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AIBU to expect a company to deliver a parcel when it says it will

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vampirequeen Sat 06-Dec-14 10:18:28

I arranged for a parcel to be delivered yesterday and waited in all day. Mid afternoon I phoned to check it was coming and was told it definitely was. Teatime I phoned again to be told it was definitely on the van and they delivered up to 9pm so it would be on it's way.

Guess what? No delivery. Around 8pm I checked the company tracking page and discovered that the driver had returned it to the depot as he had 'tried to deliver, received no answer and left a card' at 1.29pm. I phoned the company and trying not to explode with the young man on customer services and pointed out that I didn't know where the driver had tried to deliver the parcel to but it certainly wasn't here. He was apologetic...well what else could he be. I told him I would have to miss our daughter singing in Bradford today and asked him how I should explain that to a very upset 9 year old. He said he would try to have the parcel delivered before 9am so I could still get to Bradford on time.

9am this morning the parcel was still in the depot waiting to be put on a van. Another phone call. A different young man made the mistake of saying he'd 'try' to get the parcel delivered today. I told him in no uncertain terms that it had better be here today, that I was missing our 9 year old daughter singing because I had to wait in and that if it didn't come I wouldn't be venting on someone like him but would expect to speak to someone much higher up the pecking order because if he thought I was angry today that was nothing compared to how I'd be if the parcel didn't arrive. He said he would request a new driver and give him my phone number in case he couldn't find our house. I live just off the main square of a small market town not in the middle of nowhere btw.

So now I sit and wait. Except if it's not here by noon I will be phoning again and will continue to make a nuisance of myself until it arrives.

Of course I'm being charged 5p per minute for each phone call. When the bill comes at the end of the month I will send them a copy and demand compensation for the charges. Who knows, they might even pay out hmm

TwiceAsNice Sun 07-Dec-14 20:57:49

Gosh Lona why don't your neighbours appreciate you I can't thank mine enough she's wonderful. If they don't collect their parcels where do they think they've gone? Don't they want what they've bought? How strange.