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for thinking the 'Twittersphere' throws up some very nasty individuals

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absentgrandma Thu 06-Nov-14 14:38:37

So Benedict Cumberbatch has become engaged. Unlike so many self-obsessed 'clebs' he took the old fashioned route and announced it in the Times rather than through his manager or on Twitter. I found that charmingly refreshing. Now we have a so-called 'backlash of twitter followers calling themselves The Cumberbitches (how nice!) posting nasty comments about his fiancee, none of whom actually know her. One such tweet read 'Sophie Hunter ...Hunt her!' Very ladylike shock

What is it about Twitter that makes people unleash such venom? Anonymity is the main culprit I suppose but it seems to me there are some very sad, evil people hiding behind their Twitter accounts. I embrace some aspects of social media..... indeed 'Gransnet' is a great help to many grans and grandads as a problem shared is often a great relief, but I just dislike Twitter immensely.

ninathenana Thu 06-Nov-14 16:01:27

Me too, I couldn't agree more. That's why I don't have a twitter account. I do look at FB but hardly ever comment. I just like to be nosey.grin

thatbags Thu 06-Nov-14 16:10:25

I have "been on" Twitter for a while. I have never (repeat, NEVER) encountered any rudeness. One chooses who to engage with on Twitter (as on other forms of social media); one doesn't have to engage with unpleasantness.

Stop blaming Twitter and ignore the toerags. If you use Twitter, block immediately anyone who gives you grief. It's very simple. There is also a report facility. People can and are traced for criminal abuse.

I don't dislike Twitter. I dislike nasty people. I always have disliked nasty people.

absentgrandma Thu 06-Nov-14 16:58:22

With the greatest of respect Thatbags I don't think you've just got engaged to the nation's heartthrob. Fortunately for you and lots of other 'quiet' tweeters you don't do anything to invoke the ire of other tweeters who don't happen to agree with your thoughts or actions.

Stephen Fry was one of the first to sign up to a twitter account and in 2009 he was so fed up with the nastineess and agression he had encountered he left for a while... he's back but is quitting again until December... for some unknown reason confused It's obviously addictive!

I've been told countless times that I should have a Twitter account for 'self- promotional purposes'. Call me a coward but I don't feel like putting my head above the parapet in order to have it shot off for promotional purposes

soontobe Thu 06-Nov-14 16:58:25

It seems to me that all internet forums expose some nastiness.
It is the equivalent of mixing with people that you normally wouldnt mix with in rl.
I vastly limit my personal exposure to the internet as a whole because of it.

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 06-Nov-14 17:33:24

You can find some lovely people on Twitter. There are these two gay vicars - they got married recently - and they have just had the fourth addition to their gorgeous little family. Very sweet.

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 06-Nov-14 17:35:11

Oh! Should mention. The 'family' are lovely little dachshunds. smile

thatbags Thu 06-Nov-14 17:54:18

Good point, absentg, about my not having just got engaged to Someone Famous. Is she famous too? You'd think the addictiveness thing might be overcome by too much exposure to nastiness, at least temporarily, but apparently it isn't. Caroline Criado-Perez said she should have blocked and reported when she received abusive tweets instead of reading them and suffering as a consequence.

I would never tell anyone they should have a Twitter account, or any other kind of account come to that. Why do people do that?

soontobe Thu 06-Nov-14 18:03:18

Ignoring low level bullies works in rl.

But if they post on the internet, the nastiness is shared to a much wider audience.
I still think that if it is low level, it should be ignored.
But there are always always people that will respond on the internet. Which unfortunately keeps them going, and motivates them further.

The higher level bullies should be reported.
In actual reality they rarely carry out anything they are writing. But it will happen one day.

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 06-Nov-14 18:07:21

Announcing his engagement in The Times could be viewed as being slightly pretentious.

rosesarered Thu 06-Nov-14 18:11:40

There are nasty people everywhere. I don't do Twitter or FB, but am on a few social forums. High level bullying and some nastiness can be reported to Twitter, it is now a criminal offence [depending on what is said.]Famous people and even minor celebs have to put up with a lot.

durhamjen Thu 06-Nov-14 18:19:59

So where should he have announced his engagement, jingl?

thatbags Thu 06-Nov-14 18:26:54

Why did it need announcing? I know the answer of course: for the publicity.

Yes, I know that's cynical. but it may still be true.

POGS Thu 06-Nov-14 19:54:47

Like most things in life there is a grey area and the likes of twitter is no exception.

If you are a controlled, rational thinking person who uses it with respect it can be a good social experience, I would think because I don't use it.. If however you are one of the sad, malicious tongued users who hides behind the anonymity to cause trouble then you are plain and simply not worth taking notice of.

The problem is the latter type of user get's all the attention and I think we are being ruled by a minority of such people all too regularly and they have obtained too much control.
It has become an obsession for people to feel the need to apologise at the drop of a hat because of a back lash on twitter. Celebrities, politicians, other media outlets no longer challenge what is being said, even if it is taken out of context or reported falsely. It can at times be a sinister avenue for those who have a desire to seek out trouble and they use it to their full advantage.

I find it's power to cause trouble quite alarming at times and I think the constant stories related to the 'nasty' aspect of it's use an issue. It certainly is a concept that has evolved into the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 06-Nov-14 20:13:17

Twitter of course Durhamjen. grin

alex57currie Thu 06-Nov-14 20:46:36

POGS, liked your post. We hail from edinburgh and 27 years ago moved south. In the lead up to the scottish referendum OH reasoned on twitter his views as to why we should stay in the union. Well, rudeness and abbreviated swearing knew no limits. What was worse was the fact that he received death threats.

soontobe Thu 06-Nov-14 20:59:09

sad alex.

I agree with POGS too.

And I dont think that the police or law can anywhere near keep up currently.

durhamjen Thu 06-Nov-14 23:34:51

I wonder what would happen if everybody who disagreed with the trolls, instead of complaining, actually gave up twitter for a month.

durhamjen Thu 06-Nov-14 23:36:28

Does he do twitter, jings? I do not, and would not know how to find out, but I'm sure you could.

thatbags Fri 07-Nov-14 07:17:00

There is a Cumberbatch appreciation account on Twitter called @Cumberbitches. I think the OP may have picked up the wrong end of the stick.

Nelliemoser Fri 07-Nov-14 07:31:07

I thought announcing engagements births etc is more popular for the posh or would be posh in the Telegraph. ;-)

Leticia Fri 07-Nov-14 07:41:53

I am on Twitter and never see any unpleasantness unless I come out of my nice little corner of nature lovers, walkers, knitters etc It is the same as anywhere - a cross section of all sorts. I have only once come across anyone being unpleasant to me and I just totally ignored him- I wan't going to feed the troll by responding.

soontobe Fri 07-Nov-14 07:48:19

Is it the celebrities that are the ones that mainly get it in the neck? That suffer the most?

thatbags Fri 07-Nov-14 08:41:30

It doesn't excuse the rudeness but perhaps it is part and parcel of celebrity life, of being famous, that unpleasant people will express their envy, or whatever it is, in abuse.

thatbags Fri 07-Nov-14 08:52:22

Here is a story showing the good side of social media.