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To be totally cheesed off with Ocado?

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DaphneBroon Sat 03-Sep-16 20:13:36

AIBU to be screaming at Ocado because far from there being "no substitutions", HALF the order(all of the 'cupboard ' order) was NOT on the van.

DD has been with us for the last week because SIL is in New York, and before that they were on holiday in France for three weeks. I drove DD and DGS back home today having suggested she might like me to put in an Ocado order to refill the fridge and the cupboards until SIL gets home tomorrow afternoon. She is also due to turn up to work to work tomorrow at the Barbican as she has a production opening on Thursday. When the van arrived at 5.30, half her order was MISSING!
Customer services are supposed to be pursuing this, but I am still speechless that I can receive assurances that everything was apparently there UNTIL THE POINT OF DELIVERY.
I honestly wish I had just taken a trip to Waitrose and stocked up there. She has rung me to say that she now has NOTHING for breakfast as of course she is stuck in the house with a tiny baby and we had been relying on a shopping delivery to refill her fridge and cupboards.
Apparently there are no delivery slots before Monday. Well given that she is well within the M25 I would have thought a manager might have got in his car and fulfilled this order and suggested accordingly grin
This is appalling service and as a regular customer of many years, I shall seriously review my Smart Pass membership. Waitrose Deliver have never let me down.
Yes I have been offered a voucher towards my next order, but you can't eat a voucher for breakfast and when you are breastfeeding that is a major issue.

jinglbellsfrocks Sun 04-Sep-16 12:39:41

I think we should hold out for three months' supply of Pampers.

merlotgran Sun 04-Sep-16 13:09:29

Tesco often deliver here by mistake because the cottages half a mile down the road have the same postcode.

Caused mayhem one Friday afternoon when DGS thought it was for them and started unpacking it - their's was due an hour later but he didn't know that. I think he was munching his way through a large pizza when the very irate lady who had been twiddling her thumbs waiting for her shopping came roaring into our driveway.

Fortunately, the laziness of teenage boys came up trumps so apart from the stuff that needed to go in the freezer (I'm amazed he thought of that) he left the rest of it in the back porch with the tops of the bags still tied up.grin

annsixty Sun 04-Sep-16 14:03:06

My D once got part of someone else's order from Tesco. She rang and was told to just keep and use it as it couldn't be picked up and would be wasted.

Deedaa Sun 04-Sep-16 21:15:32

Reminds me of the Golden Wedding present I sent to my in laws. It never arrived and I heard from DD that my MIL was muttering about how even my DS had remembered to send them something. This was particularly annoying as, of course, DS hadn't remembered at all and his present had come from DD. Some weeks later, after I had received compensation from the GPO, the present turned up. It had been wrongly delivered to a neighbour. The neighbour was on holiday and it had been taken in by a friend who didn't notice the name was wrong. I think MIL eventually decided it wasn't my fault.