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Drinking in pregnancy

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threesugars Wed 07-Oct-15 09:59:48

The Telegraph is now saying women shouldn't touch a drop of alcohol when pregnant! I feel for my DILs (both pregnant) with all this conflicting advice. They're coming for Sunday lunch this weekend - do I offer them wine?

ginny Wed 07-Oct-15 11:32:05

You could offer it but I would be surprise if they accept. My DD is 22 weeks pregnant and has not touched a drop since she and her husband suspected she was pregnant. In fact it was what gave away their secret to friends. Not that she is a big drinker anyway.

There is so much advice these day about what you should or shouldn't eat when you are expecting or not. Very confusing !

Alea Wed 07-Oct-15 11:33:56

I would always assume soft drinks for anybody pregnant, similarly with foods not recommended in pregnancy. Soft drinks for the drivers as well!