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Stolen purse

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NanKate Sat 25-Apr-15 16:41:24

I was shopping in Marks and spencer today and decided as I was tired to go to their cafe for a sandwich.

The queue was long and as I stood there wearing my back pack I felt the couple behind me push into me. I half turned and then they moved out of the queue and walked off. I took off my back pack to see what had happened and found they had opened it and stolen my purse containing about £30 and numerous bank cards. I immediately phone DH who stopped them all within about 15 minutes.

The staff were very kind to me in M and S and organised for me to speak to the police to report the theft.

Fortunately I had my house keys, bus pass and mobile, in my pockets so no problem getting home.

I felt really wobbly when I got back and my only tears came when I realised that the thieves had stolen photos of my 2 grandsons.

I fortunately can cope without the £30 but what if that was my only money for the week.

I have spent all afternoon phoning banks asking for new cards to be reissued. Without exception they have all finished by saying 'enjoy your day', well I can tell them categorically it has been a pretty sh** day so far. hmm

Lesson to be learned - do not put money in a backpack.

annsixty Sat 25-Apr-15 20:17:20

Thank you Nan Kate and I feel I should elaborate. My father died when I was 11 and to be truthful I can hardly remember him. After he died my mother gave his clothes to family (this was 1949) and an uncle found a silver threepenny bit in a pocket. This was given to me and I kept it all that time as the only thing I remembered him by.When I started keeping it in my purse I can't remember but it was always with me. When it was stolen it was a loss hard to explain.

bikergran Sat 25-Apr-15 20:34:47

was going to say as OP has, maybe if you have a backpack to wear it frontwards rather than backwards, bit like those babycarriers, also bumbags are such an easy target, easy to undo the clasp at the back..I suppose we are easy targets when we carry any kind of bag/handbag/satchel/etc as thieves know our purses/cards etc are in that bag. If I can depending on what I am wearing, carry my card and bit of cash in my pocket, even in most jackets you can make a little zip pocket.

NanKate Sat 25-Apr-15 20:40:30

How desperately sad Ann it puts things into perspective for me. Poor you.

A few years ago my friend's house was broken into and some of her jewellery was stolen. Although I said to her how awful that was, I realise now she must have felt violated and I should have offered her more support, so when I see her next I will offer her an apology, rather belated but well meant.

durhamjen Sat 25-Apr-15 20:41:22

Sorry to hear about this, NanKate. It does leave you feeling jumpy for a long time.
I once had my handbag stolen while shopping in Sainsbury's. It had everything like you had in it, and a cheque book. For months afterwards the bank was cashing cheques because they were using them to pay council house rent. They even accused me of keeping back the cheque book and trying to defraud the bank.
Would never go back to that bank again.
Good luck with all your cards, etc.

JoyBloggs Sat 25-Apr-15 21:39:11

flowers So sorry to hear your news Nankate. Despicable people.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 25-Apr-15 22:42:01

durhamjen did you nmot report the theft of the cheque book? Banks are usually quite good at catching criminals who try to cash a cheque from a stolen cheque book.

rosesarered Sat 25-Apr-15 23:29:46

Hope you start to feel better soon NanKate. in your case it is not the money, but rather the fact that people have done that to you, and it's often a long winded business to get all the new cards sorted out.There can hardly be a person on here who hasn't had this happen to them or their card stolen or cloned so we all know the

durhamjen Sun 26-Apr-15 00:24:07

Yes of course I did, jingl, to the store and the police and had a police crime number. Interviewed by the police, who actually found the bag dumped in a bin not far away from the store, but it was empty.
All the other cards, etc., were replaced quite quickly. I was even told by the bank that I could not have a copy of the cheques used because of the thief's confidentiality.
The police eventually gave up with the bank's fraud department, after six months. Abbey National, now Santander, in case you want to know.

rosequartz Sun 26-Apr-15 09:24:24

I have heard of a lot of customer grumbles re the bank mentioned above, of which I am a shareholder blush (free shares because we had a mortgage with them).

I have a friend who decided it was safer to take precious family jewellery on holiday and keep it with her at all times. It was in a shoulder bag which she wore across her. She was sitting at a pavement café when two men went past very close and slowly on a moped, the passenger must have cut the strap and away they went with her bag.

Stansgran Sun 26-Apr-15 12:25:29

Some years ago about the time when Madeleine Mcann went missing I was going to Geneva and took a pile of the leaflets with her picture on(there were piles in the airport asking people to take them) I had a free morning and was taking them into shops and banks to leave along the main road. I also did some shopping . My phone rang and then someone bumped hard into me. I didn't realise that they must have taken my purse until my next purchase. I think they must have followed me thinking I was changing money in each bank I went in. I'm still annoyed at my stupidity.

merlotgran Sun 26-Apr-15 12:58:06

A few years ago we were having a day out in London with DD and the DGCs. There were quite a few signs around warning about pickpockets. I shortened the strap of my bulging shoulder bag so it tucked in just below my armpit and held my arm across it.

