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AIBU to want service with a smile?

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Antjexix Wed 02-Dec-15 15:32:01

Went to town with DH yesterday to do some christmas shopping. First went to get the battery on DMIL watch changed,where we were greeted with a very miserable face ( we obviously did not spend enough money there). I can overlook the odd miserable shop assistant,but this went on in most shops. Downturned mouth, speaking to a colleague while serving us and slamming my change on the counter. Why do these people work in retail when they don't seem to like people? I know that everybody can have an off day,but it seems to be more and more. I work as a carer and it can be a difficult job,but I wouldn't dream of being rude to the residents in our home.

tanith Wed 02-Dec-15 17:16:44

Sadly a lot of people don't choose to work in retail, its better than no job, pays badly, for long/unsocial hours and if I had to do it I'd probably have a sad face too. Having said that of course a smile costs nothing.

Antjexix Wed 02-Dec-15 18:22:28

I do understand that some people have not much choice when it comes to jobs,I include myself in this, but I get so frustrated when people are rude.

MiniMouse Wed 02-Dec-15 19:16:57

I appreciate that people may not be in their ideal job, but surely being pleasant to customers make the day better for themselves as well? Of course, some customers may not respond or be polite, but it usually seems to work if you smile at someone.

durhamjen Wed 02-Dec-15 19:28:26

I wonder how many people are working in retail because if they didn't they would lose all their benefits. They are on minimum pay and zero hours contracts, and are worried about what will happen after Christmas.
Just a thought.

Ana Wed 02-Dec-15 19:31:38

Yes, that'll be it...hmm

Antjexix Wed 02-Dec-15 19:32:02

I'm on minimum wage too,but I always think people have choices and some people choose to be rude and miserable. Manners cost nothing.

durhamjen Wed 02-Dec-15 19:52:52

It might be, Ana. You chasing me around again?

loopylou Wed 02-Dec-15 20:01:37

Me too Antjexix (intriguing name!) but that doesn't stop me hoping I come over as friendly and helpful - as you say, manners cost nothing.

Antjexix Wed 02-Dec-15 20:18:34

Antje is my first name. XIX is DH old army regiment smile

Anya Wed 02-Dec-15 20:42:36

Sweeping generalisations yet again DJ just because you work in retail doesn't mean you 'are on minimum pay and zero hours contracts'.

Your views on life are very skewered and black. I know plenty of happy retail workers and Antje is correct that some people choose to be miserable (!) and rude and manners cost nothing.

durhamjen Wed 02-Dec-15 21:17:50

I didn't say that, Anya. I said I wonder how many people are like that because they are on minimum wage.....etc.
I did not say everybody in retail is like that. I know many are not, because some shops, and even some large chains, pay the proper living wage.
Please read my comments properly before making sweeping generalisations about them.