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AIBU to have turned into a NIMBY?

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Lozzamas Thu 21-Jul-16 14:39:29

I have always worked bloody hard, saved, never been extravagant in order to buy a good home in a "Niace" area - have managed to achieve that in the green belt and we have spent a fortune making it into our "death nest" . It's about done - worth a fair bit, but priceless to us, as we have it all done as we want, it's quiet and there's plenty for me to potter at in the garden when I finally retire ( I'm currently working out my last year or two working - at nights mainly). Then a new family moved in next door - they were noisy and untidy but we rubbed along, they moved here having sold their previous house to a developer for flats to be built. Bugger me if they haven't done the same again, we have just been advised indirectly by a developer that the houses on either side and opposite us ( all but one probate sales) have been purchased for demolition and they have permission to build 10 semi detached houses on the plots. The developer would now like to buy our plot to make it 12. I had every intention of seeing out my days here that's what we have kitted it out for, I also don't want to have to sleep in the days in the middle of a building site for the next few years, but the developer tells us that the value of our house has crashed with the new development and the reduced price he is offering - which won't buy what we have elsewhere, is the best we are going to get. The local planning office tell me my wishes are out of step with the need for affordable housing and my reduced house price, quiet enjoyment etc. do not figure in the planning process - tough luck. I'm really aggrieved having just had the roof redone and recarpeted throughout etc. Etc. The only people who want this or will profit from it in the area are the new comer repeat developer sellers next door - the residents who have lived here for some time are up in arms at the loss of the "Niace" area they live in - AIBU to dislike what they are doing or wonder where this will all stop when every home is a little box on an estate?

Tessa101 Fri 22-Jul-16 19:33:00

I definitely agree with Monica, having dealt with developers on behalf of my mum. I know from experience please don't believe everything they tell you, they will always try and scaremonger you into selling for a low price. Ask the neighbours In the street ,what's going on with them,find out as much info as you can. Took 7 years after developers bought land to build on as there was problem after problem with planning regulations. So pleased don't be bulldozed out of your beloved home.

librarylady Fri 22-Jul-16 20:07:36

Actually, I believe you CAN apply for Planning Permission on land you don't own.

JessM Fri 22-Jul-16 20:10:53

There's certainly a planning application that I am tracking that is an application by someone who is not the land owner.
Maybe you should consider getting planning permission for your plot yourself if you are thinking of selling. This might well increase the price you can get.

Maggiemaybe Fri 22-Jul-16 20:14:04

Yes, I'm sure there is a bit of the NIMBY in all of us, and why not? We have the right to feel sorry when the area we love loses all its green spaces and its character and becomes a nice little earner for developers. Our village is filling up with new houses - what was a big old Victorian house behind us in its own grounds is now an estate of 18, the field below us is now on its way to being a development of 12, the fine old old manor house up the road, for years the residence of a well-known local benefactor and his family, has been demolished and around 50 houses are currently being built on the land. The developers have even cast their beady eyes on our local allotments. Not one of these new homes is "affordable housing"- the cheapest being around £275,000, about twice the norm for our area, the dearest around £650,000. One would hope that some thought has been given to how all this will affect local schools and facilities, but I seriously doubt it.

Grandmama Fri 22-Jul-16 21:18:30

Put a few great crested newts on the land. Seriously, when I give wildlife talks I always include say something about loss of gardens because of detached houses being demolished and flats being built on their large gardens. Very bad for wildlife such as hedgehogs that need wildlife corridors. This is another aspect of garden loss. I do sympathise with you, Lozzamas, I'd be devastated.

Jalima Fri 22-Jul-16 21:30:19

Bats - no, not saying you are bats Lozzamas - persuade some Lesser Horseshoe Bats or any protected bat species to nest in part of your attic and some of the surrounding houses before they are demolished.

Jalima Fri 22-Jul-16 21:33:40

But beware - even bats cannot protect against an unexpected fire that happens to demolish a building which has been refused planning permission.

Planning permission can then be granted when the building is no longer there - it has happened.

Lozzamas Sat 23-Jul-16 06:40:25

Finally spoke to "done it twice neighbour" about the development, he hasn't sold his property...yet- the developer has purchased an option on it, meaning he gets £10k a year until he has to sell and move when they get planning permission. In return he has to sell and move on 28 days notice and not object to any plans put in by the developer, and he cannot sell to anyone else. So he was highly delighted with last years objections it earnt him an extra 10k, he was hoping it would go on a bit so his youngest could finish at school and not have to switch again. At his last place it went on for 10 years apparently, he doesn't think we put up much of a fight so he's not going to get next years £10 k, shame. The probate houses are now owned by the developer. Mr done it twice tells me he is now looking to move to the next likely spot and become done it thrice, he reckons developers have paid for his last 2 huge jumps in property and the money to live there, if he can make it a hat trick he intends to retire at 50! I just hope when he decides where to retire his developer mates don't follow him there and decide to cash in on his environment against his wishes.
I'm just dumb founded that the green belt has been redesignated seemingly without anyone's knowledge and the housing needs of neighbouring boroughs - albeit very real, take presidense over others lives - we too have "brown field" sites available and more suited to development locally, areas that desperately need regeneration and lovely homes and families, but the small developers want garden grabs - makes more money for them. Incidentally did you know that the Government count gardens as brown field sites. Hence as has been said the LA has little/no say in what actually happens.
Love the newt idea, they have a lovely pond that will be destroyed next door - if someone has some great crested newts, I could slip them in with the soon to be homeless frogs and toads. The local badgers aren't going to be too pleased with the houses built all over their ancient paths either. It seems from reading the replies this is happening all over and we are probably as was said all a bit NIMBY- so I'm not feeling It's a bad thing to be after all - it sounds as if it should become trendy, before we loose every village, field and garden - once they're gone they won't come back. Thank you ladies... Lots of good suggestions and encouraging outcomes - Being a pessimist though I suspect the horror stories of building upheaval, over development, local services burden etc. are more likely my future if I stay. Perhaps we need to find a nice little bungalow on the coast, the natural habitat of all us old NIMBY's, leave the towns and villages to the young and take MiL with us to await our eventual demise... Quietly. Hopefully that will come before we do anything daft and old like become a burden to the NHS, get our money back on the pension, vote away the next generations future etc. I'd hate not to leave the maximum in society for people to retire at 50 from get rich quick schemes.

BlueBelle Sat 23-Jul-16 06:57:24

Lozzamas find a crested newt on the site that holds up development, we swear people must plant them as round here nearly every big development gets held up for months if not years while they search for the newts to put them in a safe place

Seriously I feel sorry for you as its not just the house, it's the garden, the inside that you have put your all in.

Is it legal to only post info on a website what about people who don't use the Internet we used to get a letter through the door if it's about property very close I don't know if that still happens but they also post it on the nearest lamppost or window and that does still happen as I was nosy enough to read one yesterday Someone looking for planning permission to change their windows nothing very exciting