I thought I was being quite smart until DGD shouted, 'Granny looks like she's playing the bagpipes' grin

Liz46 Sun 26-Apr-15 13:17:23

NanKate, did you check if the area in M&S is covered by CCTV? It would be great if the thieves could be identified.

annodomini Sun 26-Apr-15 13:41:18

pacsafe range from Amazon has slashproof bags in several styles, sizes and prices. If I'm in a cafe, I hook the reinforced strap round the leg of a chair.

janerowena Sun 26-Apr-15 14:09:48

I did as merlotgran did, tucked my bag right under my arm. However, in a big supermarket in France I reached up very high to fetch down some swimming shorts for DS. In that split second someone undid the little zipped pocket on the outside of my bag, containing a few bits of (old, emergency only) makeup in a little bag. I thought I was imagining a slight pull against me until I saw my reflection in a mirror and realised that the zip was un done and the floral lining hanging out. They must have been so very quick - I saw no-one that close to me at all. That particular supermarket had made me feel uneasy, so I had thought that I was being extra vigilant! I hope they enjoyed my elderly mascara and lipstick and concealer.

NanKate Sun 26-Apr-15 19:23:23

Thanks Anno I will check out these bags.

Yes Liz46 they are checking out the CCTV I await further news.

I just wish I had turned round to see them. I realise they must have been following me in order to get behind me in the queue before getting their thieving mitts into my bag. angry

As well as credit/debit cards I had a Boots card which had accumulated cash so when that is replaced I will see if they have cashed that in too. Also my Sainsbury's points card may have been used too. There is so much more to losing a purse than one would think.

They could get a free coffee on my M and S loyalty card for the cafe, I hope it chokes them. As you can see my shaky self has turned into a cross annoyed one.

As I walked up home today from the shops I found a £5.00 note on the pavement. No one was nearby so I took it home and said to DH well I have redeemed £5 out of the £30 stolen. My DH who is a person of principle said 'No the people in Nepal need it more than us' he's right. In the great scheme of things we are the lucky ones and I must remember that.

loopylou Sun 26-Apr-15 19:29:43

Boots, Sainsburys and M&S would have your card number so might be able to cancel the cards?

Good to hear you're bouncing back smile

J52 Sun 26-Apr-15 20:19:48

Boots definitely will cancel the card. They cancelled mine, even though it was not lost and then claimed I was someone else!! Very mysterious. They issued me with a new card with all my points on it. x

NanKate Sun 26-Apr-15 20:32:50

I was thinking that the thieves could go into Boots and ask how much is left on the card and then spend it. Fortunately I spent most of the £25 that I had accumulated recently. They could so the same with my Sainsbury's loyalty card which could have about £20 on it. I know these are not very big sums of money, but it all adds up.

When I hear of some of your experiences on this thread I realise mine was not threatening just bloody annoying.

Thanks Loopylou I am bouncing back to my usual rather stroppy self quite quickly. grin

Ana Sun 26-Apr-15 20:41:48

In theory the thieves could use your Boots advantage card, NanKate, but they were probably just after cash and might have had a go at paying with your credit card, but wouldn't risk trying anything else.

baubles Sun 26-Apr-15 20:49:50

NanKate what a rotten thing to happen to you. I'm glad to hear you're feeling more like yourself now. flowers

NanKate Mon 27-Apr-15 07:03:10

Thanks Baubles.

Yes Ana I think you may be right about the Boots card I will soon know when my new card arrives.

The thing that worries me is that they had a number of examples of my signature, also my photo on my driving licence, also my bank account numbers appearing on my debit cards. This information could be passed on used in identity theft.

I was far too open in all the bits and pieces I kept in my purse. These weren't just opportunists in the street, they had singled me out and followed me into the queue in the cafe. They must have been very pleased when I made it so easy for them.

Heyho I am physically ok just annoyed with them and myself.

TriciaF Mon 27-Apr-15 11:13:13

What a horrible thing to happen, NanKate - I know how you felt as I had my handbag taken - from the house! Don't ask, the back door was unlocked.
Like Durhamjen, they used the chequebook, got about £2000 from it, which the bank had to cover as I reported the theft. That was in co. Durham too.
For years since then I used a waistband purse, still do now and again.
What amazes me here in rural France, people leave their open handbags hooked onto their trolley in supermarkets and wander off to get something. Things are changing here too though, there are a lot more burglaries than previously.

petra Mon 27-Apr-15 12:27:04

I had my bag stolen. He had a knife at my throat. It was broad daylight in a car park. As he run off with my bag I was soooo angry I started running after him. I didn't stop to think what I was going to do if I caught up with him.

GillT57 Mon 27-Apr-15 12:44:07

Gosh, after reading this, I have decided to rationalise what I carry in my bag. My wallet has all my cards, driving licence etc, so if it was stolen there is a full identity theft kit. I think I shall change to just having one card with me, no other ID. May also have added bonus of stopping impulse purchases. So sorry Nankate, and glad to read that you are feeling better and angrier today.

rosequartz Mon 27-Apr-15 13:57:02

petra how terrible.
I hope you have recovered now flowers

I don't like these new bank cards where you just wave it or insert it and don't have to use a pin. I think there is a limit of £20 (?) per transaction but that could soon add up if you lost your card.
I didn't realise the new one I have for our joint account is like that until I went to use it yesterday.