946 and 1964. I have a sister ten years younger than me and we are both boomers.

kittylester Sat 23-Aug-14 13:55:14

Well, I gave it another go but it's had it's chance now! I though it was dire and DH went to sleep. No staying up till 5 am for these boomers NannaAnna grin

DD and I are enjoying 'In the Club' too. I love Hermione Norris!

Aka Sat 23-Aug-14 14:00:26

DIRE just about sums it up Kitty

ninathenana Sat 23-Aug-14 14:14:05

Never again for "Boomers" sad

Definitely for "In the Club" smile

Ana Sat 23-Aug-14 14:36:17

I'm enjoying 'In the Club' too - except it grates on me that there only ever seem to be the same two nurses on duty in the strangely quiet maternity unit!

chloe1984 Sat 23-Aug-14 15:14:34

Still not impressed not sure I will watch again.

Deedaa Sat 23-Aug-14 17:28:11

The comment about a nice evening in with a take away and Eggheads rather hit home blush Still I reckon that when you do all the cooking an occasional take away is a bit of a treat!

rosesarered Sat 23-Aug-14 17:40:09

It does have a few moments of gentle comedy though. June Whitfield is always good. The Alison Steadman character is OTT though, as if she has always to act in this way.The other characters did the most they could with the dialogue.I think I will keep watching in case it improves.

rosesarered Sat 23-Aug-14 17:41:22

It wasn't cerebral enough for DH so he stalked off to play Angry Birds!Ha-ha.

12Michael Sat 30-Aug-14 07:23:36

Think its trying to create the today version of summer wine, showing life today for those born 1945 plus hence title.

ninathenana Sat 30-Aug-14 08:30:00

I had a good laugh..............
Watching Mr. Flannigan on the other side smile

goldengirl Sat 30-Aug-14 20:10:39

I keep watching it in the hope it will get better because it has a wonderful cast but oh dear..........B-o-r-i-n-g. And last nights episode was just silly

Deedaa Sat 30-Aug-14 21:35:39

I thought this week's episode was quite funny. I think I'm beginning to see it as a mildly amusing sit com rather than a comedy specifically about over 60's. If I watch it as a group of over the top characters I don't get so irritated by the suggestion that this is what we're all like.

feetlebaum Sat 30-Aug-14 22:30:07

Well... each to his or her own - but I enjoyed episode 2, and have recorded 3 for later watching. Are we perhaps turning on with a preconceived notion as to what the program will be - and then getting annoyed because it isn't?

tessajuno Sun 31-Aug-14 07:25:44

Very disappointing. Also watched Jo Brand instead. Couldn't stop laughing

MiniMouse Sun 31-Aug-14 20:33:58

Well, I managed to watch until halfway through no 3 and I've cancelled the series link. I hoped it would improve when it got into its stride, sadly it didn't get beyond a shuffle . . .

annodomini Sun 31-Aug-14 21:17:49

As I've been out of the country throughout August, I haven't seen this show and, having read your opinions, have little desire to do so. Anyway, I'm a "pre-boomer"!