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To expect most people to know how to operate a............

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Anne58 Wed 14-Jan-15 10:25:33


apricot Wed 14-Jan-15 18:01:25

I haven't got a letterbox as I don't want anyone coming to the front door and leaving the gate open for the dogs to escape. There's a box for post hanging on the outside of the gate. This also saves the postmen from walking past barking dogs if they are out. One of our postmen sensibly carries doggy treats.

Marmight Wed 14-Jan-15 18:21:43

My letterbox is the original Victorian one and is very small. It was only made for delicate envelopes and everyone, but everyone, complains about it, except the Postie, who knows that he can shove anything under the front door as there is a big gap! I hate those modern ones which once pushed, snap your hand off. I inevitably leave half of the envelope hanging out in order to save myself from further injury wink

harrigran Wed 14-Jan-15 19:26:44

I don't have a letterbox in the front door, it is set into the wall slightly to the right of the door. Leaflet droppers can never find it and end up wedging the leaflet in the door frame or putting it under the rubber mat. Charity bag deliverers do the same or just throw it on the ground near the door. If used properly the mail goes through the letterbox and falls into a cupboard so the post can not be seen when looking into the porch, just lately the postman has been giving thick magazines a hefty wallop so that they hit the cupboard door and it flies open disgorging post on to the floor angry

Ana Wed 14-Jan-15 19:32:00

Marmight, you can avoid having your fingers snapped off by just holding the letterbox open with the thumb of the hand not being used for posting!

sara4 Wed 14-Jan-15 19:54:23

There are some of us who deliver things locally, not official, which can be just a sheet of A4 so not strong, who have trouble with the various kinds of letter box. If you are wearing a glove, the 'brush' ones refuse to give it back, then there are dogs who seem to think what you are delivering is for them and you have to get your fingers out quickly. Then there are letterboxes at ground level. or too small or on vertically near the top of a door. Some you have to hunt for. It is worth going out and trying to put something through your own letter box.

Ana Wed 14-Jan-15 20:25:22

I have, that's how I know about the thumb trick.

There certainly are some very awkward letterboxes out there, though, as I discovered when helping DD deliver the local free newspaper several years ago. The tiny, rusted-up ones were the worst, particularly those right at the bottom of the door.

Falconbird Thu 15-Jan-15 08:28:18

Ninathena - I lived in a house with glass on the front door and I put a notice up saying "please do not knock on the glass as it could be dangerous." That way you've covered yourself if anyone had thoughts of suing.

AlieOxon Thu 15-Jan-15 09:31:15

The most infuriating thing is if I am in the living room (one door away from the front) - and I come out to find one of those bits of card that say they tries to deliver something too big to go through and I can now get it from the place at the back of the sorting office.......
.................and I KNOW they haven't knocked.

AlieOxon Thu 15-Jan-15 09:31:36


wearingthin Thu 15-Jan-15 11:44:43

We registered online for not receiving junk mail from Royal Mail, after speaking to postman. However, still getting it 6-8 weeks later.

Falconbird Thu 15-Jan-15 13:00:51

I saw a funny sketch on TV about a man who waited in all day for a parcel. He rushed out to the rubbish bin a few steps from his house and returned to find a card pushed through the letter box saying:
"Called with a parcel but you were out."

Does anyone know what Click and Collect means. I know you can do this with big stores but someone said that some local shops will take in parcels.

numberplease Thu 15-Jan-15 16:41:48

Falconbird, I discovered last week that J.D.Williams, and Fashionworld (same company) have a click and collect service, listing about 6 shops in this area, it saved me £3.50 each on 2 parcels. Cotton Traders do it as well, but only at their shops, and the nearest to us is 16 miles away, so no use.

KatyK Thu 15-Jan-15 17:36:23

For anyone who watches Coronation Street - I can remember Blanche watching Postman Pat with little Simon. The theme tune was playing 'early in the morning just as day is dawning' etc. Blanche said 'Early in the morning? More like one o'clock, wearing shorts and flicking rubber bands all over the street' grin

AlieOxon Thu 15-Jan-15 19:08:00

I collect the rubber bands. Haven't bought any for years.

Purpledaffodil Thu 15-Jan-15 19:23:08

Click and collect seems to work at all sorts of little shops Falconbird. Our local Londis will both take in parcels to be collected by you later and also I have done returns through them. Amazon charge, but take their return charge off your refund, so it saves a trip to the Post Office or waiting in for a courier. Probably a useful sideline for small local shops too?

Clematisa Thu 15-Jan-15 19:33:26

I totally agree - though most times it's because I have to go and find the front door key!
I found a message to post on my door to stop unwanted callers - it was on a Money expert site:

It has worked a treat as long as it takes me a few minutes to get to the door as by then they have read the sign and disappeared!