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lonniefrances Fri 30-Oct-15 08:19:32

AIBU to be cross at receiving my Asda
grocery delivery last night at 10.30? I had given up and gone to bed! My slot was supposed to be 7 til 9. The driver was very helpful and said he just had too many drops to make and of course they take longer with people opting not to pay for bags.I did phone the help number to be informed the mailbox was full and no message could be left.

clangers72 Fri 20-May-16 19:58:24

Morrisons are good, substitutions very rare, but as near as they can get. They refund you for the carrier bags on next visit if you hand them back, which is a lot easier. Refunds for items short dated or any other problems are really quick.
communication from them is also really good. would recommend giving them a try.

gandhibagh Fri 20-May-16 11:44:21

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numberplease Thu 12-May-16 16:15:12

I used Asda for a few years for my online weekly grocery order, until this last Christmas, when in Christmas week they failed to deliver, on complaining, they said we weren`t in, whereas we were sitting here watching the pictures on TV from our security cameras , waiting for them to come. When we told them that, and offered to let them view the footage, they then told us that they would deliver on Christmas Eve. We waited all day, no delivery, so were then left without some of the things that would have made Christmas more enjoyable, luckily we already had the turkey. Despite getting £40 compensation, we decided not to use them anymore and have shopped with Tesco ever since. There have been no delivery problems, but there are certain things that we liked that Asda stock, but Tesco do not, so we may, reluctantly, return to Asda sometime in the future. I agree with the last poster though, Asda ARE much cheaper.

derekbrian Thu 12-May-16 08:12:06

ASDA is significantly cheaper . They have the facility of delivery pass which cover up other costs. Whatever I order I gets its delivery either on Saturday or Sunday or in the morning before going to office. Till now I have no problem with them . Once I received late delivery ,I called ASDA Customer Service here , they replied me that delay is due to horrific weather on the way and most probably I will receive my order at around 8.00 pm. At around 7.45 pm, I received the parcel. Overall I have no issues with their services.

apricot Wed 04-Nov-15 18:23:07

I'd much rather do my own shopping so when I need more than I can get home in my shopping trolley I have it delivered by Waitrose. It costs £3. Few people seem to use this service, which I find ideal.

Grandma2213 Wed 04-Nov-15 03:38:35

I use Morrisons who always ring if they are late and then I receive a refund, or if early they check it is OK. It only costs £1 anyway for the time I chose. I can only remember a couple of substitutions in the last year which were just a bigger size (price the same).

Sell by dates are similar to those in the shop.

We now get a refund on bags (usually more than we actually use) and the driver is always prepared to take goods into the kitchen.

No complaints!

nipsmum Tue 03-Nov-15 15:12:19

I have used Tesco home delivery for about12 years now. I have had very few things to complain about in all that time. It is nonsense that you get all the old fruit and veg. I shop for a month at a time and I certainly can keep most of the fruit and vegt in the fridge for at least 2 weeks and longer. They always notify me if things have a short shelf life( at least 2 days).. It most certainly is. not in Tescos best interest to send rubbish. I get it delivered right into my kitchen. No loading and unloading trolleys, no carrying upstairs, and no driving and parking. In other words no negatives for my Tesco deliveries. ????

nathansgran47 Mon 02-Nov-15 20:19:05

We have asda this year as we couldn't get out to the shops. They have been excellent. No errors and never late. We live in Wales so are used to the carrier bag scenario.

margk Mon 02-Nov-15 11:26:08

Morrisons also refund 5p for every carrier bag returned.

glassortwo Sun 01-Nov-15 18:49:41

lucky feel like I have three pairs of hands and its still not enough wink

Nandalot Sun 01-Nov-15 10:58:57

We have tried them all but find, in our area, Tesco is the best. The drivers are super friendly, polite and helpful. Short sell by dates and substitutions are highlighted at the door and your are given the option to reject item. More expensive substitutions are price matched. (Unlike Asda when we used them). We have a direct debit so it is at least 3 pounds cheaper than the petrol to our nearest large supermarket. What's not to like.

Re bags, our driver said they have been allowed extra time for each drop.

Aggy21 Sun 01-Nov-15 10:36:25

I swing between tesco, sainsburys, asda and Waitrose, depending on whom I've fallen out with over lateness, non arrival, missing items, etc. Make sure you complain because you usually get compensation by way of voucher or free delivery.

