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... to not want to floss in the lounge?!

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Grannyknot Thu 06-Jul-17 10:18:17

The last time I went for a "scale and polish" (6 months ago) - the dental hygienist at the practice gave me a lecture instructed me to buy a rainbow range of colours of those interdental brushes, and drew a diagram of what colour to use on which expensive food traps made by previous dentists gaps between my teeth - and when I protested saying I'll never remember that nor keep that up she replied Oh, it's not a big deal, you can do it in front of the TV at night to which I responded I don't think my husband would be impressed.

So all that she achieved is to have put me off going back to her. But I like the dentist! What do do. I hasten to add that my teeth are very clean and well looked after! I was brought up to look after my teeth and my feet "because you'll need them most when you're old" grin

Surely a professional shouldn't be advising people to floss in the lounge?! shock

devongirl Thu 06-Jul-17 10:56:34

granny you absolutely have my sympathy. My hygienist went on at such length that I put off going to see her for a long time. This time, I got all the same size tapered binterdental brushes from Boots and am using them (in the bathroom!) every night. Anything else and let's be honest, I'm simply not going to do it!!

Hm999 Fri 07-Jul-17 22:17:37

Same dialogue with dentist about the brushes earlier this year led to me cracking a filling!

Anya Fri 07-Jul-17 22:35:45

Blimey. I just floss with dental tape in the bathroom each morning. What a palaver.

whitewave Fri 07-Jul-17 22:51:14

I have all the gadgets available inckuding mouth wash.

It takes me ages to do it all as instructed, but my gums still dont respond! Im getting really cheesed off. All this effort and nothing to show for it. And then hygenist and dentist sort of criticising my efforts.

Jalima1108 Fri 07-Jul-17 23:19:59

I can't get those interdental brushes between my teeth, apart from between two of them.

I haven't tried when I was watching tv in the sitting room though, perhaps that's where I'm going wrong.

SueDonim Sat 08-Jul-17 00:02:06

The hygienists must have been on a course, as on my last dentist visit mine also suggested flossing while watching tv! As I watch very little tv, I'd only be flossing maybe once a week, twice at most. grin

absent Sat 08-Jul-17 06:24:48

Perhaps you should have asked her if she cuts her toenails while watching television. Some activities in life are not spectator sports.

BlueBelle Sat 08-Jul-17 07:54:34

If you live alone you can do all those things watching tv in the living room ?

Tizliz Sat 08-Jul-17 07:56:48

I use a water floss (in the bathroom only ?) which is really good, though expensive. Especially good if you struggle with those interdental brushes.

CassieJ Sat 08-Jul-17 10:30:05

Water flosser is the way to go. I was bought one as a present and the best thing I have had. Really easy to use, and much better than conventional flossers. Even my dentist has commented on how much better my teeth are now since using one.

Ana Sat 08-Jul-17 10:35:27

And using those interdental brushes isn't actually flossing. You use dental floss to do that.

Jalima1108 Sat 08-Jul-17 10:41:06

Do you have to buy a spitoon for the sitting room as well?

Welshwife Sat 08-Jul-17 11:19:41

My dentist advised me to start using the brushes - he said that his opinion was they were better than flossing which he said in many cases just pushed the muck up into the gum. He suggested I do it for gum health although I have no problem at the moment. I don't do it watching Tv though!

Christinefrance Sat 08-Jul-17 11:20:02

I read an article recently which said flossing was overrated and may be harmful. I'm sure it's been superseded now by another article saying the opposite.

devongirl Sat 08-Jul-17 11:23:37

My dentist said similar, ww hence using brushes not floss. Thend to use them while in the bath!

devongirl Sat 08-Jul-17 11:23:50


shysal Sat 08-Jul-17 11:27:02

These brushes are the latest 'lecture' subject from my dentist, there is always something to nag me about although I haven't needed any dental treatment for many years. He recommends the Wisdom brand of brush, and I have to agree that I find them the best. Like you, Jalima, I can't get them between all my teeth, especially where I have a bridge.
I clean and re-use mine many times until they get too bendy, does anyone throw them out after each use? Seems such a waste!

devongirl Sat 08-Jul-17 11:29:09

I do!! feels like a waste but somehow just rinsing them feels unhygienic!!

Lupatria Sat 08-Jul-17 13:29:55

my dentist kept on about flossing and using those little brushes - i told him that i didn't think it did any good.
he recommended a visit to the hygienist and i told him i couldn't afford it.
hope they put it on my records as i've got a new dentist next visit and i expect they'll start all over again with the lecture. not that i'll take any notice. i don't floss!!!

BlueBelle Sat 08-Jul-17 13:31:37

Shysal I use mine to within an inch of their life you're not alone

mrsjones Sat 08-Jul-17 16:22:47

I use the Philips Sonicare Air Flosser everyday (in the bathroom). It's better than messing around with those brushes or floss/tape and does a great job.

Baggs Sat 08-Jul-17 16:37:45

"Improve your gum health with air flosser" (ad). And if there's nothing wrong with one's gum health and there never has been...?

Grannyknot Sat 08-Jul-17 17:22:19

baggs that was me (nothing wrong with my gum health and never has been) until the flipping hygienist started on about the interdental brushes! Made me doubt my gums. grin

Honestly, there was a different colour brush for every tooth gap. Anyway no matter how wonderful something is at doing its job, it ain't gonna work unless it's also practical.

I'm pleased I started this thread, because now I will make an appointment with the dentist and be a lot more assertive about resisting the interdental brush lecture.

Ana Sat 08-Jul-17 17:35:09

To be fair, they can get rid of tiny particles of food your toothbrush (whether electric or not) may have missed.

I do use one most nights, but am not obsessive about it.