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People who hold grudges

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Anya Tue 06-Oct-15 11:33:39

Aren't they wearing? I've just spent the best part of an hour listening to someone moaning on and on about how her feelings have been hurt, yet again. And then up surfaces all the times this person has been sinned against, going back years and years.

Blimey! How long can some people hold onto things and each time of the telling it gets worse, and never their fault. What happened to forgive and forget?

Thank goodness for caller display, I'm never going to answer the phone to get ever again.

Lovelife Wed 28-Oct-15 11:32:19

My elder daughter(43) hasn't spoken to her sister(41) for 18 years........None of us know what the younger one did to upset her and no-one is brave enough to ask, incase she stops talking to us!! It's such a shame as we know that the cousins would all like to be friends and they do like their aunt! We are all missing out on lovely big Christmases etc etc... Any ideas????

Bennan Wed 28-Oct-15 17:12:09

Granny23 you're absolutely right! Tam O' Shanter is one of my all-time favourite Burns poems and the word pictures you get when reading it are so great.
An old friend stayed with us during our 40th Wedding anniversary celebrations. She was rude to the other guests, moaned about the food, and after inviting us out to dinner the evening before she left she weaselled out of paying the bill without us knowing. It was one of our favourite local places to eat and when we found out we went there and offered to pay. The owner was charming and refused to let us. I was shocked and embarrassed and I now find that I cannot bring myself to be chatty and friendly with her anymore. I avoid the phone when she calls. DH feels cross too but he speaks to her. Perhaps with time I will be able to speak to her again but I'm not sure! sad

Wilks Thu 29-Oct-15 06:41:53

We have been so seriously lied to by a family member that I can't see how we could possibly trust him again. You can only forgive and forget if the person acknowledges what they have done and apologises, neither of which he has done. In fact he has accused us of being in the wrong. As we try not to bear grudges for all the reasons given, we have decided he is no longer a part of our lives. We don't need psychic vampires messing with our heads.

Anya Thu 29-Oct-15 07:39:06

Not trusting someone again is understandable, we all learn from experience and judge others by how they treat us. Bearing a grudge however means you hark back to this whenever he's mentioned, but cutting him out of your lives can mean drawing a line under this wilks and moving on perhaps.

Anya Thu 29-Oct-15 07:44:22

Also, and this is why I started this thread, holding one particular grudge is understandable.

But there are personslity types who harbour numerous and petty grudges and bore everyone by bringing them up to show how hard done by and long suffering they are. They allow these to fester and are usually very self-centred people.

soontobe Thu 29-Oct-15 09:14:33

I wonder whether holding grudges then means that the person doesnt feel the need to look at their behaviour or part in anything.

Wilks, if people lie, then trust can fly out the window.
But actually 1 person can forgive another if they want to. But that doesnt mean that the behaviour of the other person was acceptable. In a way, they are two seperate issues.

Lovelife, I wonder if someone knows? That often seems to be the case. It might be worth asking around discretely?

Wilks Thu 29-Oct-15 10:28:53

You're right Anya and Soontobe. Our situation is sad and we were disappointed as we had thought well of this person, but we have let it go and, as you say, have moved on. Lots of richness in our lives!

trisher Thu 29-Oct-15 13:39:13

Anyone any advice on someone who continues to hold a grudge against you? I am one of those who blows up disagrees with someone and then forgets because having said what I think I then want to move on. Unfortunately someone I know has chosen to maintain a grudge against me. When I am speaking she pulls faces and her body language is very aggressive. She manages to dismiss things I have done and never acknowledges me unless she has to. I know if I raise it with her she will deny everything, but one or two friends have also commented on her negative attitude to me.

soontobe Thu 29-Oct-15 22:10:22

Is she like it with other people?

trisher Thu 29-Oct-15 22:20:40

She certainly has people she likes better than others and she favours them, but it is worse with me. I avoid her as much as possible but I am involved with voluntary work that I love and it necessitates contact with her sometimes. She doesn't like people who disagree with her and I have done this once or twice. Ever since then she has held a grudge.

Anya Thu 29-Oct-15 22:58:16

Try mirroring her!

Matella Fri 30-Oct-15 00:37:39

If someone were to "blow up" on me or I were to blow up on them, and I wanted to resume a good relationship with them, I could not just leave it at that and move on. I would have to discuss it with them, get to the bottom of why it happened, and apologise or agree to differ or something. Sometimes, however, you just can't do this if one is determined to hold a grudge and to me that is their prerogative and not my problem because at least I have tried.

trisher Fri 30-Oct-15 11:18:04

Mirroring sounds attractive, but can I manage it without starting to giggle? Although it sometimes gets me down I can see a funny side to this, not least that when she folds her arms in a huff she reminds me of Les Dawson.