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To be fussy about my wheelie bin?

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Elrel Sat 11-Jun-16 15:11:40

DS, adult, was about to empty my vacuum cleaner straight into the my wheelie bin. I wanted the dust drum opened over a smallish plastic bag so that there was no loose dust in the wheelie bin. I put my refuse into the bin in tied black bags, occasionally in a smaller plastic bag, firmly tied, of course. Then it turned out that bag I'd grabbed was a plastic envelope which wouldn't tie. I didn't drop it, open, into the wheelie bin as I thought dust would fly out.
DS questioned my sanity as I was on my way to put the envelope in the kitchen bin, lined, of course, with a black bag. (A ridiculously large M&S heavy duty one as it happens, I'd got fed up with thin poundshop ones ripping. Have Brabantia made a metre tall bin?)
My retort was that was tempted to put it on AIBU and canvass opinion - he delightedly encouraged me to do so. Oh dear!
PS DS doesn't know that I'd forgotten which end the drum opens so I had to re-vacuum the hall floor ...

Ana Sat 11-Jun-16 15:21:27

I'm exactly the same, Elrel, I refuse to have any 'loose' rubbish in my wheelie bin. The kitchen bin bags are tied and transerred to a black back, and the day before rubbish collection I go through the fridge and around the house collecting the contents of waste paper containers etc. in yet another black bin bag!

There's probably a word for it, but I do get a sense of satisfaction from my ritual and at least I never have a smelly wheelie bin! How people can just throw rubish straight in is beyond me...grin

spyder08 Sat 11-Jun-16 15:27:49

Yes same here....I cannot abide "loose" items in the wheelie bin, everything has to be bagged. We have 3 wheelie re-cycling and one composting.
All re-cycling items must be washed and after each collection the bins are themselves washed out with a strong bleach solution!!
I cannot abide dirty bins...pleased I am not alone! grin

Elrel Sat 11-Jun-16 15:28:04

My mother washed out her metal dustbin with disinfectant weekly and never put a tin can in unless it had been on the back of the fire first. We used to tease her that she had the cleanest bin in the city but her example must have rubbed off on me!

KatyK Sat 11-Jun-16 15:31:46

Do you only have one wheelie bin? We have three of the blasted things plus, a small brown bin for food waste (which has to be wrapped in a biodegradeable bag). We also have a smaller bin which is supposed to be kept in the house for the food waste before we transfer it outside to the brown bucket!!!
Confused? 5 bins in all confused

sunseeker Sat 11-Jun-16 15:33:07

Me too! My nephew came and did some decorating for me while I was away for a few weeks and when I got back found he had dropped loose items (including food!!!) into my black bin - not even the waste food recycling bin. My first day back found me with the bin upended picking up the odd bits and then head in the bin scrubbing it out!

Charleygirl Sat 11-Jun-16 15:48:56

Oh dear, I also put the majority of stuff in a bag first. If I pop anything into my bin unbagged it is something that will not create dust or mess eg a loo seat. Re food we have to wrap it in newspaper first- I would do that anyway as I do not want to be washing out my small food bin weekly.

Jenty61 Sat 11-Jun-16 16:00:26

where I recently moved to (sheltered) they have comunual bins and they are a nightmare!!! cans... bottles... foil containers are never cleaned ...theres been curtains and clothes in the recycle bins! last week there was a garden fork in the rubbish bin! yes Ive reported it to the scheme manager several times and what a waste of time that is!

M0nica Sat 11-Jun-16 16:25:03

I put a big bin bag into my black bin as soon as I bring it in after it has been emptied and everything goes in there, that means it doesn't matter if rubbish is put on loose or not. I do not bother to line the recycling bin because nothing goes in that that is likely to be messy, just rinsed containers, cardboard and bundles of newspapers. I have yet to have any need to clean that in any way.

We have food collection but as I have a compost heap all vegetable waste goes on that, and apart from fruit/veg trimmings we have so little food waste I just have a small pot lidded pot like a jam jar on the draining board. Last week I put out 4 fish skins, 2 smoked haddock, 2 smoked mackerel. I then bag it put it in the smaller food container I was provided with and thats it.

Linsco56 Sat 11-Jun-16 16:37:19

I absolutely agree with OP. Everything which goes into my general household waste wheeliebin is in a bin liner. In the past we had a "man with a van" who would arrive the same day the bins were emptied and power wash the bins for £2. Unfortunately he hasn't been seen for over a year and I rinse mine out periodically with disinfectant (a bit OCD...I know!) but it keeps me happy.

granjura Sat 11-Jun-16 16:55:48

Contents of hoover bag can go into the compost/garden bin, with grass, etc- as it's all organic.

