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To be fussy about my wheelie bin?

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Elrel Sat 11-Jun-16 15:11:40

DS, adult, was about to empty my vacuum cleaner straight into the my wheelie bin. I wanted the dust drum opened over a smallish plastic bag so that there was no loose dust in the wheelie bin. I put my refuse into the bin in tied black bags, occasionally in a smaller plastic bag, firmly tied, of course. Then it turned out that bag I'd grabbed was a plastic envelope which wouldn't tie. I didn't drop it, open, into the wheelie bin as I thought dust would fly out.
DS questioned my sanity as I was on my way to put the envelope in the kitchen bin, lined, of course, with a black bag. (A ridiculously large M&S heavy duty one as it happens, I'd got fed up with thin poundshop ones ripping. Have Brabantia made a metre tall bin?)
My retort was that was tempted to put it on AIBU and canvass opinion - he delightedly encouraged me to do so. Oh dear!
PS DS doesn't know that I'd forgotten which end the drum opens so I had to re-vacuum the hall floor ...

annodomini Tue 14-Jun-16 10:55:10

Systems vary country-wide. Cheshire, we can put plastic bags in the recycling bin but have been asked not to wrap anything; so the bags go in separately. The only plastics that can't be recycled under this system is the hard, ridged kind like some bottle tops.

Synonymous Tue 14-Jun-16 11:30:46

We don't have much waste as there are generally only the two of us. We have one wheelie bin for everything and I don't worry too much about plastic bags in that. We compost everything that is compostable, burn what is burnable, flush down the loo what is 'pooh like' (I know, TMI grin) other stuff gets wrapped in newspaper as necessary and everything else goes in general waste via the lined kitchen bin. DH slings anything from the garden which is non-compostable in to the wheelie which then gets pressure washed every now and then but the wheelie is pretty clean and doesn't smell.
I have the best olfactory system in our house so am the governing force in that respect. grin

whitewave Tue 14-Jun-16 13:09:03

Nope, plastic bags add to landfill. I am fussier about the environment.

Bez1989 Tue 14-Jun-16 21:14:01

Our "waste" wheelie gets washed out by a man with a cleansing machine then a large plastic bag is put in as a lining. Very reasonable charge too.

grannylyn65 Tue 14-Jun-16 21:19:19

Rubbish in a bin?! Who knew !!

merlotgran Tue 14-Jun-16 21:29:11

I spent most of the afternoon using a garden hoe to fish through my recycling bin which gets emptied tomorrow morning. I couldn't find the bottom half of my stick blender after making soup for lunch. It wasn't in any of the normal places - dishwasher, pan drawer, odds and sods cupboard. DH had taken a bag of recycling stuff out just after lunch and as he has sight issues I wondered if it had gone out with the empties.

I finally found it in the bin.......The Bread Bin hmm

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 14-Jun-16 21:30:24

He he he !!!


Nonnie1 Wed 15-Jun-16 09:27:06

TriciaF, I frequently do this if it's sloppy ! It looks disgusting and I derive a lot of pleasure from it.

i think I may need to get out more !

Soniah Wed 15-Jun-16 10:15:48

we have a food bin for cooked waste and compost the rest, being vegetarian we don't have a problem with bones etc, we recycle whatever we can and most of the stuff we can't is put in the rubbish bin which is emptied by machine, most bagged or 'clean' waste but there isn't much left to go in it tbh, I never find it a problem and life is too short to worry about a slightly grubby bin, as long as it doesn't smell. I sometimes wonder what people find to throw away!

Nannapat1 Wed 15-Jun-16 11:19:11

Totally agree: we have 2 wheelie bins, one for 'green' waste which includes food scraps (cooked and uncooked) and another for 'unrecyclables. Everything in the latter is bagged and certainly all the food waste is bagged in the other. The possible consequences of not bagging the food waste make me shudder!

Granniefae Wed 15-Jun-16 13:26:24

I'm with you. We have three bins, one for garden/ organic waste (the latter is always bagged (biodegradeable, of course), one for recyclable (everything bar cardboard is washed first) with a box for newspapers etc etc), and one for everything else. This last bin is rather dusty and I would wash it out if it started to smell, but if it's only got dry stuff in , I'm not bothered. Sorry chums. What I can't stand is when other people (like the workmen I have had this year for three months) don't respect which bin should have what in it.
Can anyone tell me why I always end up in a house where the rubbish is always blown to my front????

TriciaF Wed 15-Jun-16 14:52:45

Granniefae wrote "what I can't stand is when other people ...don't respect which bin should have what in it".
We have communal bins in the village, you have to take your rubbish there. It's really annoying when people fill up the recyclable bins to overflowing with huge unflattened cardboard boxes so nobody else can put stuff in them.
Or worse, put the boxes in the non-recycling bin. I have my prime suspects!
In these days of buying online cartons are taking over.

Witzend Thu 16-Jun-16 05:48:58

I always empty my dust from the vacuum into a plastic bag, too. All rubbish in the landfill bin is bagged. All tins and bottles in the recycling bin are washed first. And if I have any potentially revoltingly smelly food waste - bits of meat or fish skins etc - they go into a bag in the freezer until the night before the bin men come. I used to put all that kind of stuff down the waste disposal -if it didn't go into the waste-eating dog first! -but I hardly use that now on the grounds of saving water and electricity.

etheltbags1 Wed 22-Jun-16 19:43:54

Ive just seen this thread, it must be me. Sod the bin I don't
care if its clean or not, its just a bin and no one cares, I chuck anything in it, food, yes I will bag it just to avoid smells and maggots but anything else goes in. My paper/plastic bin presumable stays clean as the tins get rinsed but everything else goes in unwrapped, there is a rule that you do not put anything in the recycling bin in a bag or they wont collect. The compost bin did give me rats and I never put cooked food only skin and grass cuttings, nit even bones. I had trouble with rats, so they must be attracted by skin and bits of mouldy veg. After all I had pet rats, mice and hamsters when I was young and I fed them all veg and fruit.
So Im not going to clean m y weelie bin anytime soon and anyone who pays for it to be done has more money than sense.

Stansgran Wed 22-Jun-16 21:09:22

I use something called Fresh Bin . It's a yellow powder smells a bit like Dettol. It keeps the waste bin fresh in hot weather. We have two garden brown bins £25 each ,a blue recycling and a black general waste all wheelie. It's about time there was some co ordination in this country.