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kezia Tue 01-Aug-17 16:59:57

A friend has just asked me to look after her dog for a couple of hours whilst she nips into town to pick up an order. It's something I do often and the dog sees this as her second home. However when I opened the door the dog came in and was filthy! Obviously she'd just been for a walk and had been playing in the mud. I know that the response from my friend will be ' the mud just falls off her when she dries' but AIBU to think she should have attempted to clean off the dog before delivering her? Im not the most house proud person but really!

mammabear Tue 01-Aug-17 17:17:39

What a cheek fetching a dirty and no doubt pungent dog to your home. Yes mud does fall off - all over your home.

We have a towel inside the backdoor to dry our dogs off after a walk.
My friend sometimes looks after our 3 dogs during the day if we are going somewhere that is not dog friendly and has had them for several days at a time on the rare occasion we stay in a hotel.
I would not dream of leaving my dogs if they were not clean and brushed, as after all she is doing me a favour and without her we would not be able to go away.
Maybe you need to make a fuss when your friend comes to collect her dog and say how long it took you to get the dog dry and clean and hope she takes the hint, or just tell her outright.

kezia Tue 01-Aug-17 17:49:32

As predicted, when challenged about leaving a wet and dirty dog with me I was told that it would all fall off when it dried. To which I replied 'It has, in my house!' Followed up by asking how I was looking forward to visitors arriving this evening, so I pointed out that I needed to go and hoover.....again grin

Jalima1108 Tue 01-Aug-17 18:01:23

Reminds me of some visitors we had once - I said it was fine if they brought the dog and she could sleep in the kitchen or utility room. (our dogs had always slept in the kitchen).
First of all the dog galloped all over our wet vegetable patch, then tried to come into the sitting room covered in mud. I caught her and took her to the utility room to wipe her off with an old towel but got remarks about 'Aunty Jalima not letting you into the house, darling'. Then they fetched her in the middle of the night from the kitchen and let her sleep on their bed.

kezia Tue 01-Aug-17 18:11:32

What is it with some dog owners! I wouldn't expect human visitors to tramp mud through the house so why is expected to be ok for dogs?
Don't get me wrong, most of my dog owning friends are pretty considerate but I don't own a dog for a reason

Jalima1108 Tue 01-Aug-17 18:51:20

Advice from carpet salesman - let the mud dry first before trying to vacuum it up.

hulahoop Tue 01-Aug-17 18:57:24

The cheek of some people don't blame you for being annoyed ??

vampirequeen Tue 01-Aug-17 20:35:57

Yes the mud will dry and fall off but it will be all over your house. What a liberty!

Menopaws Wed 02-Aug-17 07:19:57

Bloody rude, would you drop off a child in a similar state?

Anya Wed 02-Aug-17 07:24:08

That's not acceptable. My own dogs have their paws washed (plus their eyes wiped, bottoms washed, teeth cleaned) every day after their walk.

Sorry if TMI ??

Imperfect27 Wed 02-Aug-17 07:32:17

No, of course you are not being unreasonable. Familiarity breeding contempt? Just plain rude!

Hope the mud has come off now, - your friend seems very thick skinned, but glad you were not silent about it and hopefully, when she comes to reflect, she won't try that one again...

kittylester Wed 02-Aug-17 07:55:00

DH's brother and sil are really besotted with their dog. It terrifies our cats - who are deemed strange for being scared and hiding in rhe wardrobe!

At a big family get together at our house we asked then to put the dog somewhere out of the dining room while we ate as some of the dgc are very unsure round dogs They put the dog in the hall but, half way through lunch, brought her back in because she was lonely and, anyway, it's good for children to be around dogs!!

Granarchist Wed 02-Aug-17 08:21:24

all our family dogs are used to cages. It is brilliant as there is always somewhere they can be safe from children, feel secure and not worry visitors who are unhappy around dogs. My daughter's new puppy is staying with us and is caged at night (next to our own dog and by an Aga!!) he is perfectly happy.

Lisalou Wed 02-Aug-17 08:34:14

Good on you Kezzia for challenging your friend. I sympathise as my daughter is driving me nuts with her boyfriend's dog. The dog is unruly (if sweet natured) as he hasnt be trained properly - no fault of his. This leads to him being a bit of a pain when visiting, as we ask he be put in their room (no garden, unfortunately) and if they visit my mother, to put him in the garden shed, as she has an elderly cat who is not used to him (he is used to our dogs and there is no issue) and also because he is not trained he will probably trample her beloved garden. I think this is reasonable, but they are very upset and will now leave dog with us while they visit grandma, as the dog "suffers" in the garden shed - which is very roomy, and has a split door, so hardly locked in a dark damp room, as they describe it!

harrigran Wed 02-Aug-17 09:14:08

We have only had one friend visit with a dog, she was a well behaved spaniel but she stayed in the garden, my house and my choice not to have animals in it.
I think if your friend takes advantage then you will have to discover that you are busy the next time.

Menopaws Wed 02-Aug-17 09:27:25

Next time you go walk through their lounge in muddy boots and then tell them it will dry!

annodomini Wed 02-Aug-17 09:35:30

GD1 and her partner visited yesterday with their dog who is on heat for the first time and was wearing a little doggie nappy. I never saw one of those before; it's good protection for the carpets. She's a very effusive pup who loves everyone and expects to be loved in return - a Westie/Jack Russell cross with the feisty nature of both breeds!

Nanny27 Wed 02-Aug-17 10:10:51

I like menopaws idea about the muddy boots best. Brilliant! My dog doesn't even come into our own house when she's wet or muddy never mind anyone else's.

Tessa101 Wed 02-Aug-17 10:12:05

I'm a dog owner and would never dream of doing that to a friend who is kind enough to look after her for me.I think next time she asks you need to be ready with your reply, or tell her it's staying in the kitchen.

JanaNana Wed 02-Aug-17 12:12:16

You need to speak up as it seems she is taking advantage of your good nature. You might need to be a bit blunt and spell it out her.....hopefully she will have a rethink the next time she wants you to mind her dog and makes sure it arrives minus all the muck. I wonder if her own home is like this!

Legs55 Wed 02-Aug-17 12:41:24

I would never tolerate a "mucky dog" in my house, cat makes enough mess when he comes in from the garden, have to leave carpet to dry before hoovering, same when I've been in garden, I do wipe my feet but don't always get everything off my trainers, haven't manged to train cat to wipe his feethmm.

My cat would only tolerate my DD's dog in his home, even on the road outside he's stood his ground with the neighbour's Staffie, not sure if cat is brave or stupidgrin. Trouble with my cat, he's very territorial, don't even think of venturing into my gardengrin.

Glad you made your point with your friend, let's hope she thinks twice about bring a "mucky dog" again.

sweetcakes Wed 02-Aug-17 13:23:30

That's not on she should have cleaned the dog first, and sorry if you've already answered this but if it's only for a couple of hours why can't she leave the dog at home?
I have a dog that I can leave.

Felicia Wed 02-Aug-17 13:24:44

My dogs, three of them never come in from a walk (twice a day) without having a rub down and they love it. Keeps them clean, keeps their coat shiny no smell and they have never had a bath. Having said all that they are only chihuahuas. grin

Hm999 Wed 02-Aug-17 13:52:06

Not a minor thing at all

Penstemmon Wed 02-Aug-17 14:19:40

Start sending her info on dog kennels!