Charleygirl Sat 11-Jun-16 17:00:11

Not everywhere granjura I agree with you but my council have decreed that only grass cuttings and leaf droppings can go into that bin. Contents of a hoover bag now have to go into the general rubbish bin.

dramatictessa Sat 11-Jun-16 17:00:13

Blimey! I'm a compete slut compared to you lot. Don't bag anything that goes in the waste bin, it is a bit grubby at the bottom now, but it's for rubbish, so I don't care! I do rinse cartons etc before putting them in the recycling, and the food waste is put into the biodegradable bags, but that's it. Maybe I'm the unreasonable onesmile

Thingmajig Sat 11-Jun-16 17:11:33

I used to always bag stuff for the big bin, but the husband throws all sorts of stuff in ... grass cuttings, weeds etc etc ... so I'm forced to ignore it (or go mad!). Still use bin bags in all the indoor bins though.
DH does wash out the wheelie bin every few weeks, so no use complaining!

POGS Sat 11-Jun-16 17:11:46

I'm with Monica on this one.

I use a proper Wheelie Bin Bag which totally lines the whole bin. I use 6 clips to hold it in place and for that I use the little plastic guttering clips that we use to hold the Christmas string lights up although they are not necessary but do a good job holding the liner in place. Simples, just bung anything the bin as it doesn't dirty it.

They are only 8 for 1£ in most shops.

Elrel Sat 11-Jun-16 17:15:27

Katy - here we have a general bin and a recycling one provided. General is collected weekly and recycling fortnightly. The recycling one has a small bin inside the top,for paper and card, the main section is for glass, metal and (approved) plastics. We can also pay, £35 a year I think, for a third bin for garden refuse, no food waste. So, sadly, food waste goes into the general bin, what a waste that is. I tried composting but saw a rat too many!
DD in London has a small caddy in the kitchen, lined with biodegradable bags, bag and contents then go into a larger caddy, bucket sized, for collection. Garden waste is collected from large reusable bags.
A nationwide refuse policy would be good!

tanith Sat 11-Jun-16 17:18:38

I too am guilty we only got wheely bins a couple of weeks ago but I fully intend on bagging all rubbish before it's binned and also wash everything that goes in the recycle bin. i don't want smelly bins either.

Elrel Sat 11-Jun-16 17:19:51

Granjura - the vacuum cleaner dust did go into the compost.

Tegan Sat 11-Jun-16 17:22:29

I don't bother with a wheelie bin bag but do put most things into smaller bags which are then tied up. I don't put dirty cardboard into the recycling bin [ie if it's got breadcrumbs etc on it] but burn it. Plastic milk containers have to be rinsed; the S.O. puts them straight into the bin and it does my head in..ditto glass jars. As with the drawers in my house, everything going into the bin has to be tidy'ish. But I still have a house that looks as if it's been vandalised most of the time. My vacuum cleaner has vacuum cleaner bags but, if it didn't I would have to put the dust into a bag if I couldn't put it in the green bin.

phoenix Sat 11-Jun-16 17:23:16

Our wheelie bin is for food and garden waste only, I think that putting anything in a plastic bag in it might result in refusal to empty it, or some sort of public humiliation on the village green!

I compromise by wrapping some stuff in a sheet of newspaper, just the one, mind, because of course papers should go into another recycling thing!

Tegan Sat 11-Jun-16 17:24:25

I tried composting things till I had rats in my garden. I don't even like to use the compost that I did make knowing that it had had rats in.

Indinana Sat 11-Jun-16 17:38:33

Like Elrel we have two wheelie bins - one for recycling with a fortnightly collection and the other for general waste which is collected weekly. I never put anything unbagged in the general one, not least because the advance party of bin men always consolidate bins that are half full or less, reaching in and taking out all bags and putting them in another bin to be upended into the cart. So anything not in a bag gets left behind, rather annoyingly! When my daughter visits and changes her baby's nappy, the soiled one, in a nappy bag of course, is put on top of the wheelie bin (rather than being left in the house shock) until we empty the kitchen bin and then we drop the nappy bag into the kitchen bag. Otherwise it would get left behind in the bin.

granjura Sat 11-Jun-16 17:44:36

How daft is that Charleygirl- dust is totally organic and composts well when mixed with grass and other green stuff sad

Tegan, I was talking about the Council green bin for composting. Personally I make all my own- you will only get rats etc, if you put cooked left-overs and meat/fish, etc.

Grass, clippings, veg peelings and the contents of dust bag will not. Honest.

Indinana Sat 11-Jun-16 17:48:16

I have to agree with GJ here, We've composted for years, and have never ever had rats. Only veg peelings, banana skins, orange peel, grass, garden waste (avoiding weeds of course, which may reseed when you use the compost!), egg shells, paper, thin card such as egg boxes torn up and soaked. Never put in cooked food as this is what attracts the rats.

rosesarered Sat 11-Jun-16 17:57:46

I never put loose rubbish in the general rubbish wheelie bin, but the recycling bin for plastic paper and so on is different, just tipped in.Food is put in small compostable bags in the little bin.