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My Generation (Why don't you all F-f-f fade away)

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trisher Tue 28-Jun-16 14:01:29

There's been a lot of condemnation about young people criticizing us oldies for the Brexit vote. Some people have condemned them as 'ageist', but I think we were far more condemnatory than they have ever been. Hence the Who's lyric. Or we could have Toyah in 1981 going"To turn suburbia upside down". I actually think that young people today are far more respectful than we ever were and I think the Who's words"Hope I die before I get old" refer not to a physical death but a spiritual one where we become less open to ideas and change, and I'm afraid some people have already got there.

trisher Tue 28-Jun-16 14:07:46

Sorry that should be physical ageing not death! Maybe I am getting old,

sunseeker Tue 28-Jun-16 14:49:49

Whilst I agree there are some older people who are set in their ways many of us take up new hobbies, new interests and travel now we have the time. I don't think you can generalise on age. I know young people who are in a rut and won't change and I also know "more mature" people who are continually trying new things and new ideas.

rosesarered Tue 28-Jun-16 15:01:31

Exactly sunseeker we have friends doing all sorts of things, clambering around Machu Pichu (aged 75) another set of friends on a five week exhausting trip around China( aged 78) and another learning to fly.
There are set in their ways oldies and also younger ones the same.
Teenagers need to rebel against parents/ older generation,but it's high time that the 20 somethings and 30 somethings stopped blaming older people for anything and grew up themselves.

Smileless2012 Tue 28-Jun-16 15:02:33

We spoke to our son in Aus. on Sunday. He was horrified to learn that his mum had voted to leave putting it down to the fact that I'm a woman and also that, well I'm a womangrin.

He prattled on about how stupid everyone was who'd voted to leave while simultaneously expressing his sympathy for his poor old dad who had the misfortune of being married to me, this stupid woman.

When I eventually managed to get a word in, I asked him if he'd made use of his postal vote and actually cast a vote himself; no, he hadn't.hmm

A dear friend of mine's son lives in America, she and her husband had a very similar conversation with him on Sunday too. In their case they were both stupid and yes, because she's a woman and her husband is well, just stupid.

They asked their son if he'd exercised his right to vote and surprise surprise his answer was also no.

I'd like to agree with you trisher that "young people today are far more respectful than we ever were" and I'm sure there are many examples to support your observations, I'm just a littlesadthat my son and the son of my friend wouldn't qualify.

Smileless2012 Tue 28-Jun-16 15:05:05

Just seen your post rosessmile and loved the last bit especially as the two young men referred to in my post are both in their 30's.

loopylou Tue 28-Jun-16 16:14:52

I had the DS lecture last night when I admitted to voting Leave (am already getting it in the ear from H he's certainly not DH at the moment )
I think the downright vicious condemnation of older people is extremely disheartening let alone disrespectful. I too rosesarered am sick of our generation being blamed for everything, including living too long sad

While some older people may be stuck in a rut I know several who would run circles around many younger people - I'm definitely aiming for an active retirement. I have started doing 10000 steps a day, taking up learning Italian (again!), started crocheting a big blanket and intend to do a weekend away somewhere (Youth Hostel) every six weeks.

Smileless2012 Tue 28-Jun-16 16:21:15

Good for you loopylousmile. Sorry you got lectured too. Mr. S. and I cancelled each others votes out as we have a tendency to do so no 'getting it in the ear' on that subject at least.

Marmark1 Tue 28-Jun-16 16:33:15

Well,I'm 67 and I can honestly say, I don't feel any different or do anything different than I did 20years ago. I could probably leave most people my age standing,and most younger people too.

mrsjones Tue 28-Jun-16 16:47:42

I am 70 this year (look 50 max) and still feel 25 inside. I am not well educated but neither am I a racist, bigot or moron. I voted with my children and grandchildren's future in mind as it won't affect me either way now.

trisher Tue 28-Jun-16 18:27:42

Isn't it interesting that people can only bring this back to Leave or Remain. I was thinking much more widely about how previous generations have had rebels and radicals leading them. My generation had the "Oz" trial and sit-ins, the punks spat and were anarchists, even in the 90s there were illegal raves and people living in camps. Today's youth pay £200 to go to Glastonbury and queue politely to get in. I wonder if it is the economic situation that has made them the way they are. This wasn't really about what people are doing more about why we aren't prepared to accept criticism given the amount we dished out when we were younger.

phoenix Tue 28-Jun-16 18:42:09

Every generation seems to think that they either invented or discovered "sex & drugs & rock&roll" (metaphorically speaking)

Ana Tue 28-Jun-16 18:51:24

I think the times were certainly changing when that sort of song was popular. The lyrics complain about the older generation looking down on the young and the young wanting to challenge the status quo.

