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To refuse to provide personal details to a reporter

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MiceElf Fri 05-Sep-14 09:10:31

Withing the last month there have been two nasty RTAs, one fatal, on a stretch of road two hundred yards from my house.

Over the last ten years nine other people have been killed on the same stretch of road.

Over the years we have petitioned, lobbied the Council and campaigned for traffic calming measures to no avail.

This time, I am determined to get action. Together with other local residents I have organised yet another petition and have enlisted the help of the PPC.

I was telephoned by a reporter from the local rag and gave him a lengthy interview complete with background and detail which he was either unaware, or hasn't bothered to discover.

He then said that he would just take a few details. He wanted to know my age, number of children and occupation. I declined to provide these as the issue is road safety and I don't want my details plastered all over the local paper.

He then said he HAD to have my age etc. I said he didn't. He said it was the paper's policy. I said they should change it. He said he couldn't use any of the info I had given in that case. I said that was his choice. He said if my children were killed or injured it made my intervention more understandable. I said that every child's life was of equal value and that this view was a nonsense. He then put on a little boy pleading voice and I ended the interview by asking him what part of 'No, I'm not going to supply my private details to a reporter' he didn't understand.

thatbags Sat 06-Sep-14 11:45:48

And that is the point, the whole point and nothing but the point. So to speak.