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Thing and People I do not want to see or hear about in 2018

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Floradora9 Fri 22-Dec-17 09:33:24

Firstly I especially do not want to see a thread I have started suddenly appear on face book without my permission
I do not want to see another " cute" pictute of pug dogs on mugs , beding etc. The same goes for unicorns and elf on the shelf and who wants Christmas bedding that will only be used at Christmas ?
I hope never to hear about Katie Hopkins or the Kardashians and please no more comparing Meggan with Kate .
There must be plenty more to add to the list so feel free.

Chewbacca Sun 14-Jan-18 18:12:48

Yet another re run of Murder She Wrote. Enough already.

annsixty Sun 14-Jan-18 17:42:22

I haven't read through the whole thread so apologies if someone else has mentioned Penelope Keith.
She is so up herself.
I have just seen her yet again extolling the virtues of villages.
This series seems to have been on forever.

ninny Sun 14-Jan-18 17:16:23

Vincent Cable muttering on about another referendum.

SJP Sun 14-Jan-18 15:37:33

1. Brexit,
2. Trump
3. Nigel Farage
4. Scottish independence and Nicola Sturgeon
5. NHS crisis
6. Racial induced violence

Parklife1 Fri 12-Jan-18 17:07:48

Phillip Schofield
Piers Morgan
Eamonn Holmes

Shockingly tedious TV ads. With so much technology available, surely the creative genii could come up with something better than the current rubbish.
Tipping Point
The Chase and Bradley Walsh in particular

Sam1965 Sun 07-Jan-18 12:02:28

I second that 😊👍🏼

W11girl Mon 01-Jan-18 12:56:37

I must say I need to keep Trump and Farage in my I won't get rid of them. However I agree with everyone else about "Celebrity celebrities".

No more "National Treasures" for me:
Holly Willoughby who pops up on our screens all the time.

Ore, who won Strictly last year, popping up all over the TV/Radio

Ed Balls - would go to the opening of envelope! He keeps appearing everywhere

Lillie Allen - and her social commentary

M0nica Sun 31-Dec-17 16:51:12

maryeliza, Someone, I cannot remember his name, was convicted and fined for putting his hand on a woman's knee at a party where the guests were playing some game.

There was a GN thread on the conviction. .

My experience of sexual harrassment is limited to one or two minor incidents of wandering hands. I just brushed the wandering hand away or moved. A number of women, recently, have described how traumatised they were by similar trivial incidents.

I think it is does a terrible disservice to those women who have been the victims of serious sexual assault or harassment to treat these trivial events, which were considered unremarkable at the time, although, quite rightly, not now, as if they were equally serious assaults.

NannyTee Sun 31-Dec-17 14:57:09

Yes, a one way ticket to the moon.wink

angie95 Sun 31-Dec-17 12:41:33

I agree with all of these posts!

angie95 Sun 31-Dec-17 12:40:27

TRUMP!! PLEASE somebody, anybody send him into space!!

Witzend Sat 30-Dec-17 12:20:11

So many already mentioned, inc. the endless cookery programmes and 'celebs' - I hate that word! - however I do avoid watching/reading about those anyway.

Jamie Oliver - used to like him but IMO he's over exposed, ditto some of the BBC2 and BBC 4 presenters who I find irritating (I am easily irritated these days!) but watch anyway because the subjects of the documentaries are interesting.

Very long posts with no paragraphs! Not just on this forum, I hasten to add.

Brexit - I know I should be keeping myself informed but I am SO sick of hearing about it and there's nothing I can do about any of it anyway.

henetha Sat 30-Dec-17 11:53:07

More tolerance, less grumbling.
No more "Gender Neutral" nonsense.
No more hounding of men who were silly rather than harmfull.
No more sabre rattling by men with the power to destroy the world.
No more drunken behaviour on our streets.
Donald Trump.

WilmaKnickersfit Fri 29-Dec-17 02:43:30

No? confused Didn't mean to misspell misogyny BTW. One of the definitions of misogyny is the belittling of women and that's what some posters are doing on the 'hat' thread. At least I think that's what I was thinking about when I posted but I honestly can't remember! tchgrin

merlotgran Thu 28-Dec-17 23:18:42

Wilma, saying you don't like somebody's hat is misogyny? shock

Feelingmyage55 Thu 28-Dec-17 23:06:26

Please no more X rated TVs programmes that I didn't know were X rated ....... Or should I say 18? I would rather not have to switch off after an eyeful!

nannyof4 Thu 28-Dec-17 21:53:18

Nothing bothers or annoys me i just go with the flow,take me or leave me

mollie Thu 28-Dec-17 21:52:10

Trump, of course
Examples of obscene consumption such as £40k silk dresses for dogs!!!

tiredoldwoman Thu 28-Dec-17 15:34:10

I don't want to see my big wobbly belly in 2018 .

Flowerpower22 Thu 28-Dec-17 13:43:30

No more BREXIT - time we canned it

NannyTee Sun 24-Dec-17 16:26:00

Brides with tattoos on show. Yuk

BBbevan Sun 24-Dec-17 10:12:58

Frivolous ones.
Slug eyebrows.
Fat women in 'cold shoulder tops'. And with big tattoos.
Everyone always on their phones.
Bad table manners
Serious ones:
More cultural, arts , literature on TV , less ' celebs' and rubbish
Brexit sorted.
Trump gone

AlieOxon Sun 24-Dec-17 09:21:39

Farage - what is he for?

eazybee Sun 24-Dec-17 08:20:10

Jeremy Corbyn
Diane Abbott
Anna Soubry
Donald Trump
Pictures of anyone's grandchildren over the age of two

Ginny42 Sun 24-Dec-17 02:15:02

Aging celebrities who have had long and successful careers already and now are doing documentaries in their dotage. We have Mary Berry talking about stately homes, Judi Dench telling us about her passion for trees, Chris Tarrant and Julie Walters on train journeys, and now David Jason is telling us about the spy system. Surely there are talented young people needing the work.

Over use of certain celebs on a plethora of programmes e.g. Alan Titchmarsh and Joanna Lumley. As the Spanish say 'they're even in your soup'.