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Tizliz Fri 21-Jul-17 11:59:25

My OH has a 'den' which REALLY needs sorting out. Three times over the past few months I have offered to help but nothing has happened. This morning he said "We will sort it out this weekend" my reply was 'We?" him "you did offer" me "that was months ago, the offer is withdrawn". His face was priceless. I know I will give in but how long should I hold out for? grin

jimmyRFU Mon 24-Jul-17 14:48:24

I am the one who usually ends up sorting and tidying. Did my dad's shed on Sunday. Had our kids camping gear and car parts in. Now its got so much space. Makes a difference when everything is on shelves and in boxes. Rather than someone standing at the door and lobbing whatever it is in. We have our garage to tackle some time, then there's DH's wardrobe, mine, the lodger son and his partner. My!!! I love a good tidy.