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to be appalled by "celebrity" ; pregnancies

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eddiecat78 Sun 27-Aug-17 10:01:05

In the hairdressers yesterday reading a "celeb" magazine I see that an ex-Eastender actress is pregnant despite having serious mental health issues and not having know the father five minutes. Meanwhile another "actress" tells us she is devastated about losing a baby which she had conceived whilst in the last throws of a catastrophic relationship.
Babies are most definitely the latest fashion accessory for a lot of these women - something that will improve their social media profile.
What sort of example is this setting to the young women who lap up these magazines?

Alima Sun 27-Aug-17 10:05:28

I don't know, never read sleb mags and haven't a clue who most so-called celebrities are. I expect that if such magazines just printed sensible stuff the "young women" wouldn't read them.

ffinnochio Sun 27-Aug-17 10:18:50

Hint. Don't read the mags then you won't get in a flap about it.

Why did you put "actress" in quotes? She either is or isn't, unless you were making a statement regarding gender roles, in which case actor is the accepted term ...

RedheadedMommy Sun 27-Aug-17 10:40:32

Don't beleive everything you read.

Imperfect27 Sun 27-Aug-17 10:58:49

I am just 'appalled' by the concept of celebrity - fullstop.

norose4 Sun 27-Aug-17 11:33:49

Yes absolutely agreeeddiecat78, when you look back at what earlier generations had to cope with it makes me so cross that we seemed to have recently reared a feckless generation who don't take responsibility for anything especially birth control. And don't get me started on programmes such as the one where the choose a partner by their body parts, Love Island and everything else that denigrates taking responsibility & takes the love out of making love !!! ?

MissAdventure Sun 27-Aug-17 11:47:16

Imperfect expressed my views perfectly. Have recently been exposed to 'celebrity big brother' and it appeared that they all looked as if a plastic bucket had been melted over their features. They barely looked human, apart from Helen Lederer, who looked knackered out!

mcem Sun 27-Aug-17 11:54:46

I liked this!

Ana Sun 27-Aug-17 11:59:30

Love it!

Imperfect27 Sun 27-Aug-17 12:13:33

DH and I often have a little chuckle when 'Celebrity Pointless' comes on - quite rare if we have ever heard of one or two of them even - should e called ' Pointless Celebrities! grin

merlotgran Sun 27-Aug-17 12:31:07

I'm hunting in the back of the wardrobe for my rollers. grin

Imperfect27 Sun 27-Aug-17 12:40:44

Ha ha - just realised IS called Pointless Celebrities - well, Auntie BeeB got that right then grin

pensionpat Sun 27-Aug-17 12:45:12

It's really sad that many young people aspire to look and be like these slebs.

Day6 Sun 27-Aug-17 13:20:48

The sad thing is, although most of us haven't heard of any of today's so called celebrities (they seem to be created ten-a-minute) most of the under 35s do!

The rise and rise of the awful cheap reality show is making idiotic, fame-hungry plastic people into rich individuals who adore having every aspect of their lives written about in trashy magazines.

The news stands are full of them and I see the pics and haven't a clue who these vacuous people are.

Just the covers of these magazines have headlines about looks, figures, diets, broken relationships, being loved-up and (unknown?) reality show couples welcoming babies into the world. I agree with eddiecat. I worry about the people who read these awful magazines and lap it all up. We have to stop making these (stupid it would seem) people famous.

It's a weird world.

Day6 Sun 27-Aug-17 13:27:29

Do you remember the days when a 'celebrity' was fairly rare, and someone special, with talent ? They tended to lead quiet lives too.

We've moved on but I get the feeling we could all be celebrities if only we'd have lip implants, don bikinis, show lots of cleavage and snog an orange muscle-bound hunk then sell the kiss and tell tale.

Well - if we were considerably younger that is!"!! grin wink

Deedaa Sun 27-Aug-17 21:36:49

I always have a laugh with the lady in our newsagent's when they have some of the celeb magazines on the counter. We've never heard of the girls, or their boyfriend/husband/ fiance/ex or whatever and if they are soap "stars" we've never heard of the characters they play. I wonder what happens to the babies when they get too old to be an accessory and develop ideas of their own?

Eloethan Mon 28-Aug-17 01:13:32

Actually I think some of these women are being exploited by magazines and other news outlets. I think it is rather sad that people who sometimes appear to be emotionally or mentally disturbed are encouraged to reveal all their hang ups, addictive behaviour, disastrous relationships, etc. etc. to all and sundry.

I do agree that the outlook for children born into such circumstances is not ideal - but I suppose the same could be said of some non-celebrities who may also be too immature and emotionally ill-equipped to have children.

