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Auntieflo Tue 29-Aug-17 08:54:26

AIBU to expect an order to be received in secure packaging? Just about 10 minutes ago, I took delivery of some foam for new sofa cushions. The box was all battered and the tape securing it was all torn away from the cardboard box. According to the receipt, an amount of £9.99 was added for shipping. Presumably this includes the packing? I have sent photos to the company concerned, and as yet have not fully opened the box to check it's contents, but am just about to do so. Wish me luck.

Oriel Tue 29-Aug-17 09:07:11

How annoying! Hopefully the foam won't have been damaged.

I order lots of goods online and, with a few exceptions, most arrive well packaged. Obviously they've used the wrong sort of tape to seal the box and there should be no dispute should the contents be damaged.

annsixty Tue 29-Aug-17 09:10:28

That is appalling Auntieflo I hope you noted it on signing in the presence of the delivery man and took photographs.
Good luck with the contents and with your complaint.

Auntieflo Tue 29-Aug-17 09:57:52

Thank you both. Actually the delivery ma pointed out the broken packaging, you couln't really miss it. I did take pics and emailed the company. I have now unpacked the cushions and apart from a couple of small 'ladders' in the stockinette covering, all appears well. I can mend the ladders, and now can't wait to get going. I have the linen for the under covers and am awaiting a sample of fabric for the top covers. My small sewing room has been tidied up and soon all will be go.

Ruthyo Tue 29-Aug-17 10:12:54

A couple of years ago I bought online a pair of large glass candlesticks for my DD1 for Christmas. When they arrived, one was broken and when a replacement was sent that too was shattered!! Third time was lucky but I would have expected better from M&S!

Kim19 Tue 29-Aug-17 10:33:29

I think this modern facility of instant photography of the 'problem' is just wonderful and pretty foolproof. However much depends on the conscientiousness of the supplier. Isn't having to return faults a pain?! The absolute downside of mail order methinks.......

Apricity Tue 29-Aug-17 10:43:17

Have you advised the company you ordered the goods from? That is step one. Depending on their response the next step is customer reviews online. Do not underestimate the power of the internet for bad publicity. Many people read customer reviews prior to purchasing products and good customer service (which includes packaging and delivery) is an important part of any successful online businesses.

glammanana Tue 29-Aug-17 10:52:32

Very poor customer service imo,I would also leave poor feedback in reviews section for seller,I would ask for refund on postal charges at least,good job you where at home to accept delivery and it not left outside in rain.

M0nica Tue 29-Aug-17 11:06:28

You are often at the mercy of what the carriers do with the packages in transit. There were some pictures in the paper recently of couriers throwing around packages clearly marked 'fragile'.

DD was furious when she sold some 1960s Denbyware soup plates online. The pottery is stoneware and thick. so not easily breakable and, as she is used to selling online, it was swathed in layers of bubble wrap, paper and then in a strong cardboard box. When the recipient opened it only one plate was intact. DD could only assume that the some point courier staff had used her package as a foot ball or a forklift truck had drpped it and run over it.

goldengirl Tue 29-Aug-17 12:43:37

Common sense seems to go out the window when it comes to packaging breakables. I ordered a glass contained with a tap from a well known homeware company and lo! it arrived in a box larger than the item, wrapped in a miniscule amount of bubble wrap and needless to say all the bouncing about broke it. The company refunded the money; but it was the principle of the thing!
At other times I can't get into the wrapping it's so well done!!!!

grannybuy Tue 29-Aug-17 19:22:13

I had to return a curtain pole to Dunelm, which I had ordered online, as the package was squashed at one end, and the filial was in pieces. They replaced it happily, but the second one was exactly the same. They were willing to re-replace (?) it, but I declined. They don't seem bothered about the financial waste for their company.

JackyB Tue 29-Aug-17 19:36:15

You should refuse delivery. Where I work we send out spare parts by parcel service. The procedure is far more straightforward if delivery is not accepted, at least from the supplier's perspective. We are frequently baffled by photos where people have assembled furniture and then taken a photo of damage which must have been visible before they started.

In your case, sending the photos of the packaging was a good move, but the responsibility for delivering intact is with the parcel service/carrier. I hope the manufacturer can learn from this and improve their packaging.

