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AIBU resent having to doublecheck EVERYTHING?

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LadyO Wed 06-Sep-17 12:24:17

Doing quite a big shop in Boots, paid with debit card at the desk and thought "that's a lot more than I thought it would be..." checked receipt and I'd been overcharged by £23... (same item scanned 3 times). Got a refund. Went to Starbucks for quick lunch, paid, thought "that doesn't seem right", sure enough, charged twice for my yoghurt! Both 'mistakes' within 10 mins! Moral: CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS angry

SueDoku Thu 07-Sep-17 13:07:04

My DM taught me to always read the receipt - my DC thought that I was mad / embarrassing /fussy but both have since told me how glad they are that I passed this on, as they often find mistakes (and never in the customer's favour..!)
My latest was this week when I bought 2 packs of night-time pull-ups for DGD because they were on offer at half-price -- & yes, they both went through the till at the full price, so that would have been £4.50 lost if I hadn't checked...! shock

granfromafar Thu 07-Sep-17 13:20:01

Yes, it's so annoying if you don't discover it till you get home too. LadyO - that was particularly unlucky for it to happen twice. Well done for being eagle-eyed. I always try and check but OH never does ( never seems to have specs to hand so ends up peering Steptoe-like at receipt!). Recently bought DGS's birthday present from Smyths toys after checking onine to get best price. It was £2 cheaper there than Argos. When we unpacked it at home we'd been overcharged by £2 and yes, OH had paid! Phoned the store and was helpfully told we could bring receipt back anytime to get refund but sadly refund couldn't be done over the phone. (How come payments can be made with cards by phone but not refunds?) Just as well as it's a 20-mile round trip.

Legs55 Thu 07-Sep-17 13:53:21

I always try to check my receipts if not at the till but always before I leave the store. I must be luckier than most as I rarely find I've been overcharged.

Funnily enough I'd been in the shop at our local garage the other day & found when I got 1 item hadn't been charged for !!! No I haven't been in to tell & I shop there regularly, don't think they will have noticed.

I have been lucky in M&S when buying clothes, couple of real bargains, till price far less than ticket pricesmile

Jane43 Thu 07-Sep-17 14:46:09

We bought some plants in a garden centre last Friday and on the way back to the car my husband was checking the receipt because the total was about five pounds more than he had estimated. He found we had been charged for a mouse trap and was refunded the amount. We usually do a mental calculation for small purchases; it is not so easy for a big shop but one of us usually has a quick look at the receipt.

sylviann Thu 07-Sep-17 15:02:41

I try to add my purchases up as I shop rounding them up to the nearest 50p or£1 so when I get to the till I have a good idea of the cost it's paid off a couple of times

MissAdventure Thu 07-Sep-17 15:14:00

I never usually check, but as I'd read this is just queried the 'buy 2 for 3 pounds' deal I'd just got. My items had gone through at their normal price. About 70 odd pence difference.

Foxyferret Thu 07-Sep-17 15:24:59

I always check my receipts now after finding many mistakes in the past. I check them before I leave the shop if I can and if not, I sit in the car park and check. I hate getting home and then having to go back again, so it's simpler for my with my method.

BillieW Thu 07-Sep-17 15:29:53

A month ago, thinking my grocery bill was high, I checked my receipt to find I had been charged £11.34 for cheese priced at 1.34.
I then called and was told to ask for the duty manager by name and to go back to sort it out, but they were very helpful and apologetic, refunded the £11.34, and gave me a £5 voucher, also keeping the cheese!!
Then the next week I noticed that cereal I bought on offer at £2:50 had been charged at £3:45 the normal price. The girl couldn't deal with the maths of the price difference, so refunded the £2:50!

So I now check my receipts, everywhere I go.
I suppose it's the problem with technology, not infallible.

Barmyoldbat Thu 07-Sep-17 18:07:46

My treat every week is to go to our local coffee shop for a bacon sandwich and coffe and read the Guardian (no Mail in this shop). I know exactly how much it will be as I have only 2 pieces of bacon in the sandwich instead of 3 , so when I get told it's more I question it and explain why. Also when I was short changed by a £5 note and didn't realise straight away, when I went back and explained I thought they had short changed me as I couldn't remember spending any money anywhere else, they gave me the £5 and said they would check the till at night and if it was short they would let me know when I next came in.

W11girl Thu 07-Sep-17 18:34:27

I always do.