Saggi Mon 28-Aug-17 10:59:21

The day I gave birth to my daughter 40 years ago I made the conscious decision not to have these ' bits of waste paper' in my home. I did not want her exposed to such awful ...banal...useless people and useless,bigoted, sexist crap. Ditto now with my five year old granddaughter. Do NOT expose your beautiful children or grandchildren to pscho-babbel...sexist...dogma. Same goes for my son and grandson. I would no sooner expose them to this clap-trap than I would to religion!! It's all abuse.

Ramblingrose22 Mon 28-Aug-17 10:59:22

The other day I saw a headline plus photos saying that small dogs that can be carried along with a handbag are the latest celebrity accessory. But obviously that "so last week"!

Whilst watching "Diana: 7 Days" last night, I was thinking about the cult of celebrity and how Diana courted the newspapers to promote her good works and then found she couldn't prevent them and the vulture-like paparazzi who were making money out of her from selling her pictures plus news/gossip about her.

"Journalists" and photgraphers wouldn't feed us with gossip and glamour pictures of actresses and other celebrities who get well paid for featuring in these magazines or in tabloids if people weren't interested enough and more than willing to spend money on them.

Like day6, I often don't know who these "celebrities" are. For example, I noticed that with this year's "Strictly Come Dancing" line up - I hardly know any of them. It may be because I don't watch "Eastenders" or "Casualty", etc as I am bored with all the recycled story lines I have seen when I used to watch soaps.

Without wishing to sound pompous (but I will!), perhaps the obsessive interest in celebrities is because so many people have dull lives. To return to the OP, I hope that's not why the actresses mentioned are having babies. Maybe they genuinely want a family despite their other issues.

Rosieroe Mon 28-Aug-17 11:12:02

Surely the word 'celebrity' was coined to describe someone who was 'celebrated' for their achievements. Now that, like 'star', has been over-used so much to describe anyone who has had a few minutes on a tv show I can't think what word the media can now use for 'real' celebrities. Come to think of it - are there any people on our screens worthy of the definition? These mainly talentless people use every aspect of their lives to try and gain attention and having elaborate weddings and producing offspring seems guaranteed to get them attention from the editors of waiting-room magazines. The Beckhams paved the way for the odious Osbournes and Kardashians.

paddyann Mon 28-Aug-17 11:17:21

sorry I disagree Diana courted and manipulated the press NOT for her "good works" they in themselves were part of the PR exercise ,she wanted the celebrity in fact she craved it.Maybe because HER life wasn't how she thought it would be or just sheer bloody mindedness to show the rest of the disfunctional family she was part of that she was the one the public wanted to see.The mass mourning when she died showed that her tactic had in some measure worked..but it was largely people who had" dull lives" who said they loved this woman who they had never cousin insisted it was because Diana came from nothing ,she hadn't a penny to her name ...she was just like us ...and thats exactly how she was marketed in the beginning ..and of course it wasn't true she came from a very privileged background ...but she wasn't the STAR there and she made sure she was in and after her marriage

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 28-Aug-17 11:18:22

It all seems a bit sad. I read that Joan Collins' son has written an autobiography about his life as a celebrity's child. He felt that he was largely brought up by nannies and carted out for publicity when the need arose. JC has apparently read and approved the contents.
It must be difficult to be the child of a famous person. Do you follow in their footsteps and be constantly compared
with them or do you plough your own furrow in something entirely different?
I'll bet being famous is not all it's cracked up to be so I'm grateful to be a nobody.

MissAdventure Mon 28-Aug-17 11:22:12

I rather liked her. Not for the reason that my life was particularly dull, but because we were the same age, as are my daughter and William.

sarahellenwhitney Mon 28-Aug-17 11:56:04

paddyann.Why oh why bring the late Princess Diana into it.?You appear to still have a bee in your bonnet over this era?
Lighten up and concentrate on giving us your feed back on what was a mere statement concerning our views on babies being a fashion accessory.

Ramblingrose22 Mon 28-Aug-17 11:57:45

Paddyann - I agree that she courted and manipulated the press as well without realising that the publicity could get out of hand. It's a pity she never had some sort of mentor to guide her.

I liked Diana for being a breath of fresh air in a stuffy and cold Royal Family and the lack of true affection from her husband leading to and her feelings of isolation must have exacerbated the emotional problems she already had.

I used to think it would be fun to be a celebrity but if Diana's life and death have proved anything, it is that being famous simply leads to unacceptable levels of intrusion and that your children can also suffer as a consequence.

Most of the actresses having babies in the celebrity magazines will soon be forgotten. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes for all the tea in China.