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AIBU coats on chair-backs

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grandtanteJE65 Mon 29-Jan-18 13:08:39

AIBU to be annoyed when family and friends hang march straight past the hall cupboard and coat hooks and hang their outdoor clothes on the straight backed kitchen chairs?

To me it looks untidy and is quite unnecessary as there is room in the cupboard for coats or jackets that should be on hangers and pegs for the more casual garments to be hung up on.

I'm talking of dry outdoor garments, not things soaked through by the rain!

Neither my requests to use the coat-pegs, nor my just removing garments to the "right" place are taken any notice of.

Anyone else with the same problem?

Nanabilly Mon 29-Jan-18 13:13:15

I hate it too. Not only does it look a mess but it can leave bumps in some coats and jackets and then it looks ridiculous.
My visitors dump things on the end of the stairs post ..gggrrrrrr

wildswan16 Mon 29-Jan-18 13:14:28

Wouldn't call it a problem. Does it really matter? I'd just be pleased to see my visitors. If they don't mind you shifting their coats then fair enough, but I'd just leave them where they put them.

If it bothers you that much then you have to meet them at the door and say "I'll take your coat and hang it up with the rest".

Welshwife Mon 29-Jan-18 13:14:29

Yes - same here and drives me mad - the other inhabitant of the house is the worst offender no matter what I say to him!

annsixty Mon 29-Jan-18 13:15:37

To be honest, no.
I just say " give me your coat" and take it from them.
Then I disgrace myself in your eyes? by taking them into the dining room and put them on the backs of the dining chairs,
Unless they had come for a meal, almost unknown now, we won't be going in there.
I don't have a cloakroom, our own coats hang in the utility room, not suitable for guests and our decent clothes go into the wardrobes straightaway.

Bathsheba Mon 29-Jan-18 13:19:01

Isn't it you who opens the door to them? If so, why do you not say there and then that they can hang their coats in the cupboard? If it annoys you that they don't, I'm not sure I understand why you let them walk past you and the cupboard confused.
But, no, I wouldn't be 'annoyed' by this. I'm always pleased to see family and friends when they call round, and don't in the least care about a little untidiness while they're there. Heavens, you should have seen my house yesterday when my daughter, granddaughter, son and grandson visited. Untidy doesn't even begin to describe it! We had a lovely time with them all and cleared away after they'd gone.

janeainsworth Mon 29-Jan-18 13:19:22

Yes, YABU.
When people come to your house you should take their coats and put them in what you consider a suitable place.

BlueBelle Mon 29-Jan-18 13:28:22

I wouldn’t care where they put their coats if they were my visitors I d just be pleased to see them no big deal at all

shysal Mon 29-Jan-18 13:35:05

I don't mind my lot using the newel post for coats, but I do get annoyed at the jumble of shoes they leave in the hall. I don't have a 'no shoes' policy but they do at home so naturally kick them off. I find myself neatening the row to make them less of a trip hazard. I do like to see evidence of their visits after they leave as it can feel a bit flat. When they were little I used to be reluctant to clean the finger marks off the French windows. Nowadays I don't like getting rid of the patterns they leave on my stress relief mermaid cushion. This is the way it was left at Christmas, there is usually a funny emoticon. As long as they keep visiting I won't complain!

Nonnie Mon 29-Jan-18 13:37:47

Crumbs wish that was all I had to get annoyed about!

Jalima1108 Mon 29-Jan-18 13:52:27

oops, I have a warm cardie slung on the back of this office charir ready for when I feel a bit chilly
When they were little I used to be reluctant to clean the finger marks off the French windows.
I still get those but not so many now of what someone called 'snail trails' from little noses pressed up against the patio door grin

Oldwoman70 Mon 29-Jan-18 14:11:45

Never even thought about this - if visitors have overcoats they usually throw them over the stair newel post, jackets on the back of chairs, doesn't bother me in the least! Are your coat hooks visible or would the visitors have to open a cupboard door? If the latter then I am not surprised they don't hang the coats up.

Elrel Mon 29-Jan-18 14:13:05

Nanabilly - I would only dump my coat on the newel post if there was no obvious place to put it. Where should your visitors put their coats?
Years ago visitors' coats went on the double bed in the master bedroom. Did that habit gradually die out?

goldengirl Mon 29-Jan-18 14:30:39

Family uses anything on which a coat will drape! Guests I generally take their coat and hang it in the hall cupboard - a bit of a squash though I admit! As for shoes the children take them off and forget where they put them. Adults offer but it doesn't bother me whether they do or don't - as long as at least they remember where they put them!!!!

Cherrytree59 Mon 29-Jan-18 14:47:50

We have an understair coat cupboard, but it has stupid low door frame that I usually manage to bang my head on.
It seems to get me every time angry
so my everyday coat usually goes over the end of the bannister and visitors seem to follow suit. My DGS however like their coats warmed on the radiators
once you start something....
Can't think if a time when coats have gone on the chair backs,
But DH Cardigan or fleece is another matter grr!

Greyduster Mon 29-Jan-18 14:53:26

As others have said, I don’t mind where they put their coats as long as they keep coming! With us it is usually the newel post. Is that not why newel posts were invented? When we have guests who are not family I will take their coats and put them in a bedroom out of the way.

Jalima1108 Mon 29-Jan-18 15:48:36

^We have an understair coat cupboard, but it has stupid low door frame that I usually manage to bang my head on.
It seems to get me every time ^
the door on ours is OK but there is a solid concrete lintel further instead which gets me every time. I think I said 'Oh dearie me' when I bashed my head again yesterday.

Luckygirl Mon 29-Jan-18 15:54:54

None of this bothers me one whit! - I have plenty of other things to get exercised about. I can't see the problem - it is the presence of the people that matters, never mind the coats.

But there is one thing that drives me mad - my OH will put cardigans on chair backs and they finish up a funny shape - he does it with washed wet jumpers too - I have explained to him what happens when you do this - but it floats by! Hey-ho!

Jalima1108 Mon 29-Jan-18 15:56:10

They go a funny shape on hangers too, or else get creased if folded and put on a shelf.
Can't win.

lemongrove Mon 29-Jan-18 16:10:57

We have a row of coat hooks in the hall,
But I always say ‘let me hang your coat up’ or similar to visitors, family just do it anyway, but as shysal says, I like to neaten up the discarded shoes that family kick off unasked ( looks like a mosque sometimes).
If visitors can’t see coat hooks/ stand etc then they will do as they do grandtante so make sure you take their coats as they arrive?

BlueBelle Mon 29-Jan-18 16:13:48

Mine usually go bottom of the stair bannister in fact that’s just where mine is sitting right now ??

GracesGranMK2 Mon 29-Jan-18 16:22:46

OP is probably the definition of first world issue. Is it really all you have to worry about?

Nonnie Mon 29-Jan-18 16:25:26

Not really about this thread but when we were in a restaurant in Hong Kong they put our coats on the back of our chairs and then put a cover over them. Our host said it was to prevent any smells getting into the coats. It was a very authentic restaurant and she had to order for us.

willsmadnan Mon 29-Jan-18 17:05:21

Dear God!!. Agree, it' s yet another hugely vexating first world problem. Try being grateful you have people willing to visit you, without fussing about where they leave their coats. (Wanders off shaking head in despair )

mcem Mon 29-Jan-18 17:47:17

I'm with the Yes YABU group!
What a stress free life you must lead if this minor issue bothers you so much!