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to think that the Hermes courier should deliver parcels to my door?

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Wheniwasyourage Wed 03-Dec-14 12:25:36

Five or six times recently the local Hermes courier has dropped parcels over our gate instead of bringing them to the door (takes me 72 steps to get from one to the other, and I have short legs). The gate is not lockable but has a small bolt to stop it blowing open. (Our young paper-girl can manage the bolt even in the dark, so I do think that someone old enough to drive a van should manage it. Other couriers do.) Last week it was a parcel from John Lewis worth £190 which was left in view of anyone passing. The bolt was not shut that day - I know as I came in not long after the parcel was left.

The courier's phone number was on the parcel, so I phoned her. "Oh, did you want it brought to the door?", she said, "Your gate was shut." She obviously thought I was being totally unreasonable. I then wrote to Hermes (emails on previous occasions have had bland replies with no action) and to John Lewis and have had no response from either. I am almost tempted to start using Facebook or Twitter in order to make a public complaint!

We are now reluctant to order online (J Parker's Dutch Bulbs have missed out on a good order this year) as we do not want to risk something being stolen or soaked if we are out or away. angry angry angry

Sorry about such a long rant, but if anyone has any ideas, i would be grateful!

whenim64 Sun 14-Dec-14 14:06:34

A top I ordered was due to be delivered by Hermes (tracked) yesterday. At 5.30 pm I received the last of a series of emails, informing me my parcel had been successfully delivered to me, and signed for. It hadn't.

I waited a while, emailed the store I bought it from, then put my comment to Hermes on Twitter, where I found many more complaints like mine. The store responded, asking for my order number so they could investigate. When I went to bed after midnight there was still no sign of my parcel.

This morning, I came downstairs at breakfast time to see a screwed up package rammed through my letter box. Not easy to do as it has those brushes around the inside. My top had been wound around the plastic hanger several times and forced through the letter box, leaving the hanger broken and sticking through the packaging. So I put that on Twitter, too! Luckily the top isn't damaged. I'm avoiding any online purchases that refer to Hermes delivery from now on.

Wheniwasyourage Wed 17-Dec-14 18:45:03

Isn't it maddening when the tracking information, or in your case whenim64, emails, is/are just downright lies? Our parcel, according to the tracking record was "delivered to a secure location" - not by any definition of "secure" with which I am familiar, it wasn't! angry You must be furious about your top - I'm glad it wasn't damaged, as that would just give you extra hassle which you can presumably do well without at this time of year!

The trouble is that you don't always know who is going to do the delivery of something you order and so it isn't that easy to avoid a particular courier. Also it does seem to vary from place to place, presumably depending on the local driver. We have an efficient and conscientious Yodel driver and a lazy, incompetent Hermes one (both women) and other places seem to be the other way round.

Ana Wed 17-Dec-14 18:52:00

Just a word of praise - I ordered an item from Amazon on 14th December which had to come from a supplier in Germany.

I had an email to say it had been despatched on the 15th and it was delivered by our friendly local DHL person this afternoon! tchsmile

Wheniwasyourage Thu 26-Feb-15 22:26:42

Well, in spite of the useless or non-existent replies to my complaints from Hermes, we have now had 3 parcels delivered to the door by their courier, who, it turns out, is quite capable of opening the gate! We didn't know that Hermes was to have been used but it was a pleasant surprise to find that something had worked to get them to do the job properly, and now I can order some much-needed broad-fitting shoes from JD Williams!

Ana Thu 26-Feb-15 22:46:13

I had a parcel delivered by Hermes the other day. I was in the kitchen, washing up, and through the window saw a person coming down the steps to my back door.

Then a note was pushed through the letterbox and the person went back up the steps.

The note said 'parcel left at door' - which it had been - but why didn't he/she even ring the doorbell or knock? confused

whenim64 Thu 26-Feb-15 23:12:46

Last week, I was chatting with my son in his front room and we watched the Hermes delivery man come to the front door, which has both bell push and door knocker, about to post a card through the letter box. My son leapt up and opened the door. 'Oh, you're in - I've been knocking' he lied. My son said 'just go and get my parcel and let's pretend this never happened!' He did look very sheep-faced grin

Marmight Thu 26-Feb-15 23:57:19

I placed an order with M&S last Tuesday which arrived, from the UK, on Friday morning - I am in Sydney. What is more, it was a free delivery. Good on you Markies. smile

POGS Fri 27-Feb-15 00:19:36

We have 2 Hermes delivery drivers and they are both local girls and they are great!

Can't say much more really!

Squaredancer Fri 27-Feb-15 14:53:10

Haven't logged in for ages but just came across this thread. I recently sent to Deramores for some knitting wool. I arrived home a few days later to find 3 Hermes cards, one on the drive and two pushed through the letter box. Non of them were filled in with any detail as to where my parcel was or a contact number. I went on line and followed a link to trace it and it stated that it had been delivered and left in the porch. My porch is a glass one with a small covered outer area and so I went to check that it hadn't been stuffed behind the plant pot. Actually it had been hurled over my side gate!! Good job it wasn't breakable! I couldn't find anyway to contact Hermes so e-mailed Deramores who were most apologetic and were going to take it up with Hermes themselves. Maybe it is best to complain to the company you are buying from and they will then think twice about giving Hermes their custom.

Squaredancer Fri 27-Feb-15 14:55:05

Good for you. I wish I could catch them.

Wheniwasyourage Fri 27-Feb-15 18:42:17

Yes, squaredancer, you do have to contact the sender, because if you contact Hermes they will say (assuming they reply at all) that they have only limited access to the tracking information (EH?? - it's on their own website for Pete's sake) and their contract is with the sender anyway! Even though we seem to have got through to the local courier about doing her job properly, it still makes my blood boil just thinking about it angry

(Goes off to sit in a darkened room and meditate on something restful).

elisagrace Sat 30-Apr-16 10:21:00

I also sailed in the same boat 6 months back and brought this fact before Hermis Customer Services here and told them the doings of delivery boys. They apologized for their act and made be sure that it will not be repeated again. From that onwards they are providing perfect services.