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Stolen purse

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NanKate Sat 25-Apr-15 16:41:24

I was shopping in Marks and spencer today and decided as I was tired to go to their cafe for a sandwich.

The queue was long and as I stood there wearing my back pack I felt the couple behind me push into me. I half turned and then they moved out of the queue and walked off. I took off my back pack to see what had happened and found they had opened it and stolen my purse containing about £30 and numerous bank cards. I immediately phone DH who stopped them all within about 15 minutes.

The staff were very kind to me in M and S and organised for me to speak to the police to report the theft.

Fortunately I had my house keys, bus pass and mobile, in my pockets so no problem getting home.

I felt really wobbly when I got back and my only tears came when I realised that the thieves had stolen photos of my 2 grandsons.

I fortunately can cope without the £30 but what if that was my only money for the week.

I have spent all afternoon phoning banks asking for new cards to be reissued. Without exception they have all finished by saying 'enjoy your day', well I can tell them categorically it has been a pretty sh** day so far. hmm

Lesson to be learned - do not put money in a backpack.

loopylou Sat 25-Apr-15 16:55:36

Oh NanKate, how very upsetting for you.
I had a near miss in a charity shop and am now aware I get quite edgy when someone stands too close to me, horrible feeling.

flowers and ((hugs)) to you x

Lona Sat 25-Apr-15 16:56:12

I'm sorry you've had such an unpleasant experience NanKate, but I've never been able to understand why people wear back pack type handbags.

AshTree Sat 25-Apr-15 16:56:15

Oh what a horrible experience. So sorry for you that you had to learn the hard way.
Just count your blessings - that you had your DH to help re stopping the cards, that it wasn't your last £30, that you had your phone, keys and bus pass in your pocket. I tend to keep my phone and my car keys in my pocket when out for that reason - just in case someone snatched my bag.

annsixty Sat 25-Apr-15 16:57:14

flowers NanKate I have had that happen to me and it is a really devastating feeling. I was tearful for days. I also lost something precious and irreplaceable and that was worse than any other of the things. X

soontobe Sat 25-Apr-15 17:04:52

sad That must have been a shock for you flowers

KatyK Sat 25-Apr-15 17:07:07

Oh no how horrible for you. I have sometimes been a real busy body and mentioned to people in shops that I can see their purse in an open bag as they are walking along. It does make you feel wobbly and upset.
I was sitting on a bus once on the end seat opposite the stairs. A young chap came down the stairs and grabbed my handbag which was on my lap. Fortunately I was quick enough to hold onto it and the doors opened
and he ran off. I never sit near the stairs now. flowers for you NanKate

Coolgran65 Sat 25-Apr-15 17:09:48

A horrible thing to happen. Underhanded and mean.

I tell myself that what goes around... comes around !!

Shelby Sat 25-Apr-15 17:23:47

How awful for you, but unfortunately I know how you feel....

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 25-Apr-15 17:29:20

Oh NanKate I am ^so* sorry. sad you must have been so shaken, and tearful. I know I would have been.

Lots of ((hugs)) to you. I hope you feel happier again soon. flowers xxx

Ana Sat 25-Apr-15 17:38:04

How awful, NanKate! shock At least you were somewhere with people to look after you.

I think across-the-body bags are much safer than backpacks, which are easy targets for pickpockets.

Iam64 Sat 25-Apr-15 17:38:19

So very sorry to read this NanKate. It leaves you feeling shaken, doesn't it. I often keep my money in one of those pouches that walkers use, so it's strapped around my middle and carried on the front. Don't let it stop you enjoying a visit to M&S flowers

Charleygirl Sat 25-Apr-15 17:38:45

A horrid thing to happen- an easy day's pickings for the thieves. Thankfully as you said, it was not your last £30 but that is not the point, it was hard earned money- maybe not now but in previous years. I try to distribute cards, keys and cash throughout pockets in case my bag is stolen. Difficult in summer when I do not wear a cardigan. Winter has some compensations!

annodomini Sat 25-Apr-15 17:41:36

What a rotten thing to happen NanKate. Virtual theft (ie card cloning) is bad enough but I am sure that this experience has left a very nasty taste. I hope you can relax with wine and/or cupcake. Chatting to a fellow passenger on a train one day, I was shown a backpack she had bought in Canada which only opened on the body side, not on the side facing potential thieves. I thought that was a pretty good idea but don't know it has reached this country. When I'm abroad I use a cross body bag, reinforced and slash-proof. Perhaps I should use it in M&S.

anneey Sat 25-Apr-15 17:43:16

Terribly upsetting for you.
A while ago, On the underground, I was suspicious of the man next to me rummaging in my bag, just as the train was drawing into the station. He hurriedly rushed out.
I checked my bag, only to discover that he had taken my makeup bag. Ha Ha he thought he had my purse.