Imperfect27 Tue 29-Aug-17 19:43:08

Yes, good move to take the photos - you can't know if it was the delivery service who handled the package carelessly, but hopefully there will be some response to your feedback. Keep us posted smile

yellowcanary Tue 29-Aug-17 20:06:51

It is not always the suppliers fault, the company I work for send out multiple consignments per week and the number of complaints we get of damage can be horrendous - all caused by the way the drivers treat the parcels - throwing them around, stepping on them, putting heavy stuff on top of fragile items, generally not taking care. We have to send out replacement goods which obviously costs us a new item and new carriage costs which we can't always claim back from the courier company because of their insurance exemptions. People will probably say why not change couriers - believe me we would like to but due to the size of some of our items a lot of couriers won't take them we have tried. And photos are a great help in arguing with them (courier not customer smile )

Auntieflo Tue 29-Aug-17 20:09:57

Thanks for all the replies and advice offered. I have emailed the company direct, and hope to hear from them soon. I don't do Facebook, so can't put feedback on there. What I did find strange is that the company address is High Wycombe, and on tracking the parcel found that it went via Birmingham?? High Wycombe is not that far from where we live. Oh well I suppose the despatchers know their job. Further episodes to come.

Wheniwasyourage Tue 29-Aug-17 20:19:31

We had an item which we sent for repair by Royal Mail (a small thing) and it arrived where it was going in 2 days. They sent it back by courier, and while it did arrive intact (eventually) it had been to Glasgow, Dundee (twice), Perth and Inverness by the time it got to us. hmm

M0nica Tue 29-Aug-17 21:22:18

Auntieflo, couriers tend to have sorting offices, rather like the Post Office and all packages collected in a certain area will be sent to one centre - obviously Birmingham for High Wycombe - and the address on each package will not be read until then.

It will then have the address scanned and the computer will fit it into a delivery round, telling the loader what order to pack packages into the van and the driver will set out with a set delivery round and, in theory the nearest nearest at hand will be for the earliest deliveries

Auntieflo Tue 29-Aug-17 21:50:52

Thanks M0nica, I thought it would make sense to someone

Tegan2 Tue 29-Aug-17 22:32:03

I bought two cd shelf units from Wayfair the other week, and one was damaged in transit. I phoned them straight away and they are replacing it [should arrive later this week]. I had a new toilet fitted last year and two cisterns were damaged when the plumber opened the packaging; luckily he had another one at his home so he could still fit it for me. He said the delivery people just throw them around; it's so wasteful.

Tegan2 Tue 29-Aug-17 22:34:49

...they said there's no point picking up the damaged unit as it came from Germany and there would be no point returning a damaged piece of furniture to another country. I must say I'm very impressed with their customer service department.

harrigran Wed 30-Aug-17 11:51:38

When buying online they often ask for feedback about delivery and packaging, I am always truthful. A month or two ago I bought some boxed games which arrived damaged, I told them it was a mistake to send plastic boxes just wrapped in plastic. They sent a replacement in exact same wrapping and, again, damaged. They asked for feedback and I gave them both barrels, they then asked me to take back my poor comments and they would not charge me for one of the games, I would not withdraw my comment.

curlilox Wed 30-Aug-17 13:01:11

We had a shower bath delivered a few years ago, but the bath panel was damaged. The company sent out 8 more replacements before we received an undamaged panel. They were mostly just sent in a plastic bag. eventually they put one in cardboard. The panel should have had a curved section at one end, but one delivery driver said helpfully "It must have got a bit bent so I put everything else on top to flatten it again" !!!

AlexG Thu 31-Aug-17 08:41:58

A colleague ordered made-to-measure curtains from M&S. These were delivered in a brown paper package and left outside their front door which was on a balcony and exposed to the weather. And it rained. Outcome, soggy curtains and eventually after lots of complaining he got them for free from M&S. Needed a trip to the dry cleaners but luckily came out fine afterwards.

M0nica Fri 01-Sep-17 22:38:00

I received a small parcel today through Royal Mail. It measured about 6in x 6in x 9in. It contained two small phials of cosmetics and some mascara. The rest of the box was well packed out with polystyrene squiggles.

One end of the package was stove in nearly 2 inches. On a package that small that takes effort.

Auntieflo Sat 02-Sep-17 07:16:33

Yesterday I had an email from the company, asking for feedback. So I gave them my thoughts grin. I had previously emailed them, giving the packing story, but to no avail, maybe the feedback one will spark some response.