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AIBU detest the word "kids"?

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Mishap Wed 22-Apr-15 11:38:32

I have always hated the use of this word in relation to children and avoid books, magazines and activities that use the word.

I do not know why I detest it so much - it just seems disrespectful to me.

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 22-Apr-15 11:47:55

Do you get to read anything at all mishap? grin

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 22-Apr-15 11:49:03

I don't think I've ver thought of my grandkids in terms of "respect". grin

GillT57 Wed 22-Apr-15 11:54:11

I too hate the word 'kids' but hate 'kiddies' even more. I have children, not kids.

Bez Wed 22-Apr-15 11:54:35

I never use the word either as I too detest it. I hated it even more when they used the term to describe the children in the school - that is what they are - a child or a small person - a kid is a baby goat! O

janerowena Wed 22-Apr-15 11:55:05

It's never worried me, but it did worry one of my grandmothers, who was very anti-americanisms. I can't say I like all of them, but I did like seeing goat kids playing, so thought it was rather a nice name for children. She liked to be called Grandma, our other, Nanny, which she thought was dreadful. Grandma used to say 'I am not a female goat, and you children are not baby goats!'

ohdear Wed 22-Apr-15 11:57:46

I don't like it either. Now that I think about it -- maybe its a hang over from school when we were repeatedly told KIDS ARE BABY GOATS and DON'T START A SENTENCE WITH AND!! And yes--it was shouted at us by a teacher who waved a ruler at the same time! AHH---school days in the 60's. How much I don't miss them.

thatbags Wed 22-Apr-15 12:02:10

Kids is always used in the States, with no disrespect. I reckon we can too. Actually, I do, so I know we can.

If people want to or find that they do hate it, so be it. Seems a small thing to mind to me.

It's not particular words that matter but how they are used. Always.

thatbags Wed 22-Apr-15 12:03:07

PS What about kiddywinks?

thatbags Wed 22-Apr-15 12:04:57

PPS So, unreasonable, no. Bit daft, yes. IMO

Riverwalk Wed 22-Apr-15 12:05:30

I can't stand Kiddies - sounds sleazy!

whenim64 Wed 22-Apr-15 12:13:51

I didn't use the word 'kids' when I was still working but since retiring five years ago, I've used it much more and feel it has evolved into general use and doesn't have negative connotations any more. Baby goats are adorable, anyway. 'Sprogs' and 'brats' are words that get my hackles up.

Tegan Wed 22-Apr-15 12:26:42

I use both words but in different situations. I would never ask someone 'how are the kids'; that would be 'children', but often refer to my son and daughter as kids [even though they're grown up]. There doesn't seem to be another in between word to use and to refer to my two as 'children' seems silly. The word doesn't bother me in any way.

Katek Wed 22-Apr-15 12:31:24

My late friend used to refer to her three as 'the young'!

merlotgran Wed 22-Apr-15 12:34:41

We've always referred to our children as the kids but we hate the term grandkids and always insist on grandchildren

Makes no sense but there it is.

Mishap Wed 22-Apr-15 12:39:12

My aversion to the word is not based on reason - it is just a gut reaction, probably associated with being an old fuddy-duddy!

harrigran Wed 22-Apr-15 12:43:10

Kids does not irritate me as much as "you guys" whether male or female, child or adult. I do not want to be spoken to in this way nor do I want them to refer to the family in this manner.

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 22-Apr-15 12:46:10

Yes! I hate that. Truly.

rascal Wed 22-Apr-15 12:46:37

I don't like calling children kids either as it's been said before they are not baby goats .

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 22-Apr-15 12:49:31

I like to refer to my two as "the brats". I will be "viewing the brats" on Sunday. Roll on. smile

TerriBull Wed 22-Apr-15 12:55:00

There's one context I dislike the word "kid" being used and that is when ever I hear something along these lines "he/she had a kid with so and so" usually that person will be describing a past relationship. It just sounds flippant to me, it's almost like talking about commodity in a dismissive tone rather than a child. In most other circumstances I don't mind the word, I refer to my offspring as my kids sometimes.

Ana Wed 22-Apr-15 12:56:50

All mine are girls and I refer to them as 'the girls'.

I wonder what I'd call them if one or more were boys? confused

AshTree Wed 22-Apr-15 13:03:02

I use the word kids, doesn't bother me in the least. I think we all have aversions to words for one reason or another - and sometimes for no reason that we can really quantify! When I was bringing my two up I would not ever let them say 'shut-up' - it had to be 'be quiet'. Equally they weren't allowed to use the word 'bum', but 'bottom' was fine. These days all these slang words seem to be acceptable and to be truthful I find myself smiling at the younger me for being so uptight about it.

soontobe Wed 22-Apr-15 13:04:38

I have adult boys and girls.
Everyone has to say, "how are your children", because there are no other appropriate words.
Everyone used to say "but they are not children now are they?" when they were a few years younger, but that has gone by the board now. The english language has a gap in it. I quite like the word offspring really.

Tegan Wed 22-Apr-15 13:05:30

I often say 'hi guys' to my two grandsons although I wouldn't say it to their parents as I'd feel as if I was trying to sound too hip. None of it makes much sense, does it confused. I'm always referred to as Granny which I hate but I've never wanted to mention it [always wanted to be Nana like the dog in Peter Pan].