Mishap Sat 25-Apr-15 18:06:10

It is so horrid - that feeling of your space having been violated and abused. Do these thieves realise how upsetting it is over and above the loss of belongings?

I remember going to Venice 16 years ago and my DDs (who were with me) being very concerned about having slash-proof bag straps and not using the cashpoint without them standing round me to prevent theft. It seemed so sad to be surrounded by all that beauty and yet have to be so wary.

harrigran Sat 25-Apr-15 18:58:25

Thieves do not care about anyone's feelings, they are taking what they want and that is all that matters to them. Never attribute these people with consciences because they don't have one.
NanKate hope you are feeling less wobbly now, it does take a while to get over the shock.

Wheniwasyourage Sat 25-Apr-15 19:12:31

flowersflowersflowers Hope you feel better soon, NanKate and that the horrible people who did this to you stepped in dog sh1t on leaving the shop.

NanKate Sat 25-Apr-15 19:28:34

Thanks Gransnetter friends I do appreciate your kind words.

I am feeling better now that I have managed to re-order my cards which were numerous such as Boots Card, Library card, sports club, National trust, driving licence, AA card, plus credit and debit cards.

I have learned my lesson, I do have a crossover front bag which I shall be using from now on. The reason I use a backpack is because I can't carry shopping very far as it does my shoulders in.

There are some mean ba******s out there. Sorry for the bad language but this theft has not brought out the best in me.

rosequartz Sat 25-Apr-15 19:47:01

I was reading something the other day with tips and advice from a now reformed pickpocket. I will try to find it.
DD had her purse stolen on the Underground when she was younger and quite hard up. She knew something had happened but when she turned round the man behind her was eyeballing her and she felt very nervous. When she checked her purse had gone and so had he.

loopylou Sat 25-Apr-15 19:48:34

I think you can buy thief proof backpacks NanKate, I remember reading about them in a trekking magazine so might be worth googling. I believe the fabric is reinforced and zips hidden.
Your language is mild in comparison to what mine would be, certainly no need to apologise x

NanKate Sat 25-Apr-15 19:49:44

Annsixty how very sad you lost a precious item, I feel for you flowers At least I can replace my grandsons' photos.

WhenIwasyourage I like your style. grin

rosequartz Sat 25-Apr-15 19:51:09

It is from the dreaded DM so may not be true wink

Hope you feel better now NanKate, it shakes you up

numberplease Sat 25-Apr-15 19:57:30

I used to walk around town carrying my purse in my hand for convenience, would never keep it in a handbag or shopping bag, but after lectures from my daughters and daughters in law, I now use cross body bags, in winter, underneath my coat, but in summer, of course, it has to be there on display. My friend, who is disabled and uses one of those wheel frame things for her shopping, ordered a taxi the other week from her usual company, but got a driver she`d never seen before. Instead of putting her wheels, from which she (very silly) left her handbag hanging from, into the boot as they usually do, he put it on the back seat, taking a while, and complaining when he got into the car that he`d hurt his finger. When they reached her destination, he got her wheels out, she opened her handbag to get her purse to pay him, but her purse was missing. After searching the house when she got home and not finding the purse, her husband made her call the police. The police asked her the name of the taxi driver, when she told them, they gave each other a strange look, as though the name meant something to them, but she`s still minus her purse, which contained £120.

NanKate Sat 25-Apr-15 20:03:25

Thanks Loopylou I will follow up your suggestion.

Thank you Rosequartz. I seem to remember seeing an article which I never got round to reading. hmm

Yes Ashtree I did think how lucky I was to have my DH ready and able to stop the cards, it was all done within 20 minutes of the theft. It made me realise how difficult it must be for people living on their own.

The irony of today's events is that my DS trained as a professional Bodyguard as part of his research for a book he was writing. He gave me lots of advice on keeping safe, but none that I can remember on avoiding bag thieves.