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AIBU detest the word "kids"?

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Mishap Wed 22-Apr-15 11:38:32

I have always hated the use of this word in relation to children and avoid books, magazines and activities that use the word.

I do not know why I detest it so much - it just seems disrespectful to me.

Elegran Wed 22-Apr-15 13:06:35

Kiddies is a word on a par with hubby or "the little woman".

Ana Wed 22-Apr-15 13:26:33

I wouldn't like to be Granny either. I am Nana partly because DD's own grandmother (she only had one) was called that.

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 22-Apr-15 13:36:42

I am Granny. Because mine was too. smile

I also call them The Ghastlies.

Elegran Wed 22-Apr-15 13:40:54

I am quite happy to be Granny. Both of my grandmothers were grannies, and my two greatgrandmothers were called Granny too. My mother was Granny to my children. My mother-in-law was Nana, but that was because from her childhood she had been known as Nan (pet name from her given name)

Katek Wed 22-Apr-15 13:54:09

There was one of those ads on a short while ago, you know the sort-sign up for our 'plan' so it will cover funeral expenses when you're 'gone' and perhaps leave something for the 'grandkids'. I used to shout at the tv-I hate the word grandkids with a passion. Where did it come from? Mine are my grandchildren and I am Nanna.

janerowena Wed 22-Apr-15 14:26:59

Mine are still little, so I call them the grandbabies. I'm quite likely to call out 'come on kids!' but refer to them as the children. DS grew up with the Rugrats on television, so that stuck for some time. Especially as DD was very capable of being an Angelica when it suited her - she even looked like her!

janerowena Wed 22-Apr-15 14:28:58

Even DBH is rather like little Tommy's father. hmm

rubylady Wed 22-Apr-15 15:31:10

My ex and myself once came up with a name for adult children - chadults. Calling your adult children, children does seem wrong somehow. I'll let you all have that one for your own adult children. grin

soontobe Wed 22-Apr-15 15:43:34

chadults. chadults.
I dont think that will catch on!

tanith Wed 22-Apr-15 16:50:18

I don't mind the word kids, I still call my 3 adult children as the kids and both my daughters refer to their children as the the kids. Not sure what the problem is with it, its just a word.

Margsus Wed 22-Apr-15 17:12:36

We have two grown up sons who I refer to as "the boys", although we call no.1 son and his wife "the kids". We call their 11-month-old our granddaughter, (or pickle!) and hope that she calls us a Grandma and Grandpa - when she can talk!

mrshat Wed 22-Apr-15 21:20:06

I also dislike 'kids'; always have done. I have only daughters so refer to them as 'the girls' my granddaughters (no grandsons) are the 'little girls' to which they now take exception as 'we are big girls now Grandma' (5 and 3!) Sigh!! grin

rosesarered Wed 22-Apr-15 21:45:21

I don't mind kids being used, but as TerriBull says it depends on the context really.Kiddies is awful, but not sure why.Our children, even though grown up are still our children, so that's ok.I never say grandkids though, always grandchildren.

petra Wed 22-Apr-15 22:16:33

The term kidults has been around for some time.

Ana Wed 22-Apr-15 22:18:01

Have you ever heard anyone in real life actually use it, though?

Tegan Wed 22-Apr-15 22:26:38

There was a film out a couple of years ago called Kidulthood. It's a very ugly word, isn't it.

AshTree Wed 22-Apr-15 22:27:58

Kidults? Oh God no, that is shocking shock. I usually refer to mine as the kids, though they're both in their 40's!
And I am Nana, because my own mum was, as was her mum and so on back through the generations. My kids called my MiL 'Nanny' to differentiate between the two of us, and this has carried through to my DS's family, where his boys call me us Nana and Grandpa, and their other GP's Nanny and Granddad.