I think young people certainly were more respectful towards old(er) people, especially relatives, in those days. Nowadays some elderly folk are scared to leave their homes after dusk and are openly threatened and abused in public by some (only some, but a growing number) of disaffected and uncaring yobs.

TerriBull Tue 28-Jun-16 19:38:01

A friend who works in publishing surrounded on Friday morning by very unhappy younger staff dismayed at how the vote went. Several admitted to not voting because they didn't for one moment, in their wildest dreams contemplate a Brexit win. Did any of us? but we still managed to vote somehow. Unbelievable complacency kind of equals stupidityshock but as we of course know it's all those older people who voted out that are thick and stupid. Can't help wondering into which demographic the majority of the 28% who felt it wasn't worth casting a vote fell.

Witzend Tue 28-Jun-16 20:03:56

Must say I have been shocked at the reported numbers of young people who didn't bother to vote. I don't know why the oldie-bashers aren't having a go at them. (I voted remain but only after a lot of agonising)
I could understand it more in a general election, where votes can count for nothing, but this time, every single vote counted.

TerriBull Tue 28-Jun-16 20:14:32

I'm not sure I would agree that young people are more respectful now, social media would suggest otherwise. I find it hard to contemplate the way people are berated for minor disagreements, not talking about the referendum vote now. I can't remember what the woman's name was, but the one who wanted Jane Austin on a bank note, received death threats shock. Such an extreme reaction to,what in my opinion, was a very mild suggestion.

Ana Tue 28-Jun-16 21:26:00

That wasn't ageism though TerriBull.

Lisalou Wed 29-Jun-16 08:16:35

I think that all this blaming of one generation or another is neither healthy nor productive. the whole point behind democracy is the opportunity for the people to voice their opinion, anonymously if they so please. Pointing fingers after the event is no use to man nor beast.

I will say, tho, that those of us who live abroad, in many cases (those of us who have been out of britain for over sixteen years) were not allowed to vote and that i do find wrong, and i had to have a rant about it somewhere

trisher Wed 29-Jun-16 08:24:31

I've given up no one wants to talk about anything apart from the referendum. We could discuss the fact that our generation's music was largely the product of working/lower middle class boys and today's is mostly posh boys and girls and manufactured bands and if this leads to less politicised music, but let's just stick to the Brexit vote.

Iam64 Wed 29-Jun-16 08:28:17

Maybe, just maybe, we brought the current generation of 30 year olds fairly well. The young people I know all vote, all work and have excellent social skills. Yes, there are some unpleasant young people but as gransnet so often demonstrates, not everyone in our age group is unfailingly polite and positive.

Beammeupscottie Wed 29-Jun-16 08:33:47

To be old is not to be wise. The young have never venerated the old in this Country and kindliness and tolerance to ancient gran and grandad is going out of the window because we live in a harsh, dog-eat-dog world and will continue to be seen as a nuisance and a drain on society. I read recently that the best thing the old can do for the young is to die and leave them money.
A tip. If you want to get on with young people; keep a modern tone to your appearance. For God's sake don't moan and have a laugh with them and tell them dirty jokes! They don't like miserable old moaners who only talk about their poor feet and bloody daily diet of pills. The old can be socially very unattractive.

Beammeupscottie Wed 29-Jun-16 08:45:31

And another thing. Don't wear big white granny knickers if you go to the gym. Terribly unattractive.

Lewlew Wed 29-Jun-16 09:40:07

Anyone remember the movie Wild In The Streets? 'Don't trust anyone over 30', changed to 'Don't trust anyone over 10' at the end.

radicalnan Wed 29-Jun-16 09:42:42

We haven't fallen out of paradise, so why exactly are the young so dismayed? I am watching with interest the highly and expensively educated 'leaders' who could not find their bums with both hands squabbling and wondering why the young aren't making more capital out of that. We badly need a couple of new, saner parties and are the young queuing up to form them? No they are standing in the mud watching a potty mouthed girl sing about getting her heart broken.

I am disappointed that kids today are not as willing as we were to take action it is all on line petitions and tweets.

Nicky Morgan was on TV this morning saying how 16 year olds need the vote, WHY, when they have no education or life experience to speak of at 16.....they are vulnerable to all sorts of manipulations then. If you doubt that just take a look at on line exploitation of young people by sexual predators and cyber bullies.

We are led by morons and the young should be questioning what they are going to do about that not just switching their hatred of 'racists' to hated of encouraged by politicians to do.

squirrel5 Wed 29-Jun-16 09:45:33

I was appalled to hear a conversation on the train to London not so long ago, where there was a group of students talking about money, and family wealth. I nearly had to be restrained by hubby when one girl piped up ....Daddy cant wait for Grandma to croak , at least we will have more money. ......respect ??