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To not like New Year Celebrations?

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phoenix Sun 31-Dec-17 15:15:18

Hello all, and sending every good wish.

I will not say that I hate New Year stuff, rather a strong emotion to waste on something so unimportant and fleeting.

However, I really can't be doing with all the hype, it's just a time of day and a number.

But what really gets my goat (and perhaps this should be in Pedants Corner) is when people ask "And what are you doing for New YearS?) Deliberate capital.

"New Years" is not a complete phrase. New Years Eve, New Years Day, yes, but NOT New Years!

By all means, celebrate if you want to (I live very near to a town that regularly appears on the top places to celebrate NYE, when I went shopping there on Friday there were already Police notices up that the main street would be closed from around 4pm today shock) but please remember that on Tuesday the world will not have significantly changed, so all your kissing and hugging, and "let's hope that this year is better than the last" might not count for much.

That said, I would like to send all of you my very best wishes for the future, especially those that have lost someone special this year, be it husband, partner, child, relative or pet, thinking of you all,


MissAdventure Sun 31-Dec-17 15:18:34

I'm pretty lukewarm about it all, I have to say. Happy New year to you too, though. smile

ninathenana Sun 31-Dec-17 15:46:42

I've never had the enthusiasm for New Year celebrations that some have.
We do stay up for midnight but it's a quick toast to each other and absent friends/family for a happy, healthy year to come and off to bed.

Cherrytree59 Sun 31-Dec-17 15:49:28

I agree Phoenix last year my bed called.
But was awakened by fireworks and my phone beeping with Happy New year messages.
So this year DH And I planned a quiet night in with Jools,
but as I have developed a scratchy throat and a thick head
I will probably see in the NY with a hot

I would like to wish all GNers and their families a very healthy and peaceful

BlueBelle Sun 31-Dec-17 15:50:58

Me too, but maybe that’s because I ve never been to a big celebration I feel a bit out on a limb as everyone seems so party minded, I really would like to be
Anyway very Happy New Year to you all I will raise my glass to you all at midnight xx

cornergran Sun 31-Dec-17 16:00:55

I'm lukewarm about it. In the past have spent the evening with friends, done the fireworks and party thing but usually because I felt it would be rude not to go, rather than because I really wanted to. I do have a bit of an itch to be in London for one but doubt it will ever happen.

For the last few years its been just the two of us, we watch a film of our choice, raise a glass at midnight, sit quietly and think of those we love then see the fireworks on tv. That's the plan for this evening as well. I wonder if it's because my parents never celebrated NYE so I didn't grow up with it. Who knows? In any case my stance now is each to their own, celebrate at a party if you want but its equally fine not to.

So, good wishes to all on GN for 2018, I'll think of my virtual friends when I raise my glass at midnight.

Artyfarty Sun 31-Dec-17 18:01:05

I always find New Year a little depressing. Absent friends, people who are no longer with us etc. I can’t wait for things to get back to normal and I can start to do everything I normally do. Having said that I wish everyone all the best for 2018!

Scribbles Sun 31-Dec-17 18:07:02

Roll on, normality! Best wishes to one and all for 2018 but, by the time it starts, I'll be in bed with a good book. I stopped going out on NYE when I realised how much I dislike being kissed by strangers.

merlotgran Sun 31-Dec-17 18:14:32

The problem with New Year's Eve is it's only a week after Christmas and we tend to throw everything into THAT.

I'm quite happy to stay home by the fire with some nice things to eat and drink and watch the telly.

Happy New Year everyone.

hulahoop Sun 31-Dec-17 18:32:24

Best wishes.for 2018 to all on gransnet xx

Chewbacca Sun 31-Dec-17 18:45:14

I'd do pretty much anything to avoid going out on New Year's Eve. The kissing and hugging of strangers; drunks staggering and lurching about and the exorbitant cost of taxis after midnight just makes me want to stay at home. But each to their own! Happy New Year to you, whatever plans you have in store for this evening.

