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TriciaF Mon 21-Aug-17 16:20:22

I've hesitated before posting this, because I wouldn't want our family to be publicised. But it did upset me at the time.
I stayed with eldest daughter and her partner for a few days last week. They're in a difficult situation due to a water leak, ceilings down, furniture in store, insurance taking their time etc.
One evening eating our supper I'd had a soft nectarine, dipped my fingers in my glass of water to rinse off the juice (I often do that) then drank the water.
He was horrified - "that's disgusting!". My first reaction was puzzlement - why?
I do think he has a touch of OCHD, from previous experience.
But he and DD1 seem fond of eachother, (after many years of solo living for both) .
What do you think? I just dropped it at the time.

Norah Mon 21-Aug-17 16:24:31

Nothing I would do or condone. To each their own.

Teetime Mon 21-Aug-17 16:24:55

Well I doubt there would be much of anything in the water except nectarine juice but if there were you would be drinking your own organisms from you skin - no harm done.

Ana Mon 21-Aug-17 16:30:30

I expect he thought you were rinsing something yukky off your fingers - not just nectarine juice!

Anya Mon 21-Aug-17 16:36:56

Very rude of him. However better he said it and you know what he was thinking than for him just to think that and say nought.

shysal Mon 21-Aug-17 16:37:07

I would think nothing of it, no worse than licking your fingers.
I have become a bit paranoid since learning that some GN threads appear on Facebook, so hope this one doesn't pop up and cause a family upset, Tricia.

Deedaa Mon 21-Aug-17 22:19:20

It's not what I would have done, but I am a bit funny about bits in water. Personally I wouldn't have drunk the water, but I don't dunk biscuits in tea because I can't stand crumbs floating about in it.

LadyGracie Mon 21-Aug-17 23:08:44

If your fingers were clean prior to eating the nectarine I can't see a problem it was your water after all!

Jalima1108 Mon 21-Aug-17 23:20:43

When people don't provide finger bowls with a slice of lemon and starched white napkins then what is a lady supposed to do?

harrigran Tue 22-Aug-17 08:28:06

Not something I would have done, not even on my own at home, surely it is just as easy to get up and rinse hands.

Christinefrance Tue 22-Aug-17 08:36:22

I'm with Deeda on this one, can't stand bits in my drinks. Not something to make an issue of though, at least he felt he was able to say that to you.

TriciaF Tue 22-Aug-17 11:09:35

Yes I've got over it now, but realise my hygiene standards aren't as high as some people's.
harrigran I would do that if I was at home, but we were sitting on boxes and no table. Difficult to get up.

harrigran Tue 22-Aug-17 17:56:14

Apologies I didn't realise you were totally without furniture.

PamelaJ1 Tue 22-Aug-17 18:50:13

was just about to post a comment but remembered that I've had a couple of glasses of procecco thought I'd better not!
I put my dirty finger in to burst the bubbles to leave more room for more procecco. I expect I'll die!

Baggs Tue 22-Aug-17 20:18:44

People worry far too much about germs. What you did, triciaf, was not in the least bit disgusting. He needs to think a bit more before he sounds off at visitors.

Gayliamelon1 Wed 23-Aug-17 03:42:28

He thinks it is disgusting , the thought should have stayed politely in his head.
I have many thoughts about my family and they in return about me. We keep them quiet as we are keen to have family harmony.
The issue here is his willingness to voice his disgust which is extremely rude and his willingness to risk you going right off him.

Elrel Wed 23-Aug-17 12:46:30

I'd probably have used a tissue or even licked my fingers but that's not the point. Whatever he thought he was very rude to say you were being 'disgusting'. You are a guest and it's very bad manners to make a guest feel uncomfortable.

TriciaF Wed 23-Aug-17 16:21:04

Thanks for the replies.
Yes I thought he was rude too, but my first reaction was why? It wasn't logical to me.
I do make allowances for the pair of them because DD1 has problems of her own, (long story). They seem to have reached several compromises in their relationship, and give support to eachother.
I think he was genuinely deeply upset by what I did.
They've been to stay with us a couple of times. The first time he walked around my kitchen looking in high cupboards to see if they were clean (he's tall.)
Unfortunately, at the time we were invaded by mice and another bigger strange creature which had left a few droppings around. Which I hadn't seen - Oh Dear shock

TriciaF Wed 23-Aug-17 16:22:50

ps I've corrected him about his lack of tact a couple of times.

TriciaF Fri 25-Aug-17 14:55:31

DD1 just rang, and partner wanted to speak to me and gave me a sort of apology ( said he was only teasing).
So that's better.

Willow500 Sat 26-Aug-17 07:08:44

Hmm - not something I would have done or at least not drunk the water after but then I have a germ phobia. Perhaps his reaction was down to shock and he came out with it before thinking. At least he's apologised - they're probably very stressed with all the upheaval in their home so I'd let it pass.