Teetime Sun 01-Nov-15 10:28:07

Waitrose delivery is free if you spend over £60 and as I can't get my weekly shop for less than £100 and the nearest Waitrose is about 12 miles away that is fine.

Luckygirl Sat 31-Oct-15 23:20:10

Surely you have more than one pair of hands! smile - prerequisite for parenting/grandparenting.

glassortwo Sat 31-Oct-15 20:01:42

I would do that too lucky if I didn't have to juggle the 20 months DGS and the dog, also the other two dGC if they are about. Its easier to decant it into the hall and then just plow my way through it as I can.

Luckygirl Sat 31-Oct-15 19:58:39

I have always opted for no bags - Tesco just bring the boxes into our kitchen and we chuck it all on the table to be sorted when the van has left.

glassortwo Sat 31-Oct-15 19:53:51

I haven't had any problems with use by dates from Tesco and if anything does come with a shorter date the driver gives the the chance to refuse the item.
I was thinking of ways to transport my online shopping when it arrived but then was informed that Tesco charge 40p for as many bags as a delivery requires and for a shop for 7 of us its quite alot, so I just opted for bags and use them for dog poop bags.

SusieB50 Sat 31-Oct-15 19:45:08

I use Ocado or Sainsburys about once a month which ever has the better offers. Never get fresh fruit and veg and rarely get meat as I like to see what I'm buying. I find it great for loo rolls, washing powder etc and store cupboard stuff . I wonder why they are not using strong paper bags to deliver as it must be taking so much longer now. Ocado refund you if you return the bags - other supermarkets take note !

Luckygirl Sat 31-Oct-15 18:54:05

I have never ever had a problem over eat-by dates with Tesco - but as I said upthread I add a message to the effect that I want a long eat-by date. That message is saved in relation to your "Favourites" so you don't have tio keep adding it.

Some of their substitutions are very advantageous - they did not have a section of camembert, so sent me a whole one worth about £40 - I just paid for the small bit I had ordered! All my friends got a bit!

louisamay Sat 31-Oct-15 18:50:38

By the way, the goods were all freshly re picked on the Monday morning.

louisamay Sat 31-Oct-15 18:49:15

I've online shopped with Sainsburys for years. Had a £1 delivery slot last Sunday night but driver phoned to say the van had broken down. Long story short, shopping delivered by two assistants by car the following morning!
Half an hour later they phoned to say they had discovered a couple of items under the back seat - they were mine and I hadn't yet realised they were missing! Got a £15 e voucher plus refund of missing goods.
Find them really good, polite and helpful.

glammanana Sat 31-Oct-15 18:43:39

We use Ocado and our delivery man is a gem he brings everything indoors for us and has even offered to put things in the freezer before now,he always rings just before he arrives and has very rarely been late,we swapped to them last year with a £25.00 off our first order deal and half price delivery for 6 mths so its well worth looking out for the offers if you see them,all the fresh goods have been excellent quality and sell by dates have all been good,previously we used Tesco but their sell by dates where just awful and we where throwing produce away after 1 or 2 days so just a waste of money,I have my slot booked for xmas week I did it last week as all the slots where filling up fast.

katynana Sat 31-Oct-15 18:19:45

Like Luckygirl we are 14 or more miles from any sizeable supermarket/town so I use Tesco online for home delivery about half the time. I always try to get a £1 delivery slot, we don't mind them arriving in the evening as it frees up our day for other things.
The delivery men are fantastic, everything is delivered onto the kitchen table no fuss. The only time there was a small problem was when we had forgotten about the poor man and he had to fight his way up to our back door in the total dark, We felt terrible and have made sure since then that lights are on and doors are clearly available. Bless him, he didn't seem to mind.
The odd substitutions have generally been in our favour valuewise and any other minor problems have been quickly resolved on the 'phone. We have friends who have used Asda and were amazed when they rang with a query to find that they were speaking to someone in South Africa(???).
Give home delivery a try.

trisher Sat 31-Oct-15 17:42:25

I've used Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda. I am currently using Tesco because they have a Free delivery for a month offer. If I get goods with less than a reasonable use by date I ring them up and complain, generally they are pleased to give a refund or replace said item.

winifred01 Sat 31-Oct-15 16:52:40

Stopped shopping at my local tesco as the aisles are blocked by trolleys with staff doing on line shopping. Its aldi 's gain!