Alima Sun 31-Dec-17 18:58:11

We haven’t celebrated New Year for a very long time. When we lived in Navy married quarters we would have a get together with neighbours. When I lived at home we would watch The White Heather Club with Andy Stewart and maybe Kenneth McKellar. At least now they show Jools Holland and the fireworks. Don’t bother staying up till midnight anymore. Happy New Year.

farview Sun 31-Dec-17 20:10:39

????well whatever you are all doing tonight...I'm wishing you all peace,love&happiness for 2018????xxxx

JoyBloggs Sun 31-Dec-17 20:19:12

Happy and Healthy New Year to all! I'm another who is quite content to sit by the fire with DH and Jools. Struggling to keep awake already after a busy day and still nearly 4 hours to go... I might not last!

NfkDumpling Sun 31-Dec-17 20:26:42

I never enjoyed the few New Year ‘parties’ I’ve been to. Just a lot of standing around wanting to sleep, waiting for midnight, toasting, and bad singing of a Scottish song no one really understood the words of. Too much enforced jollity. I came to the conclusion many years ago that the New Year was quite capable of seeing itself in without my attendance.

May all your wildest dreams come true in 2018. May it be the best year ever with sunny days, a light drizzle in the early hours to water the gardens and no disasters.

Beau Sun 31-Dec-17 20:31:43

Haven't stayed up for years and only been out to a party on NYE once in my life - hated it. When I was young my parents told me it was a Scottish celebration and they certainly never stayed up or went out - I just think it never became part of my life to celebrate it really.

vampirequeen Sun 31-Dec-17 20:37:01

I'm quite happy to sleep the New Year in.

millymouge Sun 31-Dec-17 20:42:22

I'm another one who dosn't really like New Year. I suppose in a way it's sort of a fear of the unknown. I think of the little poem (I can't be sure who wrote it but goes roughly "I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year give me a light so that I may pass safely into the unknown, and he replied go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God it shall be......................and safer than a known way" I can't t remember that little piece, perhaps someone knows it. Anyway a Happy and Peaceful New Year to everyone and to those you love.

Bathsheba Sun 31-Dec-17 20:47:05

I'm afraid I won't be celebrating tonight - I shall very likely be tucked up in bed long before the bongs are ringing in 2018. I can't honestly remember the last time we actually went out to celebrate NY - got a feeling it was to welcome in the year 2000. Gosh I was a lot younger then, with heaps more energy grin.
I shall probably spend the last of this year starting on a new book (just finished one earlier today). And no, even if I am still up, I won't be watching Jools - done that for so many years, I'm bored to death with him!
However, I'd like to wish Happy New Year to all GNetters and GNHQ wine smile

Bathsheba Sun 31-Dec-17 20:49:39

Here's that poem millymouge
And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year:

“Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.”

And he replied:

“Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the Hand of God. That shall be to you better than light and safer than a known way.” So I went forth, and finding the Hand of God, trod gladly into the night. And He led me towards the hills and the breaking of day in the lone East.”

rascal Sun 31-Dec-17 20:53:21

Me too, complete madness, it's just another day. hmm

Amma54 Sun 31-Dec-17 20:56:34

I shall be alone at home, either in bed with the radio or maybe watching tv if there is anything bearable on. Unlikely I think. I have always disliked the enforced jollity and, yes, the world will look exactly the same tomorrow as it does today. Maybe we should raise a glass to those who seem to be optimistic that tomorrow will indeed be better than today. I've always wanted to have a midnight dinner with my family. No idea if that will ever happen.

I'm a newbie here so this is my first time of wishing you all a very happy new year.

NonnaW Sun 31-Dec-17 21:00:20

Never been keen, happy to just stay home with DH, Jools Holland and a glass of something.

Happy New Year to all wine

M0nica Sun 31-Dec-17 21:14:45

New year's day was not a bank holiday in England until 1974 so when I started work it was a normal working day, which rather inhibited late celebrations the previous night and I have never got into the habit of celebrating it.

As we have got older we have been more likely to sleep through it. This New Year DH has a very nasty chest infection and is already in bed and has been since 8.00pm

overthehill Sun 31-Dec-17 21:35:39

We used to have friends and neighbours in (not every year) for a get together and they would bring a small amount of food and a bottle.

This ceased when one neighbour knocked her can of drink over the carpet and told her husband who promptly rattled the can and said "it's OK you still have some left " this was never mentioned to me, she didn't apologies or offer to mop up. In fact I only found out because another neighbour mentioned it.

No one else volunteered to be host and frankly I was fed up with it.