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Stolen purse

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NanKate Sat 25-Apr-15 16:41:24

I was shopping in Marks and spencer today and decided as I was tired to go to their cafe for a sandwich.

The queue was long and as I stood there wearing my back pack I felt the couple behind me push into me. I half turned and then they moved out of the queue and walked off. I took off my back pack to see what had happened and found they had opened it and stolen my purse containing about £30 and numerous bank cards. I immediately phone DH who stopped them all within about 15 minutes.

The staff were very kind to me in M and S and organised for me to speak to the police to report the theft.

Fortunately I had my house keys, bus pass and mobile, in my pockets so no problem getting home.

I felt really wobbly when I got back and my only tears came when I realised that the thieves had stolen photos of my 2 grandsons.

I fortunately can cope without the £30 but what if that was my only money for the week.

I have spent all afternoon phoning banks asking for new cards to be reissued. Without exception they have all finished by saying 'enjoy your day', well I can tell them categorically it has been a pretty sh** day so far. hmm

Lesson to be learned - do not put money in a backpack.

vegasmags Thu 04-Jun-15 20:18:24

NanKate - what a rotten experience. How I detest thieves. Some good ideas have come out of your bad experience, which is perhaps some small consolation.

shysal Fri 05-Jun-15 06:03:23

I shan't unclip the chain, but thought some looked easy for a thief to detach, but keyring wouldn't be.
I had a purse stolen once in Liverpool. I stupidly wore a backpack shaped bag with visible zip, which they even did back up! Fortunately my card wallet was separate. My current bag has the purse pocket against my body.

Anya Fri 05-Jun-15 06:41:46

NanKate only just noticed this thread. Sorry to hear about your exierience but pleased you've come out fighting, as it were. All the tips on here have made me think I need to get something better than my backpack.

I detest thieves too.

NanKate Fri 05-Jun-15 07:20:13

Thanks all - a miserable experience but now I almost preach to anyone who will listen on the virtues of being ultra careful.

The anti theft chain in theory could be detached by the thief but it would take time and precision so unlikely to happen.

Finally when I am out say for a coffee I take the backpack off place it on the floor beside me and put my leg through the strap so that it can't be surruptiously pulled away. If I have it on the seat next to me I cover it with my coat.

Inspector Clouseau would be proud of me. grin