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Germaine Greer vs Jane Fonda

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janeainsworth Sun 24-May-15 23:31:22 think that Germaine is being just a little bit bitchy here?

I agree with her that Jane Fonda's remark that women should preserve their youthful appearance in order to attract men is wrong and fatuous, but at the same time I think her comment 'And there’s poor old Jane Fonda. I mean, it’s cost her a fortune. She’s got a back full of steel, a replaced hip and a replaced something else – I don’t think it’s a brain. I think it’s a knee.' is unnecessarily personal and unpleasant.
Surely Germaine could have countered Jane's suggestion without being so childishly bitchy?
I remember when she described Suzanne Moore as having 'birds-nest hair and f*ck-me shoes'

jinglbellsfrocks Sun 24-May-15 23:37:12

It's horrible! shock grin (shouldn't laugh I know, but these people...)

Eloethan Mon 25-May-15 01:34:15

I don't always agree with Germaine Greer but she is always interesting.

I do agree with what she said re Jane Fonda, but perhaps not the way she said it. Her remarks were pretty ascerbic and if they'd been said by a man I think she would have probably objected to them.

thatbags Mon 25-May-15 05:35:02

Greer is just being deliberately provocative to make people think about stuff. It's what she does. We need stirrers in society. They serve a useful purpose.

Greer is using hyperbole about Fonda to cut through the crap and get to the point that women are more than decorative sex magnets.

thatbags Mon 25-May-15 05:38:25

I've just had a look at the picture in the Telegraph of the two of them. To me, Greer looks like a more interesting (and therefore more attractive) person.

thatbags Mon 25-May-15 05:41:45

So, bitchy or not, I'm glad she's said what she has said on this issue. There is a huge need for some balance in the constant pressure on women to look good above all else. We can't complain about women being objectified if we don't challenge Fonda's attitude.

I actually think Greer's comment about Suzanne Moore is spot on. I like it. Did Moore mind or did she just tell Greer to fuck off?

absent Mon 25-May-15 06:31:02

Jane Fonda is an ageing female film star – one of a group for whom there are not many really meaty, interesting and challenging roles. Were she a man, that would be quite bit different. Germaine Greer is an academic and a feminist. Of course they are going to look at the effects of ageing on the female body – sagging boobs, droopy bum, wrinkly face, greying hair, post-fertility or whatever – from completely different perspectives. I don't take advice from either of them but I do read what Germaine Greer has to say because I find it interesting and thought provoking. I tend not to pay attention to Jane Fonda unless I am watching her act – after all, that's her area of expertise.

Teetime Mon 25-May-15 10:04:16

I've always enjoyed GG's writings as they make me think. I don't always agree with her but she does stir things up something I tend to do but not on such a grand scale. I didn't used to like JF with her impossible workout videos and not very good films but I lately I have warmed to her. There was an article about her in the weekend press where she talks abut her facial surgery. In the strange world in which she lives she feels this has given her more years of work. I certainly enjoy her current programme on Netflix and I intend to see her new film with Michael Caine.

kittylester Mon 25-May-15 10:06:20

I find them both scary in their own way! grin

petallus Mon 25-May-15 10:38:42

I go with Germaine Greer and thatbags on this one.

TerriBull Mon 25-May-15 11:23:42

The surprising thing about Jane Fonda is that she reinvented herself through the decades, from sexy siren of the '60s, to serious actress and political activist and then business woman who gave the world aerobics (I think, was it around in such a big way before?) anyway I believe she made a lot of dosh from that book, the essence of which wasn't about exercising to stay attractive to men, more about the health aspect if I remember rightly. Strangely she seems to have come full circle. Her retrospective path back to cosmetic surgery and the like seemed to kick in when she married Ted Turner and started to embrace the quest for eternal youth that often defines the archetypal Hollywood star. Lets not forget however, that Germaine Greer, at some stage contradicted some of the theories she put forward in the "Female Eunuch" I think it's fairly typical of human nature to re evaluate strong beliefs we may have held from time to time.

grumppa Mon 25-May-15 11:49:43

I could understand GG having a dig at JF's cosmetic surgery, but it seems a bit mean to mention knee and hip replacements, which are or will be the fate of many gransnetters.