CardiffJaguar Thu 07-Sep-17 19:23:28

Most of the reports above about errors should have been taken up immediately with the manager. Nothing less. Do not be fobbed off. Such errors demand an apology and in most cases manaagement would have offered some compensation.

ElaineI Thu 07-Sep-17 19:30:41

Always check before I leave the shop after getting charged £9 for 4 mushrooms in Sainsburys!

Grandmama Thu 07-Sep-17 19:37:45

Recently I bought the £10 Dine-in at M&S plus a few other items, was about to pay and thought it seemed expensive so I questioned it. The apple pie I had chosen was the problem - it had a different bar code from the other apple pies in the cabinet so was not coming up as part of the £10 offer. Had I been paying for a larger 'shop' I probably wouldn't have noticed that I was paying full price for the pie.

Maggiemaybe Thu 07-Sep-17 19:49:57

The £10 Dine-In's also one to watch because if you miss an item (eg, forget to choose a side when the offer is main, side, pudding and wine) the system charges the full amount instead of the £10. I had to forego my Dine-In deal the other week as they only had ice-cream left for the pudding option - I was on the bus so it'd have been dripping everywhere by the time I got home!

Maggiemaybe Thu 07-Sep-17 19:51:29

Of course I've just realised, too late, that I could have bought the blessed icecream then donated it to someone at the check-out. grin

harrigran Thu 07-Sep-17 19:56:36

Even online you can get diddled. I was shopping for perfume and a site I use often had a 20% discount so went ahead and entered discount code, completed the purchase and lo and behold the confirmation email showed the full price. I went back and cancelled the purchase.

Lyndylou Thu 07-Sep-17 22:27:04

I got charged twice for a pizza delivery from Dominos. Web site said I had to talk to shop manager who told me it would be refunded within two weeks. Two weeks later spoke to shop manager again who now told me I had to ring Dominos HQ. Another two weeks and I finally got my refund.

adaunas Thu 07-Sep-17 23:51:14

Always check. Like others on here we found out the hard way that bills arent always correct. Worst one was Barclays, who rang me up to tell me I was over £2,000 overdrawn. Turned out the cashier had put my little cheque through, then not closed the account and opened the next customer's account before putting the next cheque in. They 'forgot' to remove the bank charges they had charged me for being overdrawn but were puzzled why we moved banks the same day.

Archos Fri 08-Sep-17 08:42:40

I'm surprised no-one seems to be aware of the upside to overcharging. We love it!

In Tesco you get 'Double The Difference'. So if overcharged £5, you get £10 back. Sometimes the refund is more than the whole bill - they pay us for our shop.

In Asda, they offer a £2 gift voucher. All a lot cheaper for them than a £10000 fine and £10m worth of bad publicity for the criminal offence of misleading price indication.

M0nica Fri 08-Sep-17 09:22:35

Perhaps not in supermarkets but certainly elsewhere I know of undercharging.

Last year DD checked her till slip on the way home from a very nice meal out and found they had forgotten to charge for the pre meal drinks. She rang them up to offer to pay and they refused to take payment saying it was their mistake.

Many moons ago I bought some office chairs and other goods in Staples. I queried the bill at the till as it seemed too low. I thought I had only been charged for one chair. The till assistant was really quite rude to me for questioning him. When I got back to the car, loaded it up and sat and checked my bill. I was right. I had been undercharged. I drove away. I had noticed the undercharge in the shop, drawn their attention to it and they had seen me off, so I refused to go back

lovebeigecardigans1955 Fri 08-Sep-17 14:48:23

I was advised to make sure that the bar codes were facing the cashier rather than the scanner but things can still go wrong. I always sit and check my receipt before I leave - two weeks running they'd made a mistake in their favour.
It's damned annoying but worth checking and complaining politely.

newnanny Fri 08-Sep-17 15:11:07

Yes it is very strange that errors are always in the favour of the retailer and never the customer.

spanishsue Fri 08-Sep-17 17:02:11

I always check my receipts.... In fact I always write down the prices and roughly add them up as I shop so at the till I know more or less what the amount should be!!! Keeps my brain active as well!

Lilyflower Fri 08-Sep-17 17:26:18

When I give an assistant a £20 note I say loudly, 'Oh, sorry, I'm going to have to give you a twenty as I have nothing smaller.' Then you can't be fobbed off with change for a tenner. Many of my acquaintances have fallen for this as was I. Once.

Suze56 Sat 09-Sep-17 18:20:05

Another one who always checks receipts - was charged £20 for an orange in Sainsburys once - scanned as a bonsai tree!