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To complain about fundraisers knocking on my door at night

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shabby Wed 10-Feb-16 11:07:59

I never usually open the door at night but as I was expecting a visitor when there was a knock on the front door I did open it and was very surprised and extremely annoyed to find a young woman campaigning for funds on behalf of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. She was polite so no problem there but I personally have a problem with the timing and told her so in no uncertain terms.

I do not think that anyone should be knocking on doors at night campaigning for funds and I was shocked that BDCH has allowed this to happen especially given the negative publicity that charities have received recently regarding their fundraising activities. I have complained to BDCH and await their response.

What do you think?

Elegran Wed 10-Feb-16 11:11:10

I am not sure it is safe for the campaigner either - the door could be opened by anyone at all, and if she were invited in while they signed up, who knows . . .

Luckygirl Wed 10-Feb-16 11:12:00

What time was this?

petra Wed 10-Feb-16 11:58:47

I think if you delved deeper you would find that it's a fraud. It goes on a lot.

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 10-Feb-16 12:38:12

I agree with the OP. Totally thoughtless. I hate it when anyone comes to the door at night when I am on my own. They would get no luck with me as I wouldn't open it. I suspect that is true of many people these days. So it's silly timing.

Synonymous Wed 10-Feb-16 13:17:06

Dangerous for all concerned as Elegran says.

Agree with jings I wouldn't open the door either.

annsixty Wed 10-Feb-16 13:24:37

Once it is dark we only open the door to people who are expected and we ask them to ring when they are there. We are very vulnerable at 79 and 78. In the past we have had British Red Cross chugging in the evening and have given them short shrift.

shabby Wed 10-Feb-16 13:33:51

Sorry I should have put that this was at 8pm.

Luckygirl Wed 10-Feb-16 14:40:27

8 pm is late and dark and not the time for fundraising door to door. It really does sound like a hoax to me - I cannot imagine any reputable charities condoning this. Sometimes it is for a distraction burglary. I am glad you have brought it to the charity's attention.

Granny23 Wed 10-Feb-16 15:27:43

I was astonished to recently have a chugger for Battersea Dog & Cat Home at my door here in Central Scotland. I explained to him that our chosen charities were all related to humans, though we have, on occasion donated blankets, towels and pillows to our very local cat shelter. The young man explained that he worked for a company which sent the chuggers out for a different charity every week and that he was hoping for something more relevant to the area next week as he had very few takers for this one and had not earned enough bonus to cover his bus fares.

I am sure that Battersea does a great job but I am pretty sure that they have not assisted any dogs or cats from Scotland or indeed the North of England. The reputation of Charities, who no doubt do very valuable work, is being ruined by the cold, calculating business model which now governs their fundraising activities.

Anniebach Wed 10-Feb-16 16:06:10

8pm is too late

ninathenana Wed 10-Feb-16 16:11:26

I wouldn't be happy either, I always keep the chain on the front door even if I'm expecting someone.

TerriBull Wed 10-Feb-16 16:38:15

I agree with everyone else, particularly if you are on your own or live alone, it's quite unreasonable to be troubling people at that time I tend not to answer the door anyway when alone, our house is on 3 floors, so if I'm upstairs I can't always be arsed going downstairs. My rationale is that if it's someone I know they can text me from the outside with "it's me let me in you daft whatever" I can then consider whether it's worth going downstairs to let them in or not. Sometimes I lean out of an upstairs window if I'm on the top floor to ask who's calling the last time I did, it was a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses who shouted back up "We've come to talk to you about Jesus" I told them I was Jewish, I'm not, but recommended a nearby horrible neighbour as someone who enjoy that sort of discussion grin

Alima Wed 10-Feb-16 16:43:56

I agree, it is far too late to cold call, especially in the dark. TBH I do not like cold callers at any time, must remember to stick that sticker on the door I got from the council.

NotTooOld Wed 10-Feb-16 17:00:08

We've been warned about these charity cold callers in our area. It's a scam. We've been told to report them to the local police.

GreatauntieLinda Wed 10-Feb-16 17:02:56

Can I get a sticky sign to go on the door saying "No chuggers"

Elegran Wed 10-Feb-16 17:22:07

YES, if you go to you can download and print stickers that say

"The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations, 2008
We won’t buy from you We don’t need any advice
Failure to do so is a criminal offence"

Or another that includes religious groups and charities.

rosesarered Wed 10-Feb-16 18:28:45

Terribull grin

rosesarered Wed 10-Feb-16 18:31:29

I don't like stickers on doors, but either wouldn't answer, or would, but with the chain on.No, charities should not call at night, or day either!

Elegran Wed 10-Feb-16 19:10:29

I don't like stickers on doors either - but the number of cold callers who ring my doorbell has gone way down since I put one up. I still get the occasional one - like the young man with a holdall of things to sell and a dog-eared and unreadable ID pass who muttered something insulting about miserable old cows as he departed. With spring almost in the air, I suppose it will soon be time for a new batch of them to emerge and try to sell us things we don't want.

If I just ignore the doorbell, it could be a neighbour or one of the family.

Spangles1963 Mon 21-Mar-16 18:37:29

Not a fundraiser/charity worker,but about 8 years ago a man trying to persuade people to switch energy suppliers knocked on my door at 10.30pm!! shock I didn't answer,but found out why he was calling from my neighbour the next day. Couldn't believe it when he came back that evening at 10.45pm! And no,I still didn't answer.

Kittye Mon 21-Mar-16 20:06:42

Last year a charity fundraiser knocked at my 89 year old mums house . Mum signed up for a monthly donation giving the woman all her bank details.
Mum doesn't have much money only her pension. I was furious that this woman could take advantage of an old lady. I phoned the charity and cancelled the donations. I think it's disgusting that charities can behave in this way.

Elrel Sun 27-Mar-16 23:48:40

Earlier in the year chuggers from a 'reputable' well known charity knocked on the door after dark. They were young, cold and unsuccessful with me and my neighbours many of whom are elderly. We were disgusted that the charity was doing this and contacted them to say so.
I find this method of fund raising even more reprehensible than the chuggers accosting people in the street. The charities' rationale is that it raises money. Not from me it doesn't, only hackles are raised!
It would be simpler to deal with if they were all frauds or hoaxes but, sadly, they are not.

Sugarpufffairy Sat 02-Apr-16 00:06:25

I had a chugger at my door at 8.30 this evening. He opened the conversation with "How are you tonight?" Very much a red flag to suggest a person wanting something. I had been having a nap after babysitting earlier and I was less than happy to be woken. He said that he was calling on behalf of Marie Curie. I told him straight that I have donated to Marie Curie in the name of a deceased loved one. There is no chance that I would give bank details to a person on the door step. I then looked up Marie Curie on google and sent them an email complaining about them sending out a chugger at 8.30 at night.
I will wait to see what happens and if they respond.
I used to donate to Chest Heart and Stroke local charity shop but when they wanted my name address and N I No to claim back tax. It does not seem to be the Spirit of Charity.

annodomini Sat 02-Apr-16 00:27:40

I had to see off a McMillan chugger last year at about the same time of night. I complained about this but they were very offhand and still send me fundraising emails. My point was that in this part of the village there are many older people (like me) who really don't want anyone knocking on the door after 8pm. In the days when I used to do political canvassing, I usually gave up at 8 because I thought it would put voters right off me if I disturbed their evenings. Bad enough when I interrupted Corrie or the snooker!