nightowl Mon 25-May-15 11:58:18

To be fair grumppa I think GG mentioned the hip and knee replacements because JF had mentioned them in the same interview where she said she was planning another facelift. It does seem perverse to me that someone who has undergone essential surgical procedures such as those would then voluntarily have surgery for reasons of vanity. I do accept though that living and working in Hollywood must distort an individual's view of ageing.

janeainsworth Mon 25-May-15 11:59:27

Exactly, Grumppa.
As I said in my OP, I agree with Germaine Greer in her criticism of what Jane Fonda said, but I would have expected someone of GG's academic standing to be able to argue the point and not the person.
Resorting to criticising someone for having hip and knee replacements, which is surely nothing to do with attracting men, and everything to do with quality of life, is not only unpleasant but illogical too.

thatbags Mon 25-May-15 12:41:59

I don't think Greer was criticising Fonda for having hip and knee replacements. Those, presumably were for medical reasons. "Poor old Jane Fonda" is not a cruel expression.

I notice that Jane says her body hurts nearly all the time so, yes, I'd call her poor old as well. Yous can all call me poor old Bags for the same reason. It's not an insult.

I find it hard to understand anyone having surgery they don't actually need but I suppose we will have different definitions of what counts as need. JF obviously feels she needs (or needed) her cosmetic surgery. I feel sorry for her feeling like that.

soop Mon 25-May-15 12:49:17

bags (((hugs)))

thatbags Mon 25-May-15 12:54:09

Thank you, soop, me ole pal. I wasn't fishing but hugs are always welcome smile

thatbags Mon 25-May-15 12:55:21

Jane's constant pain makes you wonder if all that aerobics was a good idea after all — masses of strain on the body.

Stansgran Mon 25-May-15 13:26:01

Yes Kitty both scary, intense self interest.

Tegan Mon 25-May-15 13:55:21

To be fair to Jane Fonda, none of us know what it's like living in her LA world where everyone has the pressure of having to partake of the elixir of youth [although, as with most things, it is filtering through to this country]. I have great gratitude to Ms Greer because it was she who, on the Late Night Review years ago, recommended the first Shrek film which resulted in one of the happiest 90 minutes of my life [had it been someone else recommending the film I probably would have poo poo'd it]. For that pathetic reason I shall probably forgive her everything [that and the fact that she owns a parrot..or at least did at one time].

TerriBull Mon 25-May-15 14:59:30

I dare say all the "extreme" aerobics wasn't a good idea. It seems super fit people pay a price later, wonderful ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshkinov, I believe suffers with arthritis now.

Jane Fonda didn't always sound a happy soul, I think she didn't get along with her father very well and and had issues in dealing with her mother's suicide when she was quite young. In spite of seemingly flying the banner for feminism during the height of her fame, in her latter years she still appears to aspire to be some super feminine goddess like person. I guess it goes with the territory of being a famous actress, what a drag having to be arsed at aged 77 to parade yourself like a dog's dinner in corset type evening dress, when she could be at home feet up, wearing comfy slippers and elastic waisted jimmy jams grin

janeainsworth Mon 25-May-15 19:51:54

bags Poor old Jane might not be a cruel expression in itself, but to follow it with She’s got a back full of steel, a replaced hip and a replaced something else – I don’t think it’s a brain. certainly smacks of nastiness to me and suggests that he Poor old Jane wasn't said in a sympathetic tone!

thatbags Mon 25-May-15 20:24:37

True. But Greer was taking the piss. As she does. I don't think it's a big deal, especially as it so effectively illustrates the difference between their approaches to life, which I presume was the intention. I think she has used a bit of bitchiness as a device to get her point across. Artistic licence. I can't get worked up about it whereas I can get worked up about how society as a whole concentrates on the decorative side of womanhood far too much. And I think what Fonda is supposed to have said is SAD in all meanings of the word.

thatbags Mon 25-May-15 20:29:03

Fonda is not embracing age. Greer gvies the impression she doesn't give a damn about being old. I like that.

janeainsworth Mon 25-May-15 20:45:11

Agreed Bags, all I'm saying is that you can embrace age without descending into snide remarks about other people.